Chapter 311: Assassination Proves Effective Every Time!

Chapter 311: Assassination Proves Effective Every Time!

Time sped up again into night.

During the whole day, Bai Xiaofei had been doing fieldwork investigation and got to know nearly everything, whether bright or dark, in this small town. Finally, he came to a conclusion.

This level is not difficult at all!

After nightfall, Bai Xiaofei openly walked into the county town duke mansion with his appearance altered. He had transformed the general guarding the town – the only Martial Master. At the moment, the real Martial Master was on duty watching the wall and wouldn’t come to the duke mansion for any reason.

Along the way, Bai Xiaofei could be said to be unimpeded. No soldiers dared to stop him, and he went all the way into the duke mansion. As a mansion guard went to report, Bai Xiaofei quietly separated from Huskie. Huskie continued to disguise as the general while Bai Xiaofei snuck in with the help of Blackie’s ability.

Reality proved that Bai Xiaofei did the right thing.

When the guard reported, the duke's first reaction wasn’t to go out and see Bai Xiaofei but took out the puppet that he used to communicate with the general, like the kind which Bai Xiaofei used in Starnet. Although the puppet couldn’t perform long-range communication, covering this small town was no problem.

And then, Bai Xiaofei's disguise was exposed.

The general immediately and aggressively brought his people over. The mansion guards also headed to the place where Huskie was, ready to attack from two sides.

All of this was seen by Bai Xiaofei, who had turned into a part of the rockery. Sneering, he snuck towards the duke’s hiding place.

I’m not scared if you’re not smart, but I’d be scared if you are too stupid!

Before long, the place where Huskie was waiting was surrounded by layers of troops, and Huskie, in the appearance of the general, was still calmly drinking tea when the general himself rushed in.

“Where did you come from? How dare you pretend to be this general? Today shall be the day of your death!” The Martial Master instantly wielded his big sword at Huskie.

However, the latter who had restored its own appearance quickly dodged. Jumping back and forth in the crowd, Huskie even stuck its tongue out at the Martial Master.

“Grab it!” At the general’s roar, a group of soldiers sprang at once, but Huskie’s little body slowly disappeared.

Master Rank puppet masters could unsummon their puppets back into the puppet special space at any time. This space would always exist as long as the puppet master didn’t die.

After losing sight of Huskie, the Martial Master froze for two seconds, then his face filled with horror.

“Get to the duke!” In alarm, the Martial Master immediately rushed out. However, he had realized it too late.

At that moment, Bai Xiaofei was already standing in front of the duke, and a dozen mansion guards were lying in a pool of blood.

“I didn't think that the duke is just an ordinary person. I'm sorry, even the gods can't save you now.”

When his sword fell, Bai Xiaofei's siege mission was also half completed.

After getting rid of the duke, Bai Xiaofei had no intention to delay. Stowing the duke's corpse and then running, he wanted to strike while the iron was hot. He could imagine that the general was definitely heading over at that moment, so it was the best time for him to capture the front wall!

After taking the round way out of the duke mansion, Bai Xiaofei once again transformed into the Martial Master. He killed two patrol soldiers along the way and stripped off their clothes. Then, he sent a signal, and soon Tie Zhu and the others gathered at the previously agreed spot.

“Fifteen people come out to change clothes!”

After Bai Xiaofei's order was quickly carried out, he took the fifteen men and rushed to the front wall, which was now only guarded by one of the two deputy commanders!

“Where is Commander Qin?! Have him seal the town gate! Someone assassinated the duke and is now trying to flee! From now on, not even a fly can be allowed to escape!” After Bai Xiaofei’s angry roar, the soldiers at the base of the wall immediately ran up. Bai Xiaofei led Tie Zhu’s group of fifteen up onto the wall as well.

Like before, the soldiers didn’t dare to doubt his identity, not to mention stopping him.

“General! Please show me your token!”

Bai Xiaofei had just reached the top of the city wall when Commander Qin, with over forty men, stopped him. But before Bai Xiaofei could speak, there was suddenly a commotion below.

“The fake is there! Catch him!”

When a loud voice echoed from below, Commander Qin immediately reacted.

“I’m sorry to have offended you, General! I'll take someone to catch that little thief!” said Commander Qin to Bai Xiaofei, then waved his hand and took over 40 soldiers around him to run down the wall.

However, when he was passing by Bai Xiaofei, he never expected that a blow would land on his head.

“You are still not smart enough!”

Bai Xiaofei’s slap had Commander Qin dizzy. At the same time, Tie Zhu’s group immediately drew their blades and cut down a dozen soldiers around.

The remaining twenty-odd soldiers were simply welcoming a one-sided massacre. With Bai Xiaofei in place, they had no chance to fight back.

After handling the enemy soldiers around, Bai Xiaofei had his remaining 30 troops go up as well. The over 50 troops collectively changed into the uniform of soldiers guarding the town and then threw the bodies down the wall. Picking up Commander Qin’s token, Bai Xiaofei then transformed into Commander Qin.

With Tie Zhu and the others, Bai Xiaofei with Commander Qin’s appearance and token had the over 200 guards on the wall descend to hunt down the non-existent thieves. Tie Zhu and the others moved all of the county weapons out and aimed them right down at the inner side of the wall.

There was only one task left – Hold the wall!

Before long, the Martial Master general finally realized what had happened and immediately dashed towards the front wall with his army. However, they were dumbstruck when they arrived.

On the town wall, the duke's body was hung high. Bai Xiaofei was standing on the wall, looking down at them. The heavy crossbows that were normally used to defend the town were also aiming at them.

“General, the duke is dead, so for whom do you want to resist? Our army will soon arrive, and then you won't have any chance of victory. Surrender and spare your soldiers from death!” Bai Xiaofei said calmly, not to the general, but to the soldiers around him.

The probability of a general submitting was generally low, but it was very easy to scare the rank and file during a battle.

Even without Bai Xiaofei having to say much, many had already started to back down when they saw the duke’s body hung on the wall.

“What I guard is this town, not the duke!” As the general’s voice rang loudly and firmly, their originally fluctuating morale instantly stabilized.

Bai Xiaofei only sighed.

“In that case, don't blame me.” He lightly waved his arm. “Fire!”

The row of defending artillery fired upon his order, and disaster fell upon the soldiers below.

The battle had officially begun!

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