Chapter 298: Strong Soul!

Chapter 298: Strong Soul!

In his field of expertise, Feng Wuhen seemed to be an entirely different person as each of his actions exuded a kind of unspeakable temperament that influenced people into being led around by his words.

Perhaps this was also one of the reasons why Bai Xiaofei had his eyes on him in the first place.

“Apparently, Blood Demon has gifted you a strong self-healing ability. Coupled with its acute offensive ability, I suggest you skip defensive puppets and offensive puppets,” Feng Wuhen swept several puppets out of the array. “I suggest you choose between those two first.”

He pointed to a pair of combat gloves and a pair of armor boots, the former looking particularly familiar to Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi.

“Martial Goddess’s Bracers?!” As Bai Xiaofei remembered what it was, his eyes widened in surprise.

“That’s right, Martial Goddess’s Bracers. However, there’s no restriction on the user’s gender, and its effect is very suitable for Wu Chi. As for this pair of boots, it’s called ‘Airbreak Boots.’ The effect is to rush toward a designated target and cause damage to the barriers in its path.”

After introducing the Airbreak Boots, Feng Wuhen paused a little before he continued.

“What Wu Chi needs urgently is the ability to approach the target quickly. This will not only give full play to his advantages as a melee fighter but also help Blood Demon achieve a 100% kill rate. However, I don’t recommend choosing both because it’s a waste of your puppet slots.”

When the explanation was finished, it was Wu Chi's turn to choose.

Considering the effectiveness of fighting an opponent alone, the gap between the two puppets wasn’t big. However, the Martial Goddess’s Bracers could also be a great tool for assisting his teammates, while the Airbreak Boots leaned more towards damage.

This time Bai Xiaofei didn't speak, because he didn't know which was more suitable for Wu Chi. Now, it all depended on Wu Chi’s choice.

“I choose the Martial Goddess’s Bracers!” Wu Chi stressed as he chose an option that stunned the other three. Although no one had spoken, they all thought he’d prefer the Airbreak Boots.

That was true, but in the end, Wu Chi still considered from the perspective of the team and arrived at that choice.

“Then, to the next group, Quicksand Armor and Earthcore Armor,” Feng Wuhen continued to the next batch of puppets without comment after Wu Chi made his choice. “Although it’s said for the Energy Stream puppets that it’s hard to utilize more than one, it’s not necessarily impossible to manipulate a second Energy puppet if you use it as an aid for control. Since you scored 8 in your affinity with earth energy, the Quicksand Armor is a good choice. Or if you prefer, you can choose the Earthcore Armor. Do you remember Zhao Ziyun from the New Student Competition? His Gravity Gloves have the same effect as the Earthcore Armor, but the gravity of the armor is centered on itself and therefore is much more effective than the gloves.”

There was obvious tendentiousness in Feng Wuhen’s words that regarding control, the Earthcore Armor was much stronger than the Quicksand Armor. And Wu Chi's final decision didn’t disappoint Feng Wuhen. He chose the Earthcore Armor.

“There is no choice for the last one. To fortify your melee combat abilities, this fourth puppet is definitely a necessary weapon.” Feng Wuhen picked a golden sphere that was shaped like an eyeball. “Pupil of Fear and Awe. Once activated, its area effect will dispel all the positive buffs of all opponents. Moreover, it has an absolute dispelling effect on assassins’ stealth abilities! And it is gold grade!”

Hearing this, Wu Chi's eyes began to glow. Apart from everything else, the two words ‘gold grade’ alone had already won him over! Even in Starnet, there were very few people who owned two gold grade puppets.

However, Wu Chi hesitated.

He was well aware that the price of puppets spiked exponentially with each grade. If Bai Xiaofei…

“These three it is. You take Amethyst Cards, right?”

Wu Chi's worry hadn’t lasted for three seconds when Bai Xiaofei took out his Amethyst Card generously. Although he had distributed the majority of the money to Fang Ye, Feng Wuhen, and Lu Lingyun, the remainder was still enough for him to make the Wealth Ranking. Therefore, Bai Xiaofei didn’t care how much the gold puppets cost.

“Of course!” a beaming Wei Feng quickly responded.

After clearly stating the prices, the two Amethyst Cards touched lightly and a large amount of Amethyst Coins were transferred to Wei Feng. This sum was enough to rival his usual performance of several months! Despite being good stuff, gold puppets weren’t easy to sell.

“Contract them. Since the money is already spent, you should let me witness how a future badass links with his puppets, right?” Bai Xiaofei looked at Wu Chi, chuckling with humor.

Without a word, Wu Chi directly picked up the first puppet – the Martial Goddess’s Bracers – and enveloped them with his spirit, and then…

Linking complete!

“What the heck?! So simple?” Exclaiming in shock, Wu Chi activated his origin energy and the Martial Goddess’s Bracers disappeared in a blink. At the same time, a special sensation emerged in his mind. Upon spiritually touching that silk of sensation, the Martial Goddess’s Bracers reappeared on his hands in its cool combat form.

Seeing this, Feng Wuhen’s eyes immediately shone.

“Strong Soul! It's Strong Soul!”

As Feng Wuhen’s exclaimed in delight, Bai Xiaofei and Wei Feng were shocked. The next instant, Bai Xiaofei's face revealed ecstasy while Wei Feng was full of doubt.

“The Body of Steel… He ate a Concentration Pill, and more than one at that?!” As expected of a well-informed person, Wei Feng quickly understood after being briefly surprised.

“Two, only two!” Feng Wuhen added, his voice full of envy.

Getting the special physique Strong Soul after using just two Concentration Pills, Wu Chi was indeed so lucky that he could go buy lottery tickets and win the first prize!

“What is Strong Soul?”

As the person of interest, Wu Chi was dumbfounded. After Bai Xiaofei excitedly explained to him, the fellow immediately burst out laughing.

Heavenly Origin Physique coupled with Strong Soul, Wu Chi was on fire!

Striking while the iron was hot, Wu Chi repeated the method and linked with the remaining two puppets at an abnormal speed under the envious gazes of the other three. In just a few moments, he became armed to the teeth! Sometimes someone would be so lucky that when compared with them, the result could infuriate others to death.

After finishing the contracting, Wu Chi repeatedly summoned his puppets then stowed them. He looked like he was having so much fun that Bai Xiaofei just wanted to dig out the Concentration Pills that he had eaten.

Too embarrassing!

“Well, President Wei, I think we’ll take our leave. We have classes in the afternoon. If you stay any longer, someone will come to find us.” After throwing a random reason, Bai Xiaofei ran off.

Behind him, the slow-witted Wu Chi was still shouting that he had no classes, while Feng Wuhen kept shaking his head while chasing after them.

To be able to be with Bai Xiaofei, indeed no one is ‘ordinary,’ just look at this character…

Forget it, thinking about this anymore and tears will flow!

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