Chapter 299: Cherish Everyone!

Chapter 299: Cherish Everyone!

Question: How fast could breaking news spread?

Answer: Extremely!

Bai Xiaofei had only caused a ruckus at the Body of Steel at noon and hadn’t even come to class in the afternoon, but the incident had already swept through the academy like a storm. Even what Bai Xiaofei said to the freshmen was perfectly imitated. Not only so, after countless people inadvertently ‘processed’ it, Bai Xiaofei obviously had become the savior of justice for the freshmen!

The freshmen who were bullied after being assigned to various departments but dared not speak out instantly felt that their backer had returned. From noon to evening, all pent-up feelings erupted into action in the various faculties of Starnet.

Some succeeded, some were ‘educated.’

Those who succeeded became role models for new students and their stories quickly spread, while those who failed sought those like-minded and brought even more people to fight back. The freshmen had no other advantage, but they were many in numbers, so many that they’d let others know what was called ‘two fists could not contend against four,’ and there were eight, or even sixteen.

During the process, Bai Xiaofei didn’t show up at all, but after this storm settled, his position as the leader of the New Student Mutual Aid Community had become his exclusive throne that no one else could replace.

Sometimes, for people to stand up, all they needed was spiritual support. Bai Xiaofei was now the spiritual support of the freshmen, and it would last as long as he wasn’t beaten down.

However, pretty much no one in Starnet could beat down Bai Xiaofei anyway. Those who he couldn’t win against, he didn’t provoke. Those who provoked him, he strived to destroy them by any means possible. Bai Xiaofei was now a radish with developed roots. If someone wanted to uproot him, they must have the power to move the huge amount of soil connected with him1.

It was uncertain if there would be more people like him in Starnet in the future, but there was definitely no other for now. Excluding the business bosses that he was acquainted with, just the students associated with Bai Xiaofei alone would make everyone think twice before touching them.

After Hu Xianer returned at the peak-grade of the Grandmaster Rank, she defeated the entire Fist of the Beast with domineering power. Even the new head of the department had to take her seriously.

Lin Li had also become a revered existence in the Gods Amongst Men faculty. The head of this one was much more direct, saying that if anyone there dared to make Lin Li uncomfortable, they might as well scram.

Fang Ye originally wasn’t the type who revealed his abilities, but just a few hours ago, he became the number one on the Wealth Ranking with a fortune of 50 trillion Amethyst Coins. He was now so well-known that using ‘sizzling hot’ to describe him still wasn’t enough.

The last was Wang Hang, who was deliberately protected in his faculty. With his assassin puppet that made him a seeded player, plus the way he had killed through the New Student Competition, his status had been raised several times. At least nobody now in the Blade of Concealment was willing to provoke him, and all the teachers there were tipping resources towards him, urgently trying to nourish him into an existence that could outshine all other the faculties.

As for the rest of the Savage Class, each had their own experiences. Among them, Mo Ka and the two Mings hadn’t been faring very well.

However, that was history. After the awakening of the New Student Mutual Aid Community, everyone in the Savage Class was pushed to the forefront as a group of spiritual leaders.

Simply put, Starnet had now become a paradise for the freshmen, and this process of evolution took only one afternoon!

Therefore, when Bai Xiaofei returned to the Demon of Illusions, everyone looked at him like looking at a ghost.

“So that’s why you went out today?” Staring intently at Bai Xiaofei, Chu Liuyun couldn't help swallowing saliva. Originally, she had thought it to be a normal trip to relax for Bai Xiaofei, but unexpectedly, it caused such a big storm!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was dumbfounded. Although everything was very lively outside, he knew nothing of it. He had spent the entire afternoon sparring with Wu Chi to help him familiarize with his puppets.

“Sister Liuyun, what do you mean?” asked Bai Xiaofei weakly, thinking he might have caused some disaster.

“You don’t know?” Yun Sheng cut in with disbelief on his face.

“What should I… know?” His dumbfounded state soaring to the next level, Bai Xiaofei innocently blinked. At the same time, he began to rummage through his memory if he had done anything that shouldn't be done and brought trouble to the Demon of Illusions!

However, Yun Sheng the machine mouth didn’t let Bai Xiaofei continue to rack his brains. In a short span of a minute, he explained the entire situation. It was fortunate that Bai Xiaofei had a good head on his shoulders, or else he might not understand Yun Sheng.

“This is a good thing!” Bai Xiaofei then laughed happily. Who wouldn’t want to be more famous?

“It is indeed a good thing now, but have you considered the consequences?” said Chu Liuyun coldly, ready to pour cold water.

“Later? What do you mean?” puzzled again, Bai Xiaofei asked softly.

“How many freshmen were there before the allocation? How many freshmen are there now? How many second-year students are there? Don't you notice that the number of students decreases year by year? You are still standing steadily because the base number of freshmen is still large enough, but once the first year is over, the advantages of your New Student Mutual Aid Community will certainly disappear, and that’s when your good days come to an end,” coldly stating the reality, Chu Liuyun expressed her worries.

Bai Xiaofei had indeed heard of this.

“If you’re talking about how many people will drop out because they can’t afford to stay in Starnet or because of other circumstances, then you can rest assured!” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei said confidently, “I will provide aid to all freshmen who don’t have enough living expenses. As long as they tell me, I will solve it as fast as possible. Ling Luo's situation will never repeat itself!”

Bai Xiaofei's expression was serious. He didn’t say those words with a light heart. And those thoughts hadn’t only just come to mind. Students of Starnet were all outstanding among their peers. It was always a pity to lose them, so he had long decided to do something for the academy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so interested in making money.

In fact, one thing he had said before was true: Money meant little to him. What he really enjoyed was the pleasure of fighting opponents intelligently and the smiles he brought to others’ faces when spending money on them.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t a person with great kindness. He was only an ordinary child, eager to connect with others.

The life of ten-odd years in the Gorge of Heroes had been very interesting, but it had been also very lonely as he was the only child in the entire place. The feeling of having no playmates was something most children outside didn’t get to experience.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei knew what it meant to cherish everyone!

Of course, if they didn’t cherish him back, he wouldn’t care. What he wanted to experience was the process. That was what it meant about playing – one’s happiness was always the most important thing!

1. Idiom ‘when pulling out a radish, a lot of dirt comes out with it’ refers to a complicated problem that will involve many things else if it's to be dealt with.

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