Chapter 317: Lone Penetration, Kill the General, and Break the Formation!

Chapter 317: Lone Penetration, Kill the General, and Break the Formation!

Releasing him, Bai Xiaofei made a trip at an even faster speed than the small captain to the nearest catapult field in the appearance of a normal soldier, but with a different face. Not long after he snuck into the catapult field, the small captain whose two fingers he broke also arrived hurriedly. Then, he was dragged by two class three infantry to kneel down in front of a dignified-looking man.

Martial Master, General Zhao!

“General, he said an assassin capable of changing his countenance slipped out and even knew your position.”

One of the men holding the small captain briefed General Zhao while half-kneeling.

“If you faced the assassin, how did you escape?”

General Zhao looked at the panicked small captain. He didn’t bother about the assassin matter but asked a question that made the little captain shake like a leaf.

“I’m afraid it was you who told him of my position!”

At General Zhao’s cold statement, the small captain who was already on the verge of a breakdown began to kowtow like crazy.

“General! I didn’t want to either! It’s all because of that assassin, he…”

The small captain couldn’t finish his words when a long sword pierced his heart from behind. Bai Xiaofei had indeed reminded him of this, just that the small captain had taken it the wrong way. The guy had thought of war too simply. For a general, what he had done was the most taboo thing!

“Drag him out, don’t let a traitor affect my mood.” General Zhao snorted, and a cold smile appeared on his face as he mumbled to himself, “Seems that they’re already at their limit, huh? Starting to stake all on one throw of the dice now?”

General Zhao then turned to a man that looked like a deputy commander.

“You take charge of the catapults. I’ll go to the front myself.”

“Yes, sir!”

After making arrangements, General Zhao left with a group of soldiers. Bai Xiaofei also got himself a place among that team.

On the way, Bai Xiaofei repeated his old trick, shouting “Stones!”, but the difference this time was that he used Blackie’s ability to really emulate a boulder.

Seeing this, the group immediately scattered, General Zhao included. As the first ‘discoverer,’ Bai Xiaofei had naturally hidden even faster than them, but no one was in the mood to notice that he fled in the direction of General Zhao.

The boulder landed on the ground, but it didn’t even kick up any dust, let alone deal any damage. The soldiers were all stunned, and General Zhao was actually horrified. He quickly scanned the surroundings…

It was a pity that he had never thought of guarding against his own people!

In a fell swoop, Bai Xiaofei wrapped his arms around General Zhao’s neck from behind and the strength of a Martial Master instantly exploded. This, coupled with his origin energy resonance, instantly allowed him to twist General Zhao’s neck to a bizarre angle.

A powerful Martial Master died in one move, just like that!

No matter how high one’s strength was, it was useless if they didn’t have the chance to display it, which was also the reason for the existence of assassins. Not to mention a Martial Master, even a Grand Martial Master wouldn’t have survived such a twist from Bai Xiaofei.

Having handled General Zhao, Bai Xiaofei sprang onto the rest of the team like a tiger into a flock of sheep. In just a matter of tens of seconds, there was no one left standing. When everything was done, Bai Xiaofei transformed into General Zhao. Smearing some blood from the ground on himself, he then ran back towards the catapult field just now.

If those catapults weren’t resolved, there would always be pressure on the front wall!

“There is a group of enemy assassins ahead. We were ambushed! Smash them for me!” said Bai Xiaofei while panting heavily once he arrived at his destination.

The deputy commander guarding the field was stupefied, but how could Bai Xiaofei give him a chance to think about it? He grabbed the guy and pulled him up.

“Don’t you f*cking hear what I’m saying?! When those guys come here, will you stop them or will I?!”

“But… if we do that, our men will…”

“Sacrifice is inevitable. It’s still better than being annihilated!” Bai Xiaofei coldly interrupted the deputy commander, his eyes radiating a thick murderous intent.

“Adjust the angle and prepare to throw!” The deputy commander chose to compromise in his fear of Bai Xiaofei. 20 catapults quickly changed directions and started throwing at the latter half of the siege army.

Poor soldiers, just when they thought victory was just around the corner, calamity fell from the sky, and from their most unsuspecting rear at that.

After three successive waves of stones, the siege army was down by a third. Although the troop points wouldn’t be counted as Bai Xiaofei’s, it was still better than the destruction of the city.

“General, can we stop now?” The deputy commander walked to Bai Xiaofei’s side and asked softly.

“Yes, but there is still one more thing to do.”

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei suddenly grew serious. The deputy commander was startled.

“What else…”

“You should accompany your brothers who you killed by your own hands!”

Before the deputy commander could voice his question, the sword in Bai Xiaofei's hand had already pierced through his chest. At the same time, Bai Xiaofei changed back to his own appearance.

“I’ll let you die a clear death, or else you wouldn’t know how to answer when your dead comrades ask.”

Pulling out his sword, Bai Xiaofei pushed the deputy commander to the ground. The soldiers around immediately became chaotic upon seeing this. Some dashed over and surrounded Bai Xiaofei, some simply ran away. However, all reactions turned into squatting on the ground and waiting for Bai Xiaofei’s final judgment after he hacked down eight or nine people in a row.

“Now you lot have only one option if you want to live – attack the other catapults!”

In the other three directions, the catapults had stopped because of the fire on the walls. Among them, the catapults in the two directions closer to the city’s main gates had been moved to join the attack on the main gates.

Therefore, handling this side alone wasn’t enough!

“Why, don’t you want to?” Saying this, Bai Xiaofei raised his sword and cut off a soldier’s head.

The next second, the rest, who were scared to death, hurriedly ran to the catapults and began to adjust the aim. As army men, they understood the horn, so they knew where the new positions of the other two catapult groups were.

Who would have thought that the sound to facilitate communication would become a guide for attacks?

With the roar of the wind, the catapults once again displayed their might…

This sudden attack was unexpected to everyone. The moment the boulders fell, the troops in the targeted direction didn’t know what to do except to gawk in shock.

A questioning bugle sounded, but of course, there was no answer from Bai Xiaofei’s position.

And then a long bugle immediately put a frightened expression on the faces of the soldiers who controlled the catapults.

“They are telling the other side to smash us! We can’t stay here!”

Before these words could even finish, the first wave of roaring boulders already came crashing down…

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