Chapter 297: A Rising Martial God!

Chapter 297: A Rising Martial God!

Not long after Wei Feng finished speaking, the receptionist from earlier knocked on the door and walked in under the expectant eyes of Wu Chi and Bai Xiaofei.

“Present it. I don’t think our guests can wait any longer,” said Wei Feng with a hint of humor, making Wu Chi flush red.

Indeed, when the receptionist entered just now, he almost sprang on her. Luckily, Bai Xiaofei held him down, or else she might have been scared off.

One after another, puppets of varying sizes were taken out. Looking at the puppets lying neatly in front of him, Wu Chi once again couldn’t keep his excitement inside. Today was definitely the most emotional day in his life, not even being awarded the Starnet Brilliance had made him this excited.

However, after having a look at everything, Wu Chi and Bai Xiaofei still didn’t see anything like that could be the so-called Blood Demon, up until the receptionist took out a palm-sized dark-red wooden box.

“Blood Demon is in this box?” Although he guessed it, Bai Xiaofei still found it hard to believe. He thought the puppet would be impressive, but this little box looked like a container for a pill and not a puppet.

“It may be a little different from what you think, but yes.” Wei Feng picked up the small box and slowly opened it.

The moment the box was completely opened, a drop of scarlet liquid caught their eyes. Under the light, some kind of brilliance seemed to be flowing within the drop, giving it an unspeakably inscrutable vibe. In addition to the mysterious appearance, what surprised Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi even more was an overwhelming scent of blood that had instantly filled the room.

“Is it made of blood?!” Bai Xiaofei felt that his world view had once again been refreshed.

“Yes, the blood of a hundred magical beasts combined, all different species, and none below the King Rank,” replied Wei Feng.

Bai Xiaofei couldn't help but gulp. He had witnessed with his own eyes how formidable King Rank magical beasts were. Above the King Rank? That was simply unimaginable.

Just how many beasts were killed to make this? Especially when magical beasts can self-explode!

“Blood can be forged into a puppet?” Wu Chi's focus was completely different from Bai Xiaofei, but he was also curious about this.

Wei Feng smiled faintly at this question. And then it was advertising time.

“You probably haven't heard of a popular saying from the Puppetsmith Holy Mountain.”

Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi immediately shook their heads. They didn’t even know where the Puppetsmith Holy Mountain was, let alone what they were saying in there…

“Of the objects in this world, those with a spirit, they be forged into puppets; those without, let them be spirit-infused.”

In other words, it meant anything can be made into a puppet. Being able to make it sound so formidable was truly befitting the style of one of the great nine merchant groups.

However, spirit infusion was indeed a revolutionary achievement in the history of puppet forging, and the Ethereal Merchant Group was thus able to establish itself as the overlord of the puppet industry.

“How do you link your spirit with this thing then?” Ignoring Wei Feng's bragging, Bai Xiaofei asked in Wu Chi’s stead.

“Blood Demon doesn’t need to be linked. The person whom it chooses only needs to integrate it into their own blood. Moreover, Blood Demon doesn’t have to be summoned to use like other puppets, it is always in a standby state, but it won’t consume any energy unless you use the blood control function.”

The extraordinary always had a unique aspect, the same for both humans and puppets. In any case, this was good news for Wu Chi.

Without hesitation, Wu Chi stepped forth and Windlash appeared in his hand. Gently stroking the blade of the sword, his expression mellowed a little.

“I was really excited when I first got you, but I’d never thought you’d have to retire without even a battle. Help me for the last time,” said Wu Chi as he slowly cut himself with the sharp tip. Blood immediately flowed down the body of the sword. Wu Chi’s brows slightly creased. Although he wanted to act cool, it really hurt a little too much.

Wu Chi walked to Wei Feng and picked up Blood Demon from the small box. The moment he touched it, he could feel Blood Demon sending him an excited message.

After coming into contact with Wu Chi's wound, Blood Demon instantly melted and disappeared into the wound. In the process, it also closed and healed the wound.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned.

This self-healing ability wasn’t in the description of Blood Demon, but it wasn’t difficult to understand if they thought about it. It was reasonable that a gold puppet with perfect control over blood would have this kind of ability.

Meanwhile, Wu Chi had entered a mesmeric state. Clumsily, he used internal sight – the ability he had just gotten upon turning into a Master Rank puppet master – and clearly saw his own blood undergoing unique changes. A golden light quickly spread within his body and attached itself to every drop of blood.

As the blood with golden glow circulated, every part in Wu Chi's body that it flowed through changed accordingly. His muscles became more powerful, the bones hardened, his metabolism sped up, and even his five senses grew more sensitive.

When the changes finally stopped, Wu Chi felt like he was reborn. His whole body seemed to have endless strength. He instinctively chopped a few times with his arm, and the swiftness and power in these chops shocked Wu Chi.

Martial Master Rank?!

After so many years of no progress, my martial art reached the Master Rank by just integrating with a puppet?!

Wu Chi’s reaction naturally didn’t escape the eyes of the other three. As someone who possessed the same strength, Bai Xiaofei clearly felt the strength in Wu Chi's strikes.

“It seems that you still can't stop with your martial training.” Bai Xiaofei's intuition told him that Wu Chi's first puppet was probably different from other puppets. In other words, it seemed to prefer Wu Chi to exercise his body.

“I think so too.” Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Wu Chi stared blankly at his hands.

“Alright, don't daydream now, come check your remaining choices. By the way, how many puppets did your test result say you can control?” With a heartfelt smile of joy for Wu Chi, Bai Xiaofei once again brought their focus back on track.

“Four! And it’s perfect control!” Suppressing his excitement, Wu Chi hungrily eyed the array of puppets in front of him. If he didn't guess wrong, they should be at least violet grade.

“Let me introduce them.” Stopping the receptionist about to talk, Feng Wuhen stepped forth. He no longer felt burdened since Wu Chi had chosen Blood Demon. Regarding puppet coordination, he was definitely the most authoritative one among the people present.

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