Chapter 303: Uninvited Guest - the No.1 of the Command Ranking!

Chapter 303: Uninvited Guest - the No.1 of the Command Ranking!

Bai Xiaofei had expected a good response for the video, but it exceeded his expectations by a mile. After working his head for a whole night, Bai Xiaofei finally came up with a way to have the best of both worlds. When he told this idea to Chu Qingtian, the vice principal of finance nearly offered his knees!

It was impossible not to admire him! Chu Qingtian just wanted to pry open Bai Xiaofei’s head and see what was inside. If he could, he wished to dig out that brain and plant it into his own head.

After getting Chu Qingtian's approval, Bai Xiaofei immediately moved. The first video was quickly recorded into Recording Eyeballs. Next, Bai Xiaofei opened 10 recording points. Those who wanted to watch the video could spend money to go to a recording point and record a copy for themselves. The cost would be lower than the entrance fee, but the quality of the video was definitely not as good as that of a 100-shot combination.

However, this didn’t affect the enthusiasm of those who had great interest in the competition. The ten recording spots were busy from morning till night, and the people in charge of recording changed one batch after another, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to hold on at all.

Finally, when the spots were closed at night, a horrifying number was deposited into Bai Xiaofei's Amethyst Card!

At 10 Amethyst Coins per recording, Bai Xiaofei had received a total of over a million Amethyst Coins! In other words, Starnet now had at least 90,000 guests.

Over 90,000 people!

Moreover, the number of new visitors today wasn’t much less than yesterday. Helpless, Starnet had to build a batch of accommodations outside the academy gate and then made another fortune… In short, Starnet had become a magnet for gold, one with infinite force at that.

Apart from Bai Xiaofei and Starnet whose pockets were filled to the brim, the merchants in the academy had also ushered in springtime for their business. Among them, the Thousand Aroma Restaurant could be said to be brought back from the brink of death.

With the right to be one of the broadcasting points, the popularity of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant soared overnight. Everyone quickly noticed that the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, who had failed to occupy a good position in the academy, had surpassed the Hundred Flavor House in popularity for the first time ever since it had been built. For this, Qian Chonglou almost cried out loud! All the wrongs he had received from Lu Lingyun hadn’t been in vain!

At the same time, the Babel Merchant House also brought good news. After the video spread, everyone had a general understanding of this activity for the Blossom Ranking selection, and then the potential gambler in people awoke. In just one day, the Babel Merchant House earned more than they had in the past two months. At this rate, after the competition was over, Zhuangming could definitely more than make back what they had paid Bai Xiaofei.

Also winning a wave of popularity was Bai Xiaofei's three investors, as their trillions of investment already started to see returns on the first day. Through the advertisements that Hu Xian’er and the other girls inserted in the video, their new products had become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

More people had already started to contact the Devpath Merchant Group, wanting to know how they could buy the Beauty Nourishment Pills and Voice Change Pills. The new dishes launched by Qian Chonglou were already receiving orders that same evening. The Phoenix Cry Pavilion had attracted the attention of a wave of beautiful women as many were tempted to become one of them and become the attention of the public.

In a word, everything was going well. All the arrangements Bai Xiaofei had made were running smoothly and had not disappointed anyone who was involved in it.

But just when Bai Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief, thinking he could finally have a rest, trouble came knocking at his door. And the trouble-seeker was someone Bai Xiaofei had never seen before – the top of the Command Ranking, Sima Ye!

Everyone knew that none of the people able to make the Command Ranking were small fries, and basically all of them had been designated as a must-win talent by the big empires and organizations. From the day they got on the Command Ranking, they were destined to be extraordinary their whole lives.

They were labeled a group of perverse IQs with a bright future among the students of Starnet. To paraphrase a common saying: Their wisdom was almost demon-like1!

So, Sima Ye who had come for Bai Xiaofei was the demon king of the Command Ranking! As for how he had provoked this demon king, Bai Xiaofei’s head nearly burst but he still couldn’t think of a reason.

“Bai Xiaofei, so good to finally see you after hearing so much about your great name. Let me introduce myself. I’m Sima Ye, a fourth-year student of the Gods Amongst Men, currently ranked first in the Command Ranking.”

Sima Ye's attitude could be considered friendly, but Bai Xiaofei really had no interest in this kind of person who always boasted about how formidable they were. As the type who liked to be cool and formidable in secret, he really couldn’t find himself grouping with someone who did so openly…

“I'm sorry, I’ve never paid attention to the Command Ranking, so I haven't heard of your great name, Senior Brother.” Bai Xiaofei’s motto in life was ‘when I’m unhappy, I don’t give a f*ck who you are.’ He deliberately stressed the words ‘great name’ with obvious sarcasm.

“It doesn't matter, you will from now on.” Sima Ye didn’t seem to be affected by Bai Xiaofei's sarcasm at all. His tone was calm as if he had selectively ignored Bai Xiaofei's words.

Not simple!

By just this response alone, Bai Xiaofei already put a ‘hard to handle’ label on Sima Ye.

“That would be my pleasure, but may I know how you found me?” His tone took a turn as he no longer used meaningless ridicule, but switched strategies to probe Sima Ye.

“You really underestimate your popularity. I didn’t even have to look for you. Your whereabouts have become the focus of almost all of Starnet. I only needed to ask.” Sima Ye's voice was still calm, but this time Bai Xiaofei saw a flicker of emotion from his eyes!

Envy and jealousy! So that’s why he came here!

With a faint smile, Bai Xiaofei gradually got into the right state of mind. Since someone had come to make trouble, then he just had to use his method to deal with troublemakers.

“Oh? Am I in much danger now? If there are malicious people eyeing me, wouldn't I be very miserable?” Bai Xiaofei hung a pained smile on his face.

That smile instantly struck three words into Sima Ye's mind – ‘harboring evil intentions!’ His face twitched a little as Sima Ye tried to endure. At this time, whoever lost his calm first would lose the entire war!

“I’ve come to just discuss and learn, nothing else!” Realizing that he had lost his advantage, Sima Ye immediately adjusted the direction of his speech and cut to the chase.

“I'm sorry, Senior Brother, I'm very busy. I'm not in the mood to compete and learn with anyone in any way right now. Of course, if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can wait. I may be in the mood later when I'm not busy.” Unlike how people would normally react, Bai Xiaofei didn't ask what he wanted to ‘learn’ and directly refused. It was better to avoid this kind of person as much as possible. Wasting energy for no reason was unwise.

However, Sima Ye seemed to have anticipated Bai Xiaofei’s rejection. Not only did he not reveal any surprise, he even smiled calmly.

“Let me take a wild guess, you don’t want others to know about the matter with Zhen Qi!”

Even though Bai Xiaofei had just gained the upper hand one second earlier, when Sima Ye said that, his expression crumbled for a moment. Although he recollected himself immediately, it was enough for Sima Ye.

In the end, you lost your calm first.

1. Lu Xun’s comment for Zhuge Liang after reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He found Zhuge Liang’s intelligence too unbelievable for what a human was capable of.

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