Chapter 301: What Time Can't Change

Chapter 301: What Time Can't Change

Everyone got moving as soon as Bai Xiaofei announced the task. The majority strived to find at least one teammate to feel safe. This was one of the normal reactions of people when facing difficulties – trying to stick together.

However, there were also one-person teams, and Bai Xiaofei recognized them all – Chu Liuyun, Lin Li, Xue Ying, Yan Suzi, Qin Lingyan, and two on the current Blossom Ranking whose names Bai Xiaofei couldn’t remember.

Hu Xian’er unexpectedly didn’t choose to perform alone, but found a senior sister of the Fist of the Beast ranked in the 480s! Not only did others fail to understand this, but even the invited senior sister was stunned.

But it was still a happy ending. The senior sister accepted Hu Xian’er’s invitation and said that she would not disappoint her, giving a feeling that Hu Xuan’er was actually the senior…

“Congratulations to everyone for finding their comrades who are going to fight alongside you in the coming month. Following this, our teachers will give you a simple test and provide rehearsal suggestions based on your results.”

Finishing his piece, Bai Xiaofei walked down. Yin Jing, as the leader of the teachers' group, began to speak and give encouragement. Compared with Bai Xiaofei, she was more serious and professional.

Women could never be too friendly to women, even if there was no competition between them.

Bai Xiaofei, who had successfully completed his role, directly left the meeting hall as there were also important things for him to do. Just as expected, reality proved that once the training started, he’d never have free time again.

When Bai Xiaofei announced the start of the training, the opening of Starnet to the outside world had also begun. He also finally witnessed what true madness was after he exited the great hall.

The surging stream of people was chaotic and their excitement left Bai Xiaofei unable to think of a suitable adjective. However, it was still possible for him to come up with a suitable comparison to animals.

Mad dogs… Mhm, that’s right, and super hungry ones at that!

Because of the heavy traffic, the academy had to announce the suspension of classes. With effort from Bai Xiaofei, the task of receiving these guests fell onto the New Student Mutual Aid Community and not the Student Union.

Because of this, the president of the Student Union even caused a ruckus in the principal's office, but it had been useless. Bai Xiaofei had declared that if this task wasn’t given to the New Student Mutual Aid Community, he’d withdraw as well. So, there was no chance for the Student Union to even fight for it.

The Student Union was emotional for a reason, though. The benefits they could obtain for receiving guests was too great!

Most of the people would come to Starnet just to take a look at this famous academy, of which they’d need a guide for. The students were naturally the best choice and thus the guests had to make a certain payment. In addition, Starnet was so big that their tour certainly couldn’t finish in one day. As a result, once one found a guide, the latter would continue to extract from their wallet like a leech for the next few days.

Not only that, guests would need to find a restaurant upon mealtime, or a store when they wanted to buy something. What if a native student told them which store was good? 80% of the people would believe this student, which was very normal, and then it was time for gratuity and bribery…

If I bring people to shop in your store, you will not leave me empty-handed, right? That was the expectation.

In a nutshell, Bai Xiaofei had fought and taken back a whole sweet cake for the New Student Mutual Aid Community that wasn’t to be shared. Because of this, his grand image among the freshmen grew even taller. Absolute authority was Bai Xiaofei's position in the New Student Mutual Aid Community and no one could shake it.

“Brother Fei!”

Seeing Bai Xiaofei coming, Shi Kui, Mo Ka, Xing Nan, and the two Mings who were coordinating the staff at the door instantly came up to him. Since they hadn’t seen Bai Xiaofei for a long time, it was impossible for them not to get excited.

As for other freshmen in the community, they actually wanted to come over, but that could only remain a thought. The higher a person's status was, the further away he would be from the people at the bottom. The difference in status gave birth to a kind of awe, which was something that could never be avoided.

“Is everything going good?” asked Bai Xiaofei with a hint of satisfaction on his face.

“Beyond good! It hasn’t even started that long and many of us have already earned over 100 Amethyst Coins!” said Mocha excitedly with faint envy.

Before they had come here to help, Bai Xiaofei had specifically told them that they were only there to help and that matter how much money was earned, if they dared to put their hands on even just a copper, they wouldn’t be his brothers anymore.

When it was stressed in such a way, how could they be so stupid to do otherwise? They didn’t even dare to eat the popsicles the other freshmen bought for them.

“I'll treat you to a big meal after closing time in the evening as a reward!” Bai Xiaofei said, bringing even more excitement to their faces.

However, unlike before, they were excited not because they could mercilessly slaughter Bai Xiaofei’s wallet, but because they could sit together again and chat. Ever since the division, there had been little time for the Savage Class to gather together.

“Is Big Sister Xue coming? We haven't gotten together in a long time!” asked Shi Kui, full of expectations.

However, Bai Xiaofei reluctantly shook his head. “Not just Big Sister Xue, even Lin Li can't come. The teachers from the Phoenix Cry Pavilion told me that the girls won’t be leaving the Demon of Illusions this month.”

“So busy?!” Xing Nan made a face of disbelief, his expressions were as exaggerated as ever.

“That makes sense, or else how are they gonna impress the people all over the continent?” said Bai Xiaofei with a faint smile. When he had planned this activity, he hadn’t expected so much, yet everything had completely exceeded his expectations.

But it was all in the right direction!

“Oh well, okay, we’ll still have time later,” said Shi Kui with a trace of loss.

“Hey hey, Classmate Shi Kui, the expression you’re making is very dangerous. Big Sister Xue belongs with our Big Brother Fei! Are you tired of living?!” The radical Mo Ka suddenly caught Shi Kui off guard.

“Mo Ka is.”


“Shi Kui, you.”

“Are in danger!”

Big Ming and Little Ming seamlessly struck where it hurt. The way these two talked worked so well for such evil as every slash saw blood!

“No, no, no, no, no! Brother Fei, I definitely didn't mean that! If I ever have that intention, I’d be struck by lightning! “

As soon as Shi Kui’s voice rang out, a loud exploding sound suddenly echoed in the cloudless sky.

What the hell??!

Oh Heavens! I, Shi Kui, have only been doing good things! So why must you do this to me at a time like this?!!!

Looking at Shi Kui's twisted face like he had eaten a bitter melon, everyone started guffawing. The feeling was no different from how it had been with the past Savage Class.

There were some things that time and distance just could not change!

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