Chapter 29 Teamwork!

Finally, along with the passage of time, the members of the Savage Class completed their morning training assignments one after another, and they all simultaneously fell onto the square.

No matter if it was a male or female student, sweat had drenched their clothes countless times, and their faces revealed an unprecedented sense of accomplishment.

Running five circles around Starnet Academy’s square was an accomplishment qualified enough for one to boast of!

It wasn’t just that. In the final period of time, situations of them helping and encouraging each other was present everywhere, even though everyone was already completely exhausted…

Therefore, at the moment they fell onto the ground, an indescribable feeling established itself within this small group.

And this was merely the first day of school…

As Xue Ying looked at the eleven people lying all over the ground, Xue Ying, who had stopped running, finally restrained the cold expression on her face and turned back into that next-door big sister.

The reason it was only eleven people was because Bai Xiaofei and the other four were still running…

“Congratulations to all of you for obtaining the right to eat. If you all go over now, you should be able to catch up to the end of the cafeteria’s lunch period. But remember, don’t eat too much or you might vomit it out in the afternoon.” Xue Ying grinned as she spoke, but all eleven of them on the ground had no intention of moving, and it was similarly because Bai Xiaofei and the others were still running…

“The two of us will go buy food. All of you just wait here, and we’ll eat together later,” Fang Ye stood up and said, speaking words that Wang Hang beside him wouldn’t believe even if he was bashed to death.

Is this that Young Master Fang Ye?!

“What are you looking at?! Let’s go!” Dragging his exhausted body, Fang Ye pulled up Wang Hang, who was still in a muddled state. He then staggered towards the canteen.

The others continued to wait where they were, and they secretly cheered on Bai Xiaofei and the others in their hearts.

Of course, it was only limited to within their hearts because even if they wanted to run and accompany Bai Xiaofei and the others, they had to stand up first…

After Fang Ye and Wang Hang finished buying lunch, Duan Yiyi greeted her ray of light after being pulled along by Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi and completing the extra round she had to run. Meanwhile, Mo Ka was limping as he followed by Shi Kui’s side.

“Big Sister Xue, they’ll surely remember it, so allow them to stop.” Zhu Nuo, who was helped throughout the rounds, was unable to continue watching and was the first to speak out. Moreover, she obtained everyone’s support at the first possible moment.

“Yeah, Big Sister Xue, allow them to stop. They won’t do it again in the future.”

“Big Sister Xue….”

The twelve people around Xue Ying were practically on the verge of wearing out their lips.

“I can allow them to stop, but all of you must agree to a condition of mine.” Eventually, Xue Ying gave in to the group’s pleading voices, but the mention of a condition caused many people to be slightly afraid.

“Big Sister Xue, go ahead!” Xu Chen was very similar to a lady boss, wearing a serious expression and stating her position clearly.

Everyone else quickly dispelled the trace of concern at the bottoms of their hearts, and they simultaneously looked at Xue Ying with firm expressions.

“From today onward, if any one of them make a mistake again, the punishment will implicate everyone who pleaded on their behalf. But there’s no need if you withdraw.” At this moment, Xue Ying was akin to a devil that had cast out its temptation, and she placed a path of life and death before the twelve of them.

“I won’t withdraw!” Lin Li, whose expression remained slightly sedate, raised her hand and firmly spoke her three words resolutely.

“I won’t withdraw!”

“I won’t withdraw!”


One after another and in next to no time, the twelve of them unified their thoughts, and twelve pairs of firm eyes looked at Xue Ying.

This scene was almost instantly inscribed into Xue Ying’s mind, branding itself deeply.

The class this morning could be said to be fairly satisfactory!

“Go tell them to stop. At the same time, congratulations, this morning’s class has officially ended!” She spoke words that the group of people only understood partially. She then instantly started beaming.

Not long after, Xu Chen passed this good news into the ears of Bai Xiaofei and the others, and the four of them instantly fell limply to the ground…

The state of Mo Ka’s group of three was obvious, and Bai Xiaofei had exhausted the energy he had accumulated with the World Devourer since long ago and in the end was even running with his life on the line…

Just a second ago, all four of them had thought they were going to die that day.

“It’s time for food! It’s time for food!” Fang Ye immediately brought over the food he had bought, and Bai Xiaofei’s group of four staggered along and gathered with everyone. When Bai Xiaofei heard the words “it’s time to eat”, he practically and instantly came back to life and charged to Fang Ye’s side with large strides.

As they looked at Bai Xiaofei, who seemed like a hungry ghost, the group was instantly filled with laughter under the lead of those possessing unconstrained characters.

But in next to no time they were unable to continue laughing because Bai Xiaofei truly ate too quickly!

“F*ck! Grab it quickly; otherwise, everything will be eaten by him!!!” Xu Chen enlightened everyone with just a few words, causing them to immediately rush forward. They completely pushed away Bai Xiaofei, who was weak to the point that even a gust of wind could blow him down, pushing him to a place where he was unable to reach the lunch boxes.

For the first time in their lives, everyone in the group felt in unison that eating was actually such a happy thing, and they found that the many things they wouldn’t want to eat as soon as they saw it in the past were actually so tasty…

“I’ll repeat it once more since everyone is here: congratulations for completing this morning’s class satisfactorily.” After Xue Ying repeated the portion of her words that no one was capable of understanding, joy covered her face.

“Big Sister Xue, all of us became like this from running. We can at most be said to have “barely” completed the assignment, right?” Bai Xiaofei said vaguely, stuffing himself with food, not having the slightest awareness that he was one of the key targets of attention.

“In terms of physical strength, all of you are really too inferior. But, in another aspect, your displays have exceeded my expectations, and it was precisely this aspect that I truly wanted to teach all of you this morning,” Xue Ying said, and traces of brightness appeared in the eyes of everyone at the same time.

Another aspect?

“In real battle, it’s extremely rare to fight one-on-one, and puppet masters are commonly in situations between numerous people such as during chaotic battles!

“In these battles, the relationship between you and your teammates is the only factor that can boundlessly increase your ability to survive!

“Today, you have all decided to help others even when you are completely exhausted and have decided to share the ‘danger’ of others even when you are already ‘safe’. Such behavior is worthy of the word ‘satisfactory’.” Xue Ying spoke a huge pile of things with a single breath and opened the door to a completely new world for everyone in the Savage Class.

On the other hand, the sixteen young men and women whose mouths glistened with oil looked at each other, and then, one after another, they started laughing.

“Even though all of you will only be staying in my class for three months, I hope that all sixteen of you can form a type of eternal relationship between each other during these three months – a relationship that won’t change because of location and status, a relationship of sharing the good and the bad and never abandoning each other!”

When facing Xue Ying who had suddenly once more become formal, the sixteen of them hurriedly swallowed the food they were chewing then looked at Xue Ying in unison.

For the first time, they felt that this teacher seemed to be slightly interesting…


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