Chapter 302: Becoming an Instant Hit!

Chapter 302: Becoming an Instant Hit!

Not in their wildest dreams could anyone have expected such a tremendous profit when Starnet opened up to the outside world. None of the businesses failed to double their turnover in a single day, some even earned even six to seven times their normal yield.

Among them, hotels and restaurants made the most. The restaurants won in the traffic flow, while the hotels were full despite the price being raised several times.

The Babel Merchant House was very decisive when they calculated and produced nearly a hundred bets overnight with the information Bai Xiaofei provided them. Although they hadn’t officially opened yet, they had already attracted a large wave of people who came to inspect. As long as the broadcast ended tonight, this wave of people would turn into a considerable source of income.

However, in the entire academy, the one earning the most wasn’t businesses, but the Demon of Illusions. At Bai Xiaofei’s suggestion, 80% of the faculty had been renovated into a hotel, and it was even the most expensive hotel in Starnet.

Not only because all the hotels were already full, but also because of Bai Xiaofei’s advertisement: ‘All the staff and contestants will reside at the Demon of Illusions during the competition. Come for a stay, and you’ll have the chance to see them at any moment!’

This was a fatal attraction for the guests who came for the Blossom Ranking event, even if it was only just a gimmick by Bai Xiaofei. In fact, all guest rooms were separate from the area where the competition personnel stayed.

Aside from acting as a place to stay, the Demon of Illusions also opened a temporary, super large kitchen for all of its guests, the chefs of which were all transferred from the headquarters of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant. This was one of the conditions that Lu Lingyun and Qian Chonglou had agreed upon, a win-win agreement. With this, the Thousand Aroma Restaurant could publicize itself while the Demon of Illusions gained another way to rake it in.

Originally Qian Chonglou had wanted a piece of the pie, but Liu Lingyun had sternly rejected him.

What a joke. You just don’t qualify for such a demand, alright?

In that negotiation, Qian Chonglou had been tightly suppressed and had to agree with whatever requirements Liu Lingyun had.

Finally, there was also Chu Qingtian who couldn’t close his mouth from laughing. The temporary campus hotel becoming a money-collecting tool, plus the previous share of investment and various profits to come would definitely earn Starnet more than it had in the past several years combined. And this achievement would be put under his name, Chu Qingtian! It was impossible not to be happy. If Chu Qiantian could, he would snatch Bai Xiaofei for a warm hug and lots of kisses.

And all that so far was only the beginning.

After one night of processing from the recording team, all the videos shot in the venue during the day were condensed into a three-hour quality video!

The next day, after using the whole morning to advertise around the academy, Bai Xiaofei started to organize people to sell tickets in the afternoon. There were three broadcasting spots: the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, the Blossom Pavilion, and the Demon of Illusions.

“With the might never before seen from our ten great mentors of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion, five hundred future stars have successfully found their teams! As one hundred and one teams are about to compete on the stage, come get to know your goddess in advance!”

This slogan was chanted over and over again at all ticket points. The first batch of 5,000 tickets was sold out in less than three hours! Among them, the Thousand Fragrance Restaurant would accommodate 200 people, the Blossom Pavilion 600 people, and the remaining 4200 people would be welcomed by the Demon of Illusions. The jittery staff in the three places were busy making preparations. Tonight's reception was a challenge for them all, a challenge accompanied by terrifying benefits!

In short, Starnet had a restless entire day, and basically no one was able to remain calm, be it the guests or the students and teachers!

The veil of night fell in this restlessness.

Those who bought the tickets arrived early to their broadcasting point. The tickets in their hands could be exchanged for a Blossom Ticket after the broadcast.

The outsiders didn’t know what a Blossom Ticket was at first, but after hearing the explanation from the students, everyone was delighted.

This is the same as free money!

“I know you all can’t wait, but there are still two minutes to go. I hope everyone will be patient and believe me, everything you see tonight definitely will not disappoint the tickets you paid for!”

At the Demon of Illusion broadcasting point, Bai Xiaofei personally presided over the first match.

“Before I begin, I would like to express my gratitude to our three sponsors. All the decorations you are seeing here are funded by the Devpath Merchant Group, the free snacks in front of you are provided by our partner Thousand Aroma Restaurant, while the girls of Phoenix Cry Pavilion have made indelible contributions to our performances. I hope you will support them, those who are going to bring more to us in the future!”

After the advertisement, Bai Xiaofei cleared his throat.

“Then, please hold your breath!”

As soon as his last sentence ended, all the lights went out. After two seconds of silence, the quintessential records of a hundred Recording Eyeballs displayed on the huge screen.

The skill of a professional recording team was clearly demonstrated the moment the broadcast began. In just a few pictures, a variety of incomparable beauties had attracted everyone's attention.

The current top 100 of the Blossom Ranking each had about three seconds of introduction, but the brevity actually made them much more memorable to the audience. Especially Hu Xianer’s and others who were close to Bai Xiaofei, they left a deep impression in the minds of many.

In fact, many spectators present had come just to witness Hu Xian’er’s Fox Form Transformation Stream puppet. It was no exaggeration to describe Fox Form as only seen once in a hundred years!

As the broadcast continued, more and more beauties were remembered by the audience. And when the ten mentors of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion performed as demonstrations, the applause couldn’t cease. At the same time, everyone had formed expectations. They were curious about what kind of performances the participants would display.

After that was the grouping. During the process, the hearts of the audience couldn’t stay in one place. Everyone wanted to see their favorite contestants form a group, but in the end, not everyone got what they wanted.

At the end of the video, the mentors tested all 101 teams on what they had learned. Although most of the presentations were very crude, the audience showed great tolerance. Out of 5,000 people, the number of those who complained didn’t exceed two digits.

When the video finally finished, the audience was left with the feeling of wanting more, hating the fact that they couldn’t rush to the scene to see how the girls trained.

Bai Xiaofei naturally noticed this reaction, and a new idea came to mind. However, it could only be left for later.

The most noteworthy thing was the shock that the broadcast caused throughout Starnet.

Under the promotion of the 5,000 spectators, the content of the video was depicted in a mysterious way. Piquing the curiosity of who hadn’t seen it so effectively that they felt like there was a kitten in their hearts scratching incessantly.

All kinds of voices called for Starnet to release the video were directed to Chu Qingtian. As a result, this happy fellow found Bai Xiaofei again.

An opportunity to profit is right in front of your eyes, whether you grab it or not just takes one word!

And Bai Xiaofei's response was straightforward enough!

Of course I’ll take it, but in a way that absolutely won't affect the next broadcast!

So, it was time to come up with some devious ideas!

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