Chapter 300: Training Starts!

Chapter 300: Training Starts!

After several days of preparation in full swing, the first round of screening for the Blossom Ranking competition was officially announced. The ten squad leaders who Yin Jing had sent from the Phoenix Cry Pavilion were also in place. Like Bai Xiaofei had requested, each of them had their own expertise.

In the huge hall renovated in the Demon of Illusions, Bai Xiaofei stood alone on the stage. Below, the 500 beauties who were going to take part in the competition only occupied a small part of the front rows.

They said a girl could rival 500 ducks in terms of noise, but from the moment Bai Xiaofei had come onto the stage, the whole venue was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard.

“I'm very glad to see you again, my beautiful senior sisters and classmates. There should be no need for introductions as to who I am. Of course, if you really don't know me, you can leave,” said Bai Xiaofei with a look of mock anger. This small joke brought laughter to many girls. “See, now that’s how it should be. What’s the point of those taut faces, right? It’s not like I can eat you. Don't you know you look better when you laugh?”

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t a serious person, so it was impossible for him to keep a stern face to deter others. Moreover, he hoped this activity to be a fun and happy one. To put it bluntly, he wanted to take these 500 girls out to play!

After Bai Xiaofei gave successive encouragement, the cold atmosphere eased and the originally nervous beauties one by one smiled widely. This picture of a hundred flowers blossoming made even Bai Xiaofei, a ‘battle-hardened’ veteran, shudder involuntarily.

Even this lord can’t hold it, how can the others hold it if they were here?!

This event may make more than I expected. Looks like I’m raising the ticket price!

Bai Xiaofei definitely had the potential to be a profiteer. With his terrific business sense and bottomless evil ideas, squeezing out other people's money was just like a walk in the park.

“Alright, let's skip the nonsense and get you guys informed of the detailed rules for the first round.”

Hearing this, the 500 girls collectively grew nervous. Even the domineering Hu Xian’er was no exception. She still remembered clearly what Bai Xiaofei had told her. The number one rank was hers, and no one was going to take it away!

“First of all, let’s welcome on stage our ten teachers from the Phoenix Cry Pavilion!” announced Bai Xiaofei as he stepped to the side. Right after, ten senior sisters with the faces of angels and bodies of devils came up, one after another. It was easy to tell just from their walk and the smiles on their faces that they were different from the girls below.

They were confident, positive, and full of energy. The strong aura they exuded immediately conquered the beauties below. Without needing any prompting, the 500 girls started clapping.

In mid-air, at least 50 Recording Eyeballs were recording from every angle of the venue without omission. The people manipulating the Eyeballs were all sent from the headquarters of the sponsor merchant groups according to Bai Xiaofei’s request. They were absolutely professional and reliable.

In order, the ten teachers introduced themselves, most of which were about their own fields of expertise.

Voices of Hundred Spirits Miao Tiantian: as the name implied, her voice was ranked among the top in the entire Phoenix Cry Pavilion.

Harp Demoness Jin Xi: proficient in all musical instruments, of which she excelled in playing the zither.

Wonderland Fays duo Zuo Luan and Ding Feng: not twins but were much more than twins. They were regarded as the most elegant dancing fays in the Phoenix Cry Pavilion.

The Unimaginable Lin Xuanyi: the person with the most amount of tricky but brilliant ideas in the pavilion. You’d never know what kind of performance she would come up with, but every time she went on stage, the audience would have nothing but praise for her.

Restless Heart Shang Qiu’er: While equally good at dancing, if Zuo Luan and Ding Feng were like water, then she was fire. When Shang Qiu’er came onto the stage, men's adrenaline would skyrocket!

Fairy Fox Baili Hong: a special genius of incorporating puppets into dancing. Some claimed she had found a perfect balance between ethereality and temptation. If either aspect exceeded the other just a little bit, the title of Fairy Fox wouldn’t have been achieved.

Wei Lan: the leader of the Thousand Hand Squad, good at arranging a variety of team performances. Although she didn’t have many performances with much splendor, she was a pillar of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion.

Soundless Painting Hua Wusheng: like Yin Jing, she was proficient in acting, but she had never cooperated with others nor made any sound. Her audiences never disturb her, but when she finished a play, applause was never absent.

Golden Girl Yin Jing: now responsible for nearly 70% of all performance programs in the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. In addition, she was also a very rare talented actress. The current head of the pavilion had already announced her to be one of the next deputy heads.

All talk and no action wasn’t convincing, so after introducing themselves, each of the ten teachers delivered performances and stunned the 500 girls in the audience silly.

Before this event even started, they already knew that the first round of competition might not be so simple. However, they never expected it to be this difficult! The thought of backing out sprouted in the hearts of many. It was wiser to quit now rather than being shamed at the actual performance.

However, at this moment, Bai Xiaofei came back up on stage. During the teachers’ performances, he hadn’t been idle and had observed everyone, right down to their expressions. Therefore, he found it quite necessary to take the stage.

“Very difficult, isn't it? I can even see some of you shrink back by the look in your eyes. While I can understand, I cannot accept!”

As Bai Xiaofei's calm voice reverberated throughout the venue, many girls, including some who had a place on the current Blossom Ranking, instantly lowered their heads.

“In the next month, the teachers will teach you everything they can, and all you have to do is to learn from them. Learn hard and strengthen yourself! I've already contacted the academy. During the next month, you will be exempt from classes so as to focus all of your energy on training and rehearsing. I believe that as long as you are willing to work hard, the future you one month later will certainly impress the you today! During this one month, if someone tells me she still wants to quit midway, I won't stop her. But right now, I hope that you all give yourselves a chance,a chance where you have no choice but to rise to the occasion, a chance to challenge yourself!”

As these words resounded, the audience was left thunderstruck. Those who had lowered their heads earlier all revealed conflicted expressions.

After a long silence, when everyone looked up at Bai Xiaofei again, he smiled. He smiled because he could see five hundred pairs of determined eyes!

“Well then, that's all for the nonsense. As no one seems to have any questions, let us proceed to the next step.” Bai Xiaofei paused a little, his face serious. “Forming your team!”

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