Chapter 293: Here Comes Wu Chi the Puppet Master!

Chapter 293: Here Comes Wu Chi the Puppet Master!

His face horrified, Wu Chi swallowed the last bite with regretful eyes as if he had done something utterly unforgivable.

Grade eight pills were something he couldn’t afford to eat! Even his life wasn’t enough to pay for them!

“You already ate them, it's no use regretting it now,” Bai Xiaofei said with a sleazy smile, then turned to Feng Wuhen with doubt. “There’s no reaction at all. They didn't give me fake pills, did they?”

“How is that possible? Even if you don't believe Qian Chonglou, you should believe me. There’s no way I would misidentify them,” replied Feng aloofly, his face full of confidence. “The mild nature of the Concentration Pills is no exaggeration. He won’t feel any change until he links with a puppet.”

As the two discussed calmly, Wu Chi was already completely dumbfounded.

Did I hear it right? Concentration Pills?! Those godly pills that the teacher talked about?!

Have I really become a puppet master?!

Wu Chi looked down at his hands in disbelief. He seemed like he no longer recognized himself.

“Then, we’ll visit the Ethereal Pavilion after the meal.” Bai Xiaofei looked smilingly at the senior sister coming towards their table with the food.

Regarding Bai Xiaofei as their little Money God, all the senior sisters working here had been missing him as he hadn’t come by in a long time. Moreover, his status was completely different from before. In addition to bringing a wave of income, Bai Xiaofei also made them feel like they were seeing a celebrity.

However, Bai Xiaofei never thought of himself as such. The way he ate remained unchanged – wolfing down the food voraciously.

Wu Chi was basically stock-still during the entire meal, looking at his hands in a daze. All he could think about was whether what the other two had just said was true and if the Concentration Pills had actually worked on him…

In short, Wu Chi was unable to remain calm. If he really became a puppet master, then his life would welcome earthshaking changes.

With my Heavenly Origin Physique, that would mean I’ll reach the sky in a single bound!

While Wu Chi was imagining his glorious future, a full and satisfied Bai Xiaofei let out a big burp.

“Let's go and check what level our Puppet Master Wu Chi has reached!” Bai Xiaofei said and stood up.

At this moment, Feng Wuhen revealed a strained expression. He hadn’t talked to the president when he left and now he was going to return right the next day. This felt somewhat inappropriate.

“Brother Feng, you’ll have to face the Ethereal Pavilion sooner or later. It’s not like you won’t buy any more puppets for the rest of your life.”

And the Ethereal Pavilion was always the most authoritative in selling puppets.

“You're right, I just haven't completely recovered from everything that’s happened.” With a wry smile, Feng Wuhen also stood up while their conversation left Wu Chi in confusion.

What do you mean? Isn't he the manager of the Ethereal Pavilion? What can stop him from going back?!

Poor Wu Chi couldn't figure this out no matter how much he thought, and Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to explain to him either. There was no way to explain this clearly.

“Wait for me, Brother Fei!” shouted Wu Chi when he realized that he had been left far behind. Hurriedly catching up with the team, his mind was taken over by elation.

The Ethereal Pavilion wasn’t far from the Hundred Flavor House, so the trio soon arrived at the magnificent building of destination. Upon seeing Feng Wuhen, the receptionist was obviously startled.

“Manager Feng!”

Hearing her habitual address, Feng Wuhen shook his head with a pained smile.

“I'm no longer a member of the Ethereal Pavilion, you don’t need to call me that anymore. I'm here to accompany them to buy puppets,” he said calmly as if he was already used to his new position.

Meanwhile, the receptionist panicked and didn’t know what to do.

Even if he was only her former boss, she was still scared!

“Sister, we want to take a test first. We don't know what rank my classmate is yet,” Bai Xiaofei spoke, pulling the girl out of her helpless state. However, when she heard his words and looked at Wu Chi, she was shocked again.

The Body of Steel? Isn't that place for martial artists? How can a martial artist take this test?! Are they here to cause trouble?!

Thinking to herself, the receptionist looked at Feng Wuhen and pieced up all sorts of information in her mind before self-confirming her guess.

They’re definitely here to cause trouble! I have to tell the president!

The sister inwardly reached this conclusion and made a decision, but before that, she had to stall them first.

“Very well, please follow me.”

Following the sister, the trio soon reached the testing site. Since it wasn’t a peak time, the place was completely empty.

Upon arriving, Wu Chi grew visibly eager. The last time here he had only been a bitter onlooker, but never could he have imagined a day that he finally had the chance to take this test himself.

“Go, what are you waiting for?” Waving his hand before the dazed Wu Chi, Bai Xiaofei urged with a disdainful expression.

Ah, what a shame to have such an underling! Why does he look like a country bumpkin?

Bai Xiaofei had wronged Wu Chi in this. What did he mean ‘like a country bumpkin’? Wu Chi was a country bumpkin, alright?

Under the strange eyes of the worker who operated the test, Wu Chi entered the test room. As he did, Bai Xiaofei also started to grow nervous.

Two grade eight pills should have some effect at least, right?

Bai Xiaofei didn't have to wait long. Less than ten minutes later, Wu Chi came out from the room with an appalled look on his face.

“How did it go? Did the pills work?” The way Bai Xiaofei rushed over revealed his anxiety.

However, Wu Chi was still in a state of bewilderment. His already slow responsive ability had become duller.

“It… it worked!” Swallowing a few mouthfuls of saliva, Wu Chi stuttered out a few words. Bai Xiaofei’s unsettled heart instantly calmed at this reply.

As long as it worked, or else everything would have been for naught.

“That's good. Right, what rank are you now?” asked Bai Xiaofei after a sigh of relief.

Wu Chi turned to look at Bai Xiaofei, his expression was of complete disbelief.

“Master… Master Rank.”

This instantly shocked Bai Xiaofei.

Master Rank?!

“Generally after a martial artist uses Concentration Pills, their rank will be relatively higher than expected. Of the six abilities, martial artists’ essence, energy, body, and origin energy are generally higher than puppet masters of the same level. With the help of two Concentration Pills, their spirit should have reached an extreme. As for mind, it’s only a matter of how many puppets he can control,” Feng Wuhen explained in time.

In unison, Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi revealed expressions of enlightenment.

“So that’s to say, Wu Chi has been building a good foundation?” Bai Xiaofei was delighted. To this question, Feng Wuhen nodded with a smile.

“You hear that, Wu Chi? You have really become a Master Rank puppet master!”

In his excitement, Bai Xiaofei shook Wu Chi like crazy. After being shaken for half a day, Wu Chi finally recovered from his shock. Looking at Bai Xiaofei, his eyes were instantly filled with tears.

The next second, Wu Chi heavily knelt down to Bai Xiaofei!

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