Chapter 307: Sandboard Rules; Preparing to Enter the Illusion!

Chapter 307: Sandboard Rules; Preparing to Enter the Illusion!

“What does that mean? Where should I begin?” Taking Bai Xiaofei's words right out of his mouth, Old Man Illusionary still couldn't stop laughing as if he had discovered something hilarious. “In those days, your father Bai Longfei was also a student of Starnet, and he was a rare genius! Geniuses always attract the eyes of the opposite sex, and Luo Xi was one of those attracted little girls.”

The old man finally got to the point, but what he said terrified Bai Xiaofei.

Vice Principal Luo Xi and my dad?!

“Moreover, that little girl is quite smart. After a series of planning, she successfully got his attention. The relationship between the two quickly heated up and they finally got together. At that time, we all thought that they were a golden couple. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. Upon graduation, your father wanted to pursue the splendor of the continent while that stubborn little girl wanted to remain in Starnet no matter what. Therefore, two with disparity finally split up. However, Luo Xi has been waiting for Bai Longfei all this time. She thought that no matter how wonderful the continent was, Bai Longfei would surely have had enough one day and would return to Starnet. But, she couldn’t wait for his return.”

Up until here, Bai Xiaofei, who was shocked beyond measure, swallowed hard with his eyes wide open.

Is this the legendary ‘the son pays for the father's debt’?!

“Isn't it dramatically fun?” While he was still laughing, the old man even asked a question that Bai Xiaofei didn’t know how to answer. After poking enough fun at Bai Xiaofei, the old man straightened up. “Forget it, forget it, it's good now that you know about it, but I still hope that you can untie her knot as Bai Longfei's son. After all, if there is one person who can make her return to her old self, that would be you.”

“I will do my best…” Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare to casually make a promise about this. The older generation's romance and feud were a little too out of his league.

“Well, we’ve talked for quite a while now. You should be here to take the challenge, right?” Taking a deep breath, the old man returned to the main topic, only that this time it was completely without the ceremonial vibe when he had first appeared.

“Mhm, grandpa, tell me the rules, I don't know anything yet.” The old man changed fast, but Bai Xiaofei was even faster. Anyone else would have been stumped at how abrupt these two changed topics.

“It’s actually very simple. After you start, you will enter an illusionary reality scene where you can use all your abilities in reality. At the same time, you will get some troop points which you can use to exchange for different types and numbers of soldiers. Command and lead them to achieve the clearance goal, and then you will successfully pass.” This introduction was quite colloquial. In his normal routine, Old Man Illusionary would say it like this.

“Whatever method is okay?” His brows creased, Bai Xiaofei was a bit confused.

“Of course, all’s fair in war. You can do whatever you want. The enemies at each level are fixed and you can even peek at their arrangement before you start,” the old man confirmed Bai Xiaofei's idea.

“What if I kill them all by myself?” As soon as Bai Xiaofei said this, the old man was stunned.

“Well, it is possible in theory, but the more levels you pass, the stronger the enemies will be. If you die, whether your soldiers are still alive or not, it will be counted as a failure.”

There were really few people who came here to fight on their own. Normal people would always first think of using their brains to solve the problem…

Perhaps, Bai Xiaofei would set a precedent!

“I will be careful. Another question, does the other party have a commander or something like that? If it is a completely true-to-life simulation, will they panic if I kill their commander?”

Hearing this, the old man's eyes flashed. “Yes, that’s what army assassins are for.”

After getting the confirmation from Old Man Illusionary, Bai Xiaofei completely quieted down, obviously in a ready-to-go posture. “I'm ready, let's start!”

Old Man Illusionary waved his arm, and a colorful vortex appeared around Bai Xiaofei. Looking into the vortex, Bai Xiaofei could clearly see grassland slowly forming.

At the same time, Sima Ye and the several students waiting outside were already on edge.

“This fellow isn’t so stupid that he can’t understand the rules after so long, right? Why hasn't he started yet?”

“I know, right? It's been almost an hour. Even pigs would get it already…”

“Could it be that he is deliberately dragging it out to avoid competing with Senior Sima?”


Because Sima Ye was present, the students only dared to talk in hushed tones. However, Sima Ye still heard them clearly, but he didn’t get angry.

He was also very annoyed having to wait this long!

However, unlike the students, he didn’t think that Bai Xiaofei was so stupid that he wouldn’t understand the rules or wanted to stall on purpose. Instead, he wondered whether he had missed something.

Mhm, he did miss something, but given his character, he’d never encounter what Bai Xiaofei had encountered. It was normal for those who didn’t know how to respect the old and love the young to miss things.

“In! He’s in!” A student loudly exclaimed. Instantly, all eyes were on the big screen, and when they saw the familiar grassland, everyone was dazed.

The heck?! This is… the first level?!

Just how f*cking long is this gonna take until he can face Sima Ye?!!

To duel with a person on the Command Ranking in the Illusionary Sandboard, it was a must to be less than 10 levels below that person in the ranking, which was why Sima Ye wanted Bai Xiaofei to rush to the top ten first.

At the moment, unaware of what the people outside were saying about him, Bai Xiaofei was staring blankly at a small light screen in front of him.

This Illusionary Sandboard… is so fun!

On the small light screen, all kinds of soldiers were looking at Bai Xiaofei with inviting eyes, making him flustered all over. Unfortunately, most of them were in a gray non-optional state, because Bai Xiaofei had only 10 troop points and only three kinds of soldiers were available to him.

1 point for an ordinary infantry, 2 points for an ordinary archer, and 5 points for an ordinary assassin!

As for the one in the back, besides high-ranking soldiers, there were even magical beasts to choose from, and even high-grade ones to boot. Only that the troop points needed were astronomical for the current Bai Xiaofei.

However, according to the explanation on the light screen, unused troop points could be carried over to the next level, but at least one soldier was required to be present in a level, and if that soldier died, Bai Xiaofei would lose.

In addition to one’s own optional forces, the screen also showed the enemy of this level. There were a total of ten most basic infantry, plus a Proficient Rank puppet master as their commander, and the clearance condition was to wipe them out.

Seeing this setup, Bai Xiaofei’s lips curved into a smile.

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