Chapter 309: Forest Camp Ambush!

Chapter 309: Forest Camp Ambush!

On the second level, there were 150 troops: 100 class two infantry, 30 class two archers, 20 class two nightcrawlers. Commanders: two Proficient Rank puppet masters. Stationed area: forest camp. To pass the level: capture the camp and kill over half of the troops inside before dawn. The two commanders must be killed.

Everything else was easy, what Bai Xiaofei was afraid of were the 20 nightcrawlers. To these, killing the soldiers a class lower than them was but a walk in the park, which meant the number of troops Bai Xiaofei sent would be exactly the amount he’d lose.

Squatting in the forest as the preparation time passed second by second, Bai Xiaofei's forehead was covered in sweat.

Meanwhile, the people outside sighed when they saw this.

The strongest are only the two Proficient Rank puppet masters. Why are you spending so long thinking?

As all kinds of disdainful voices flooded out, so much that they could have drowned Bai Xiaofei, only Sima Ye clenched his teeth. He knew what Bai Xiaofei was thinking!

Finally, just before the final countdown, Bai Xiaofei made up his mind. After a series of actions, 10 points were used to upgrade the first soldier and the remaining 119 points were all exchanged for basic troops – 10 basic assassins, 10 basic longbowmen, and 49 basic infantry.

Seeing this, voices of contempt arose again. Not exchanging for class two soldiers? Then how are you gonna pass the third level? Relying on class two soldiers after upgrading? Moreover, how are the class one troops going to survive this battle in the first place?

In a flash of light, over 60 people stood in a neat little team in front of Bai Xiaofei. The only class two soldier stood at the very front, looking at Bai Xiaofei with gratitude.

“Thank you, General, for your investment in me. This little one will certainly live up to your high hopes!” Now at class two, the soldier wore a suit of iron armor and a simple helmet, while the machete and shield were the same as before.

“Why are you different from the other class two infantry?” Bai Xiaofei asked as he looked at the soldier in confusion. The guy not only looked more muscular compared to normal class two infantry but also had an additional piece of equipment – the normal class two infantry had no helmet.

“Because I have been baptized by battle, how can those recruits compare to me?” the soldier proudly patted his chest as if he really had faith in what he said.

The baptism of battle… Just this sentence alone, your skin is just as thick as your general’s now…

However, Bai Xiaofei understood what he meant. Surviving soldiers would be better than newly recruited ones!

“General, what is our mission tonight?”

Unlike before, the soldier had no fear despite the overwhelming number of enemies. His eyes even revealed some expectations.

His character has also changed.

Bai Xiaofei kept this change in mind and began to consider how he should build his own army. Excellent commanders would not complain that their soldiers were too excellent, because those excellent soldiers were all trained by them!

Although Bai Xiaofei had never attended a formal command class, he had the good qualities of relying on himself and preparing for all situations.

“In a while, when the operation starts, you lead 20 infantry, 5 assassins and 5 longbowmen in a small team, find an empty high ground far enough from the enemy camp empty and lie in wait. The rest of you, scatter out into the forest. Your task is only one: run! It doesn't matter whether the others are hunted down or not, the rest just run for yourselves!”

This was another bizarre command, but everyone chose to obey, especially the soldier from the first level as he even made a solemn promise.

After the troops scattered, Bai Xiaofei snuck his way towards the enemy camp. Halfway through, he used Blackie’s Scenery Simulation ability, turning into various plants and stones until he was close enough to see what the enemy soldiers looked like.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t start the operation right away but waited until midnight. During this period, he also figured out the camp troop setting, and even found two hidden lookouts.

No one was made of iron, so it was inevitable to change shifts. What Bai Xiaofei waited for was exactly the opportunity when they changed shifts. After three new soldiers came over and replaced the three who had been standing for the first half of the night, he waited until the first three were completely out of sight, and then he moved!

Transforming into the captain of the new three, Bai Xiaofei adjusted his clothes and came out.

“Big Brother Fei? Why haven’t you gone to bed?” the head of the three asked the moment Bai Xiaofei appeared. Coincidentally, the name of the person Bai Xiaofei had turned into was also something Fei.

“The boss is looking for you. I’ve come to take your post for a while, so hurry up and get over there then come back for me. I still have to sleep!” His tone full of complaints, Bai Xiaofei was thoroughly in his role.

“Okay, okay, I'll be right there!” the small head of three immediately panic upon hearing that the boss wanted to see him. Without a thought, he ran into the camp, leaving Bai Xiaofei and the other two people to continue to stand guard.

“There are people!” After standing for a while, Bai Xiaofei suddenly looked in a certain direction in the forest. The two people beside him were immediately on guard.

“Follow me!” ordering in a low voice, Bai Xiaofei took the lead and ran out.

The two soldiers didn't think much and just immediately followed him. Soon, Bai Xiaofei took them to a place where the two hidden lookouts couldn’t see, his face full of doubt when he stopped.

“How strange, I clearly saw that someone was running in this direction.”

“Brother Fei, maybe you were just seeing things?” said one of them carefully, as the two soldiers walked to Bai Xiaofei’s side.

“How could I have been seeing things?” When Bai Xiaofei turned around, his face had returned to that of his own, instantly shocking the two soldiers.

In the moment of their shock, Bai Xiaofei grabbed heads, one in each hand, and they collided with a bang. The power of a Martial Master caused them to pass out.

“I’m sorry, please rest in peace.” After Bai Xiaofei picked up a blade and reaped their lives, he helped them close their eyes. Then, he turned into one of the soldiers.

After that, he pulled off a flare from one of them. As the red fireworks went up into the sky, the loud noise woke up the whole camp! When he was finished, he ran back towards the camp with a face full of panic and fear. Just as he arrived at the gate of the camp, Bai Xiaofei bumped into the little head of the three who had just been tricked, accompanied by the ‘Brother Fei’ who he had just disguised as.

“Just… just now…!”

Out of breath, Bai Xiaofei gasped heavily as he spoke. The small head slapped him in the face.

“Your mother, calm down! Where is that fake just now?”

“He took the two of us to where their side was hiding. I fired a flare to scare them off, or else I wouldn't have been able to come back!” said Bai Xiaofei tearfully, looking like he had lost control.

“Go, you and I will go see the boss! Old Duan, you inform everyone it’s a full alert!” ordered Brother Fei, pointing at Bai Xiaofei before he rushed back into the camp. Bai Xiaofei quickly followed while the small head of three, called Old Duan, also moved on his order.

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