Chapter 314: Fighting All the Way!

Chapter 314: Fighting All the Way!

Per Bai Xiaofei’s arrangement, his nearly 600 troops were assigned to the four walls, of which only 60 remained with Bai Xiaofei, 100 were taken with Tie Zhu, 150 each for the other two sides, and the remaining over 100 formed a mobile team ready to aid at any time if any side fell to a disadvantage.

The civilians’ actions were also speedy. Everything Bai Xiaofei wanted was already lined up on the wall in less than two hours, and the amount was considerable to boot.

Four hours after the level started, the first wave of enemies arrived.

At his side alone, Bai Xiaofei already estimated around 2,000 troops, and the situation at the other sides wasn’t much better. However, upon the sight of the enemy soldiers’ worn-out equipment, he was stunned.

Class one soldiers?! What the heck??! What is this? Are they coming here to die?

Bai Xiaofei's doubt was quickly answered. Yes, they really came to die. Class two archers could kill three of these weak class ones with a single arrow in most cases, not to mention skilled class three marksmen. Therefore, even before the opponents could reach the wall, they had already turned into over 200 corpses along the road.

“Pass my order, no one is allowed to use the artillery!” Bai Xiaofei immediately issued a command, aware that something was off.

All the walls immediately responded and then started to harvest the enemy's lives at a uniform pace. They didn’t even bother to pull up the ladders, simply letting the opponents climb up as they would just die even more miserably on the wall.

The first wave of the siege finished without danger. The only siege equipment, the battering ram, didn’t even enter within a 500-meter radius of the city gates.

“Clean up the battlefield!” ordered Bai Xiaofei after confirming that there were no more enemies approaching in the distance.

The soldiers on the wall slid down along the ropes. Other equipment wasn’t of much use, but arrows were in short supply. Each rank of the archers exchanged had their own limitation on the number of arrows. Class three marksmen only had 200 arrows while class two archers only had 100. Therefore, the timely recovery of arrows was the basis for long-term operations.

After the first wave, there was an upsurge in the morale of the soldiers on the wall, but Bai Xiaofei forced them into a state of rest.

As important as no despair in defeat was, no arrogance in victory was the way to go for a long-term foundation! This was one of the many great principles that Bai Xiaofei's second father had taught him. Originally, Bai Xiaofei had just thought Second Father had only been teaching him about life, but now it looked like it wasn’t so simple.

Little by little, Bai Xiaofei tried to recall all the things his Second Father had told him. Unfortunately, those were what he had been annoyed with the most back then, so everything was fragmented in his memory…

Shaking his blurred head, Bai Xiaofei took a deep breath.

If I have the chance, I must find an expert to learn about this command thing. It's so friggin’ interesting!

Determined, Bai Xiaofei set himself a small target, and at this moment, he saw the second wave of enemies rushing over. The number was about the same as the last wave, but the difference was that about 20% of them were class two soldiers.

Just as before, the enemy’s course was straightforward, only this time there was a catapult. However, its speed made it an easy target.

“Take down the catapult, but just let them continue pushing the battering ram.”

Heeding Bai Xiaofei’s command, the catapult on the city wall began to accumulate force.

“Be accurate, or else don't expect me to upgrade you next time!” Looking at the class two soldier operating the catapult, Bai Xiaofei said words that made the guy even more nervous. Under pressure, people either made fatal mistakes or would be terrifyingly accurate. Bai Xiaofei wanted the latter, that was why he provoked the soldier.

Soon, a huge stone was hurled out roaring as it made a perfect parabola, and accurately hit the targeted catapult! With a loud noise, the catapult was smashed into pieces.

The same scenario was repeated on all four walls at the same time, fully demonstrating the benefit of upgrading the troops. Promoting the soldiers’ ranks not only reflected in their combat strength but also took their comprehensive abilities to a new level.

Without the threat of the catapult, history basically repeated itself. The 20% class two soldiers couldn’t really change anything, they only shifted the focus of the class three archers a little.

Two successive waves of easy benefits puzzled Bai Xiaofei. Judging from the previous levels, the Illusionary Sandboard shouldn’t be so kind as to give special welfare benefits. Since there was such a situation, there must be a problem somewhere!

The more he thought, the more Bai Xiaofei was certain of his guess, but he had yet to figure out where the problem was.

As Bai Xiaofei was still pondering, the third wave of enemies charged over, shouting slogans. The number remained the same, but this time 50% of them were class two soldiers. The number of catapults had also increased, with five from each direction.

“Utilize all our catapults, then use the heavy crossbows when they get close! Smash them dead!”

Around 1,000 class two soldiers could pose a threat to the city wall, so Bai Xiaofei immediately abandoned his previously conservative style.

The artillery exchanged with troop points was not something to be taken lightly. With all of them at full fire, the whole battlefield changed in an instant. Before, some enemy soldiers had been able to get close to the wall, but this time, there wasn’t even a single survivor.

Perhaps it was because this round ended too fast, Bai Xiaofei felt that the waiting time for the fourth wave was exceptionally long.

However, this fourth wave didn’t disappoint. Looking from a distance, it was made purely of class two soldiers, which didn’t matter much to Bai Xiaofei. What really surprised him was that they stopped right outside the range of his catapults.

The commanders!

Bai Xiaofei finally recalled the commanders. After the surprise, his heart was stirred up a little.

Finally, there is no need to waste any more time! It’s much more interesting to go up against commanders!

Now Bai Xiaofei could finally understand Sima Ye a little. The feeling of being invincible should be even much more painful than this!

“Everybody, get your spirits up! Our enemy is going to be tough in this one. If even one slips away, it will be fatal!”

Bai Xiaofei's serious voice resounded, and the dozens of people on his side immediately responded with shouts. Loud slogans echoed across the city wall, raising their already high morale to a peak.

Unfortunately, sometimes morale alone isn’t enough…

Bai Xiaofei thought, but he didn’t say it. If the other side's forces kept increasing at this rate, he really didn’t know how much would be left of his nearly 600-strong group.

However, this wasn’t the time to consider this. There was only one thing to do now – Beat the shit out of the people below!

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