Chapter 310: Snowball Effect; Siege Battle!

Chapter 310: Snowball Effect; Siege Battle!

Bai Xiaofei followed Brother Fei all the way into the camp. All the soldiers along the way had already been alerted and were anxiously gathering up.

The two soon arrived at one of the largest tents. At that moment, the two commanders had just come out of the tent, all fully armed.

“What is the situation?” The commander who spoke had an intimidating bearing, just a simple question from him made Brother Fei nervous.

“Reporting to General, someone who disguised as me just ambushed our two sentries. He is one of the survivors,” Brother Fei pointed to the trembling Bai Xiaofei. Being watched intently by the general, Bai Xiaofei seemed even more afraid.

“Don't be afraid, just tell us what you saw.” The other commander was just the opposite of the previous one. His gentle voice gave a ‘big brother’ feeling, especially when he even patted Bai Xiaofei on the shoulder as he spoke.

For a general to achieve this level, he was a good general. Unfortunately, it was just when Bai Xiaofei was worrying about how to get close to them.

“General, what happened is…” Bai Xiaofei's voice was tense. The other three instantly pricked up their ears, ready to listen about what happened when suddenly, Bai Xiaofei’s aura changed. He raised his right foot and kicked the gentle general in the crotch. Before the other two could react, Bai Xiaofei had already rushed toward the other general.

As a Proficient Rank puppet master, the general's first reaction was to use his puppet, but that decision was absolutely wrong.

Because the puppet needed time to activate, but Bai Xiaofei only needed half a second.

Grabbing the general's right hand holding the sword, Bai Xiaofei abruptly jerked and the general staggered. Bai Xiaofei then continued around behind him while still grabbing his hand. The power of a Martial Master rendered meritorious service again. With a crunching sound, the general's right hand was disabled, and Bai Xiaofei's arms were wrapped around the general's neck.

At this point, everything came to an end. After a crisp snap, one general was dead and the other was crippled.

When Brother Fei finally regained his wits, it was already too late. Looking at Bai Xiaofei stabbing a sword into the heart of the general still rolling on the ground, he pissed his pants…

As the blood-stained sword was stuck to Brother Fei’s neck, Bai Xiaofei suddenly stopped.

“I'm sorry, if this was reality, I wouldn’t have to do this, but this is the condition for clearing the level. So, I'm very sorry.”

When the words ended, a stream of blood gushed out…

The following was simple. The soldiers in the leaderless camp were like a flock of ducks being driven away. Bai Xiaofei chopped down everyone he caught up with. When he finally stopped, there was no one else left standing in the camp.

Once Bai Xiaofei calmed down, he vomited again. The scene was even more shocking than last time, but the difference was that his heart didn’t hesitate this time.

“Submitting for clearance!” Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to waste time looking for the remaining few nightcrawlers since it would only do more harm than good.

When a colorful light flashed again, the rest of Bai Xiaofei's soldiers gathered around him.

The group led by the little soldier lacked no one. They even killed two nightcrawlers. However, many of the others died. Among those scattered, 13 infantry, 3 archers, and 2 nightcrawlers were missing.

Without any hesitation, Bai Xiaofei promoted everyone up a rank. The troop points he earned for killing the people in the camp plus the 100 troop points awarded for reaching the third level were completely sufficient for this. He then again exchanged the troop points for more basic soldiers. Overall, after the second level, Bai Xiaofei's team had expanded to 600 troops.

However, the number of useful ones was only fifty. Class one soldiers could offer little help.

“Don't you have a name?” The first soldier who rose to class three became heavily armed and his armor looked very bright. Bai Xiaofei asked about his name because he recalled the case of Brother Fei and Old Duan in the forest camp.

“Tie Zhu, my father said this name is simple, easy to feed1,” Tie Zhu answered with an honest smile on his face, looking completely different from when he had first been exchanged for by Bai Xiaofei.

This name is indeed very simple…

No longer bothering himself with this matter, Bai Xiaofei looked at the mission for the third level – Seize the county town!

There were 1,000 troops guarding the town: 600 class two infantry, 300 class two archers, 50 class one cavalries, 50 class two nightcrawlers. Commanders: one Martial Master and two Proficient Rank puppet masters.

Clearance condition: kill the county town duke, and occupy the front wall for two hours. Time limit: three days.

When reading until this, Bai Xiaofei was dumbfounded, and then he realized something. The time flow rate in this Illusionary Sandboard might not be the same as reality, because after so long, he still didn’t feel hungry at all.

That was indeed the case. The actions showed on the big screen outside were actually sped up.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t spend time musing on this and began to think about what to do this time.

Meanwhile, the spectators outside were completely shocked. The third level had successfully stopped many people. The majority of the challengers who passed had to brute-force through with their own strength, and their soldiers also suffered heavy losses at this level. Not many exchanged for a large number of class one soldiers like Bai Xiaofei. Those who had done so had lost all of their investment. However, while the third level was a big threshold, as long as one passed it, they’d welcome a springtime on the fourth level, a springtime of accumulating troop points!

The difference this time was that no one mocked Bai Xiaofei. When they had reached the third level, they hadn’t had as many class two soldiers as him.

They even felt a faint panic. If Bai Xiaofei really took these 600 troops through the third level even at just the loss of half, he’d still strike it big, and they would be strong support in the future.

Many people were stuck in the next stages because of insufficient troops. Facing a number suppression from the enemy's forces, the combat capability of a mere puppet master was truly insignificant. The feeling of being ground alive was a nightmare for all of the students who were stuck on the Command Ranking.

Soon, the short time for preparation ended and Bai Xiaofei chose to start. As before, over 500 class one soldiers hid away per his command and would not take part in the siege, while the remaining over 50 troops stayed. Bai Xiaofei alone could not complete this mission.

However, it was still impossible to attack head-on with only over 50 people, so outwitting the enemy was the only choice. As a result, Bai Xiaofei personally deployed again.

This time, he didn’t even transform and just blended in with the civilians inside the town. The equipment of his soldiers was also taken off and stored in his storage ring. In accordance with Bai Xiaofei’s instructions, they split up and also blended in with the civilians. Everyone had to wait for a signal from Bai Xiaofei.

1. Tie Zhu means iron pillar, strong and won’t fall. Parents name their children with names like this with hope that they’ll grow up smoothly, especially in harsh conditions.

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