Chapter 312: I Only Hope To Retain a Clear Conscience!

Chapter 312: I Only Hope To Retain a Clear Conscience!

The collision between flesh and artillery was tragic. Under normal circumstances, these weapons were enough to defend against at least five or six waves of assaults. Therefore, the most difficult part in a siege was always to get past the wall.

And now, Bai Xiaofei had turned this greatest obstacle into his greatest support.

There were only two places to climb up the front wall, which were located on both sides of the main wall. However, this was only a county town, so the width of the wall wasn’t very exaggerated. Rushing up from below, only five people could fit at the same time. In other words, this wall was a treasure place where one could stand at the entrance and hold thousands from coming up.

Class three infantry Tie Zhu brought over 30 troops to guard one of the entrances, while the other was personally held by Bai Xiaofei. But even so, the Martial Master was still organizing his soldiers to rush up.

The archers from both sides constantly fired at each other, but those doing this from below the wall were basically in vain, contrary to those on the wall who delivered every shot with accuracy.

Aside from the Martial Master and the dead deputy commander, the other deputy commander hadn’t appeared because he was responsible for guarding another wall and simply couldn’t rush over in time.

Holding two swords, Bai Xiaofei stood at the entrance to the stairs, each swing of his swords was the end of a life. Class two soldiers only had the strength of a low-grade Martial Artist. It was impossible for them to compete with Bai Xiaofei.

Just when Bai Xiaofei had lost count of how many people he had sent down the wall, the soldiers below finally became terrified of his one-sided slaughter. Trembling all over, they looked up at Bai Xiaofei, as none dared to go up anymore.

Until the Martial Master himself came over.

“You can live as long as you stop moving forward!”

Covered in blood under the moonlight, Bai Xiaofei looked down. A domineering aura suddenly arose around him.

Already arriving above the stairs, the Martial Master was startled for half a second when he saw Bai Xiaofei.

From Bai Xiaofei, he could see two words – A monarch!

However, it was only for half a second, Bai Xiaofei in the form of a killing god didn’t make him afraid. Instead, a calm smile appeared on his face.

“It is my honor to die on the wall!”

Before his voice could completely fall, the Martial Master armed with a broadsword has already sprinted over with a burst of power and speed not inferior to Bai Xiaofei. He who was honed on the battlefield wasn’t something a normal Martial Master nourished in a safe environment could compare.

Raising his blade to parry, Bai Xiaofei fell to a disadvantage at their first exchange. The strength of the other party was tremendous!

The Martial Master general seemed to have anticipated his strike being parried. The moment Bai Xiaofei received the pressure of the clash, he raised a foot and heavily kicked Bai Xiaofei's chest, sending him flying. Yet, that wasn’t the end. After the kick, the general immediately dashed after the flying Bai Xiaofei with his broadsword and swung it as if wanting to cut him in half.

Pursuit when one had the upper hand was something everyone would do, but sometimes the result wouldn’t necessarily turn out desirably.

Being kicked flying, Bai Xiaofei didn’t panic at all. He thrust the blade in his right hand into the ground and used the force to steer away, then turned his whole body and welcomed the opponent’s strike with his left blade.

Bai Xiaofei's strength couldn’t be a match for the Martial Master general in a head-on confrontation, especially with such a hasty parry. The general’s sword left a ferocious wound on his left shoulder. However, he succeeded in distancing himself from the general.

Still, this distance wasn’t far, only the matter of a stride for a Martial Master.

Swinging his broadsword in a circle, the general swept at Bai Xiaofei's waist. If this strike succeeded, Bai Xiaofei would be at least disabled if not dead. Just when everyone thought that Bai Xiaofei would dodge, he actually revealed an almost perverted smile of excitement.

Using this kind of attack, you have no way to move back!

Placing the left blade backward before his waist, Bai Xiaofei hurled straight at the general. The next second, the general’s broadsword landed on his left blade and the horrifying power instantly numbed his left arm while also sending the blade flying. Then, the broadsword cut deeply into his waist!

However, at the same time, the blade in Bai Xiaofei's right hand also slashed at the general’s neck.

Two streams of blood gushed out as Bai Xiaofei and the general fell to their knees at the same time. Both had suffered fatal injuries, but Bai Xiaofei seemed worse off.

“You will die, and your soldiers will not be able to stop my men. You have failed.” The Martial Master sustained his life with origin energy and looked at Bai Xiaofei with a hint of insanity.

At that moment, Bai Xiaofei’s soldiers who controlled the artillery had already poured in and tangled with the town guards, but already few in numbers, Bai Xiaofei’s troops fell one by one.

“If it wasn’t me who you met, you would have won,” Bai Xiaofei suddenly said and pulled out the sword in his waist. Blood gushed out even more as that abnormal physique of his began to kick in.

That wasn’t the end. The Lunisolar Brilliance technique also activated concurrently, and although not at its full speed, it brought about a considerable healing effect. That coupled with Bai Xiaofei’s unique physique let his wound recover at an incredible speed in front of the disbelieving eyes of the general.

“Archers!!!” as the general shouted in terror, his origin energy spun out of control and the wound on his neck spewed blood again.

However, he was too late. There were only two archers who could shoot, but Bai Xiaofei dodged one arrow and caught the other. The next second, the completely healed Bai Xiaofei picked up a machete and darted toward the general. When the blade fell, so did a head. Picking up the general’s bloody head, Bai Xiaofei climbed up the wall and shouted.

“Your general is dead! Give up your resistance! Those who surrender won’t be killed!”

As his loud voice reverberated throughout the area, the soldiers rushing toward the wall gradually came to a stop. After the first soldier dropped his weapon, came the second, the third…

Like dominoes, the sound of hundreds of soldiers dropping their weapons echoed, and then they all knelt like wheat blown by the wind.

There was no sense in resisting further for the defeated soldiers.

At the same time, Sima Ye and the spectators outside were shocked to see this scene.

Leaving so many class two troops unkilled?! But that's a whole lot of troop points! That’s no different from rejecting meat sent right to your mouth!!!

To their surprise, Bai Xiaofei really let the surrendered soldiers go. He sat alone on the edge of the wall and looked out with a face of dignity. Behind him, Tie Zhu stood still with the remaining 30-odd soldiers, no one spoke…

When the two hours finally ended, Bai Xiaofei slowly stood up from the wall and submitted the task.

No one knew what he thought, only he knew what it felt like to have a clear conscience.

Meaningless killing was simply unpardonable.

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