Chapter 308: Starting with Low-rank Soldiers!

Chapter 308: Starting with Low-rank Soldiers!

After spending a troop point to exchange for a low-rank soldier, Bai Xiaofei chose to start.

This choice wasn’t surprising to the people outside, although they couldn't think of this method from when they had first started…

“General!” Once the level started, a soldier only dressed in cloth but armed with a decent-looking machete stood in front of Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei almost laughed out loud upon the greeting. A general of only one little soldier…

“General, the enemy's troops are ten times more than ours, which is really bad for us!” said the soldier with a panicked expression.

Bai Xiaofei couldn't help but feel a little shocked.

What the! He’s afraid?! This illusion is really complex, even human nature and feelings can be simulated!

After recovering from the surprise, Bai Xiaofei cleared his throat. “Ahem, well, once the fight starts, you can just hide behind. Your task is to ensure your own safety. If someone chases you, you run!”

That was Bai Xiaofei's first command as a general. It was a bit messed up, but the little soldier was delighted when he heard it. Obviously, he didn’t want to die…

“Take care, General!” After leaving just a sentence, the soldier turned around and ran.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei shed a drop of cold sweat.

Damn it, this is too realistic!

I’m your general! You just gave up on your general like that?! When this match is over, I’m going to teach you a good lesson!

While thinking this, Bai Xiaofei looked up to see eleven troops from the opposite rushing over – ten low-rank soldiers in two rows and the Proficient Rank puppet master commander at their back.

Without hesitation, Bai Xiaofei dashed towards them, not even using Blackie’s effect. Once the two sides clashed, his physical qualities as a Martial Master immediately displayed an overwhelming advantage.

While the soldiers’ blades were fast, they couldn’t keep up with his speed. Taking down one with a punch and two with a kick, Bai Xiaofei used less than ten seconds and the ten soldiers were sprawled on the ground, while their still-standing commander was already scared silly. The guy didn’t resist when Bai Xiaofei wrung his neck.

After finishing it cleanly, Bai Xiaofei broke away from the high tension of the battle, looked back at his results, and then…

He vomited.

Each of the eleven people on the ground had different faces in death, but pain and fear were the most clearly depicted. Their eyes protruding and the blood oozing from the corners of their mouths added an eerie feeling.

It wasn’t like Bai Xiaofei hadn’t made fatal strikes at the New Student Competition, and he had also killed magical beasts in the Infinite Mountain Range, but this was his first time seeing this manner of death.

After vomiting for a long time, Bai Xiaofei collapsed and sat on the ground for half a day, during which he kept looking over at the eleven on the ground, but he still couldn’t adapt to it. Just when he felt that he would have a shadow cast over his heart, his soldier who had run away suddenly came running back.

“Mighty General! You annihilated the enemy all by yourself! I will certainly train hard like you from now on!” the soldier declared seriously with resoluteness on his face. Bai Xiaofei's performance seemed to have caused a change in him.

“You don't feel anything strange?” Bai Xiaofei suddenly found himself asking the soldier who seemed to have a very high degree of humanity, even if he knew that the soldier was only an illusion.

“Death is inevitable when two armies face each other on the battlefield. The success of one general is built on the bones of thousands. Among those bones, there will be comrades and enemies.”

The soldier walked to each body and helped close their open eyes. For some reason, Bai Xiaofei felt like the pressure in his heart had eased after those eyes were closed.

“From the moment they set foot on the battlefield, they were already prepared to face death. Death on the battlefield is their final resting place. You finishing their lives, in a sense, fulfilled them. As long as you have respect for them, you have made no mistakes. Sometimes, killing is to stop more killing, as long as it isn’t meaningless.”

When the soldier finished, he looked up at Bai Xiaofei, and those firm eyes deeply moved Bai Xiaofei.

“General, can you understand what I said?”

The soldier’s question pulled Bai Xiaofei back from his trance. After a short while, the fog clouding Bai Xiaofei's eyes gradually disappeared and was slowly replaced by resolution.

I was actually educated by a mere illusionary little soldier.

With a wry smile, Bai Xiaofei stood up slowly, and familiar confidence reappeared on his face.

At the same time, the people watching outside were shocked.

He got used to it so quickly! Is this boy still human?!

90 out of 100 people would have the same reaction as Bai Xiaofei when they first saw the bodies. The remaining 10 were basically perverse and shouldn’t be considered. But the other 90 people would have to spend different amounts of time to adapt. Bai Xiaofei’s speed was so fast that he was no different from those 10 perverse ones, they were all very unique existences.

Gradually, everyone began to re-examine Bai Xiaofei, who was currently checking his troop points.

Killing ten soldiers netted ten points, the puppet master gave a whole hundred points, and at the same time getting to level two rewarded Bai Xiaofei with ten points.

On the second level, Bai Xiaofei started with a high number of points at 129, but many people could do that as well.

In addition, the surviving soldier would enter the second level with Bai Xiaofei, and as a reward for surviving the first level, he’d have an additional shield, but he was still a gap away compared to the class two heavily armed soldiers.

“You will be promoted up a rank after each pass?” Bai Xiaofei voiced his doubt as he looked at the soldier stroking his shield.

“It's not a promotion, but that I’ll be strengthened to a certain extent. However, General, you can also spend some points to upgrade me, so the points consumed will be less than you directly recruiting a class two soldier. However, each soldier can be only upgraded one class per level.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei looked at his screen where it showed that it took 20 points to get a class two infantry, but a direct upgrade only cost 10 points.

After discovering this, Bai Xiaofei's head was immediately overrun with a myriad of ‘what the f*ck!’. Had he known this earlier, he would have used all ten points he had from the first round!

Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei checked the opponent’s military arrangement. If he could, he would definitely use up all his points now. However, when he saw the other side’s setup, he immediately lost some courage…

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