Chapter 316: Problem after Problem, Racing against Time!

Chapter 316: Problem after Problem, Racing against Time!

The first wave of boulders fell. After the probing during the day, this batch of catapults was exceptionally accurate. Not a single stone missed as they all landed on the walls.

“Whoever’s still living f*cking stand up for me! Catapults, counterattack!” All dusty from the debris, Bai Xiaofei got up. His startled soldiers instantly responded.

However, it was impossible for them to get a good shot in the dark. After a wave of counterattacks, none of the 20 catapults were hit, only taking several hundreds of the soldiers controlling them.

But the attacks of those enemy catapults were still frighteningly accurate! After another round of bombardments, a bunch of the already few soldiers on the city wall died.

“Give up the catapults! Pour down all the oil and alcohol! Set alight the corpses below!”

When he realized that the strategy of blasting catapults with catapults was useless, Bai Xiaofei decisively changed the order. The soldiers who were still active immediately responded in a panic and a sea of fire arose from the base of the wall.

During the day, someone had proposed to clean up the bodies below, but Bai Xiaofei had refused just for this surprise move. What he couldn't have known was that circumstances would have forced his hand.

“Put out the torches, everyone gather to me! Messenger, get over here!” Shouting, the anxious Bai Xiaofei was a completely different person from his normal state.

The battlefield needed no one else, just a leader with a loud voice and a clear mind!

“General, the messenger was killed by the stones!”

The remaining less than 20 soldiers gathered at Bai Xiaofei’s side, all gathered up in a corner of the wall as the boulders were still falling. If it weren't for the sea of fire that prevented the enemy from climbing up, the wall would have been lost by now.

“Then you go! Tell them to set fire to the other three walls now and get here as fast as they can!”

Bai Xiaofei hadn’t been idle during the wait in the afternoon. With the help of civilians, all kinds of combustible materials had already been piled up at the remaining three sides. As long as there was fire, no one could ever dream to approach them!

This was originally prepared on a whim to deal with special circumstances, so as to allow Bai Xiaofei to gather forces in a short period of time without worry. He just didn't expect this special situation to occur so soon.

Soon after the new messenger ran off, flames rose to the sky on the other three walls. After a while, all the soldiers who survived on the other sides came running, and the only intact team was the mobile backup team of a hundred class two soldiers.

“General, what do we do?” Now a Martial Warrior, Tie Zhu didn’t back down but waited for Bai Xiaofei's command with a resolute face.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei felt warm in his heart.

It really wasn’t a waste of my effort to turn you into a class four soldier!

“The fires on the three walls can last for four hours at most. What you need to do is to hold the wall when they climb up after their catapults stop attacking. Let no one pass!”

Bai Xiaofei's tone left no room for doubt. Tie Zhu immediately nodded firmly.

“As long as I have breath left, I won't let anyone pass!” Replying with a familiar sentence, Tie Zhu looked at Bai Xiaofei with a silly smile.

“Live, wait for me. I still need to make you my deputy general!”

After leaving some words, Bai Xiaofei jumped off the wall. The enemy soldiers who were waiting for the fire to go out below immediately flocked over. Unfortunately, when they approached, they couldn’t find Bai Xiaofei.

“Big Brother Tie Zhu, General, he…”

“Your mother! What the f*ck are you trying to say?! You hadn’t even joined our army when our general was fighting an entire camp alone!”

When a class three soldier was about to ask whether Bai Xiaofei ran away, Tie Zhu slapped him.

“If you don't want to disappoint General when he comes back, give them a bloody beating. Whether we can survive will depend on our fate!”

If Bai Xiaofei knew what Tie Zhu said, he’d surely be moved to tears. What a pity that he was busy right now…

After jumping off the wall, Bai Xiaofei activated Blackie’s ability all the way and caught many soldiers, but none of them could give him any useful information. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei decided to choose a better target.

For example, this small squad captain who was charging with his squad.

The group consisted of nearly 20 soldiers, the strongest one being the small captain himself at the Martial Warrior rank like Tie Zhu. Bai Xiaofei was currently one of his team members. As they charged, Bai Xiaofei gradually approached the small captain who didn't know that death was waving at him.

“Watch out for the stones!” With a loud roar, Bai Xiaofei successfully turned their attention to the sky, but when they looked up without seeing any boulders and then finally regained their wits, they found their captain gone.

Nightcrawler?! Such a formidable nightcrawler?!

The rest of the squad started to feel uneasy. As fast as they could, they moved closer to another squad. This was an order from above. If a squad captain was killed, the rest of the squad would join the nearest squad.

However, the small captain in question was still alive, though he wasn’t very far from death, of course.

Carrying the unconscious small captain to a remote spot, Bai Xiaofei veiled the area with an illusion so that anyone looking would only see a boulder. Then, he broke a finger of the small captain.

The sharp pain immediately woke the unconscious small captain. His scream didn’t attract the attention of anyone as the battlefield was already very noisy.

“Tell me where your commanders are and I’ll spare your life, or else not only will you die, but you’ll die a very painful death!”

Bai Xiaofei took hold of another finger. He could clearly feel the small captain trembling in fear.

“I won't…”

The small captain hadn’t finished when Bai Xiaofei broke off the second finger.

“I don't have much time, but I’m quite interested in breaking all of your bones!”

Beads of sweat streamed down the small captain’s forehead, and the pain completely destroyed his nerves.

“I’ll say, I’ll say it! We have five generals. They are scattered in different directions to give orders. Among them, the one leading our side is General Zhao, a Martial Master. He is currently with the catapults. There are bugle soldiers next to him responsible for delivering his orders. You can easily find him!”

The small captain sold out his commander, and the magnificent Bai Xiaofei did as promised and let him go.

“Scram. Don't even try to report me in exchange for your general's mercy. It will only make you die even more miserably.” Before leaving, Bai Xiaofei gave him a reminder out of ‘goodwill.’

You think I’m some saint? How can this lord let go of the troop points right before my eyes?

Thinking to himself, the corners of Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up into a cold smile.

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