Chapter 296: Wu Chi’s Choice!

Chapter 296: Wu Chi’s Choice!

“Tell me about the Blood Demon's ability.” After a daze, Wu Chi suddenly turned extremely calm, his expression one of detachment.

Seeing Wu Chi right now, Wei Feng was actually startled for the first time. From Wu Chi's eyes, he saw an urgent desire, the desire to become stronger. Moreover, he could feel that Wu Chi's desire wasn’t for his own good, otherwise, he should be excited now and not indifferent.

“As the name implies, the puppet’s ability is related to blood, which also matches your requirement – it only has one ability: to control blood, including yours and your opponents.”


After Wei Feng's introduction, terror took over Bai Xiaofei's face. If this ability was really what Bai Xiaofei imagined, then ‘formidable’ simply wasn’t enough to describe it.

On the contrary, Wu Chi had yet to react.

“By control, you mean…?” Bai Xiaofei gulped and weakly asked, the horror on his face had turned into disbelief.

“Absolute control. You can strengthen your body by manipulating your own blood. At the same time, you can control your opponents’ blood in battle so they’ll make mistakes, or even better, forcibly draw out their blood and kill them. Moreover, the control effect of the Blood Demon is related to distance. The closer you are to your opponent, the stronger the effect will be. With an opponent of the same rank, as long as there is a wound on their body, you can draw out their blood.”

Hearing this, the doubt in Bai Xiaofei’s heart finally disappeared.

Blood Demon is indeed a perverse puppet!

By now, Wu Chi also understood clearly. All emotions on his face were replaced by ecstasy.

“It’s the one!” Without any hesitation, Wu Chi shouted out as if he hadn’t heard all the foreshadowing just now.

“Aren’t you afraid…”

“Afraid of what? What I fear more than death is remaining a useless person for the rest of my life. Not to mention, I’m not necessarily the fallen one in the end, right? What if in that one-in-a-thousand chance I became the final winner? There’s a violetgold puppet waiting for me!” Wu Chi interrupted Feng Wuhen with a calm look. He wasn’t forcing himself to feel this way at all. “Moreover, our Savage Class has taught us never to be afraid of death. Each of our members is more badass than the last. If I don't be cruel to myself, I may not be able to catch up with them in my lifetime. I already promised Brother Fei to become a useful person to him!”

Wu Chi didn't hide his thoughts at all. However, Bai Xiaofei hesitated.

“Wu Chi, if you are doing this for me, then I advise you not to choose Blood Demon. You know me, I can bring out your value to the fullest even if you are a martial artist!” Bai Xiaofei now spoke from an experienced senior’s point of view. Compared with strength, he cared more about Wu Chi’s safety.

“But differences in strength result in differences in the max value, don’t they? I could only play a role so small that it was almost nothing at the New Student Competition while Shi Kui can fight three all by himself. If I had a Blood Demon then, it wouldn’t have been his turn to do anything!” This was a rare time Wu Chi responded quickly, but it was due to his mind being filled with these thoughts after he had been repeatedly bullied by the seniors using these same words against him. “Also, Brother Fei, didn't you just tell me to believe in myself? I'm doing what you say. I believe that I’ll definitely be the last one standing out of the seven!”

Wu Chi threw back what Bai Xiaofei had said with a slight smile, rendering him speechless.

“Not seven. Of the Blood Demons’ owners besides you, only three are still alive,” Wei Feng cut in with an important piece of information.

“Look, Brother Fei, there are only three left. I'm sure I'll be fine!” Wu Chi patted his chest as he assured Bai Xiaofei.

However, Bai Xiaofei doused him with cold water. “Do you know what rank they are now?”

A simple sentence froze Wu Chi solid. After half a day, he looked to Wei Feng.

He must know this!

“Apart from you, two of the remaining three have reached the Exquisite Rank. One of them killed two Blood Demon owners, the other one killed one. The last one is at the peak of the Grandmaster Rank and basically doesn’t dare to show up.” Wei Feng's words were equivalent to adding ice to Bai Xiaofei's cold water, freezing Wu Chi to the core.

“If that person can hide, I can too! I have the Heavenly Origin Physique, if I have enough time, I’ll certainly catch up with them!” Today Wu Chi seemed to be enlightened. His series of answers were enough to make Bai Xiaofei see him in a whole new light.

It seems I can't call him an idiot in the future. In fact, he is quite smart when forced to the wall.

“That’s true. As long as you limit using this blood control on others and don’t appear too obvious, no one will find out. As for our pavilion, we’ll only announce to the public that the Blood Demon has been sold on a tour without revealing your information.” Wei Feng actually provided a rare dose of reassurance.

“You hear that, Brother Fei? I will be careful, so can we settle it now?” Wu Chi rubbed his hands.

If anything, the puppet is still gold rank! How many gold puppets are there in the Savage Class? Only Lin Li has two, alright? And what does that mean? It means that after I obtain Blood Demon, I'll be at the same level as Lin Li!

Daydreaming in his silence, Wu Chi had already begun to outline his bright future.

In fact, based on strength alone, he could now be among the top ranks of the Savage Class. After all, besides Bai Xiaofei and Lin Li, he was the only Master Rank puppet master. Plus Blood Demon and its extraordinary ability, he could be secure as number 3.

“I bet that if I said no, you're going to beg. I don't want to see your runny nose and weeping face.”
With a cold snort of disdain, Bai Xiaofei’s disguised agreement brought a silly giggle to the elated Wu Chi.

Another was paying for his gold puppet, how could he not giggle?

“How much is it?” When asking this formal question, Bai Xiaofei was ready for a massive money bleed, but the answer surprised him.

“Blood Demons won’t be sold, that was what Karthus said. He only wants to see his masterpiece become a violetgold puppet in his lifetime and doesn't want money to become an unnecessary obstacle,” with a faint smile, Feng Wuhen provided an answer that greatly pleased Bai Xiaofei.

Yay to no cost!

“Then we won’t act courteously. President Wei, you can bring Blood Demon over!”

“I have already sent people. Also, several supporting puppets will be delivered here. I believe your classmate will be satisfied,” Wei Feng said slowly, looking like he had expected this.

Of course, how could a person who held the position of president be anything ordinary?

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