Chapter 292: Taking the Pills!

Chapter 292: Taking the Pills!

Looking at several people in the ring, the audience was dumbfounded. They had some expectation that Bai Xiaofei would win, but they didn't expect him to win so cleanly.

This is like a one-sided abuse, alright?!

“Members of the New Student Mutual Aid Community! From today on, I, Bai Xiaofei, am back. Moreover, the community is always here for you. As long as you need me, I and my people will stand up for you at any time and destroy as much of this kind of rubbish as we can!”

Bai Xiaofei paused a little. The noisy audience quickly quieted down.

“Remember, we are students of Starnet Academy, not lambs to be slaughtered! The enemy can knock down our bodies, that means our strength is inferior, but no one can destroy our spirit, because that’s a measure of our courage!”

Saying this, Bai Xiaofei walked to Wu Chi and patted his shoulder.

“Wu Chi is your example. Believe me. Give him time and he will use his actions to prove that he is worthy of the Starnet Brilliance! And each of you, too, have a chance to become like him!”

Finishing his speech, Bai Xiaofei swept a look around the audience. A variety of complex emotions was reflected in his eyes, but Bai Xiaofei didn’t say anything more.

There was no need for more words as it was already enough for those with the heart to strive. As for those who never bothered to seek progress, saying anything would be useless.

And the great majority of the students of Starnet belonged to the former!

“We forever stand behind Boss Bai! We forever stand behind Boss Bai!”


Another wave of chants resounded. Bai Xiaofei was already used to this scene, but he still felt excitement in his heart. No one would dislike the feeling of being cheered like this.

As Bai Xiaofei, Feng Wuhen, and Wu Chi walked slowly towards the exit, the crowd automatically opened a path for them. Only when their figures disappeared from sight did the crowd gradually disperse. However, something didn’t disperse, and that was the confidence and hope that Bai Xiaofei had brought to them.

Taking Wu Chi out of the Body of Steel, Bai Xiaofei didn’t say a word. Meanwhile, Wu Chi was uneasy the entire time as all kinds of bizarre ideas poured into his mind, even giving him this thought.

He won’t kill to silence me, right?

Well, that was the vibe Bai Xiaofei gave off in Wu Chi’s eyes.

Going all the way to the Hundred Flavor House, only until the three sat down did Bai Xiaofei’s taut face change a little.

“Say it, in detail.”

Bai Xiaofei's mouth slightly curved up, but Wu Chi’s anxious heart just leaped even more. The last time Bai Xiaofei smiled like this, several of them almost got toyed to death…

“They can’t stand me owning the Starnet Brilliance, so they have been making it hard on me,” said Wu Chi weakly. He didn’t even dare to look up at Bai Xiaofei, just like a child being lectured by his parents.

“When did it start?” Bai Xiaofei asked in a calm tone.

“From the day I entered the Body of Steel…” The moment Wu Chi replied, Bai Xiaofei smacked his head.

“Damn you, it started so early and you didn’t tell me! I even f*cking organized meetups several times for our group and asked you if you guys were having any difficulties!”

Bai Xiaofei used quite the strength in the smack. If it weren't for Wu Chi having tough skin, he might have been smacked unconscious.

“I was afraid… I was afraid that…” Wu Chi evasively stuttered for half a day without revealing what he was afraid of.

“You were afraid I’d look down on you for being useless, afraid that it would affect my mood in the new place, right?” Bai Xiaofei finished his words in a calm tone.

Thinking that Bai Xiaofei had cooled down, Wu Chi hurriedly raised his head, his eyes full of surprise. “Yes, yes, that's right…”

Bam! Wu Chi hadn’t even finished when Bai Xiaofei smacked him again in the same spot.

“Damn you! Being together with this lord for 3 months and that’s your impression of me?! When the f*ck did I ever look down on you? “

Like all the time, okay? Despite rambling complaints in his heart, Wu Chi was of course too scared to voice them, otherwise, it was highly likely that Bai Xiaofei would beat him to death!

“I’m scared, alright? Ever since you became so formidable, we who don't have prominent talents have been left further and further behind. After you went to the Demon of Illusions, there are so little chances to talk to you that it’s as good as none…” Wu Chi felt wronged the more he continued and something glistening actually built up in the eyes of this fierce-looking muscly guy.

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei grew quiet. What hit him hard was the latter half of Wu Chi's remarks.

In fact, he didn't want it to be like this either. He also wanted to hang out with Wu Chi and the others every day, but as if the heavens wanted to oppose him, troubles followed wherever he went and never gave him any space to take a breath.

Perhaps this is what they meant by, ‘Heaven is about to give great responsibilities to a great man’…

“Don't forget what you said the night before we separated. The way you are now is not what you promised me that day. I remember everything you said clearly!” Bai Xiaofei's voice was neither high nor low, but every word pierced Wu Chi's heart.

After a long silence, Wu Chi suddenly raised his head, eyes full of determination. “Brother Fei, I can definitely do it!”

“Tch, look at you, acting all stupid.” Involuntarily chuckling, Bai Xiaofei scolded Wu Chi, but this time it was different as the sentence felt very comfortable in Wu Chi’s ears.

He’s no longer angry! It’s all good as long as he’s not angry. Scold me as much as you want, you wouldn’t be Brother Fei if you don't.

Wu Chi smiled along, but in a silly way.

“These two are yours. Have a taste, they are your appetizers.” Bai Xiaofei tossed two small deep-sea ebony boxes to Wu Chi casually like throwing candies.

Seeing this, Feng Wuhen couldn't help but gulp.

He really gave it away!

Before this, Feng Wuhen never dared to believe that Bai Xiaofei would really give Wu Chi the two Concentration Pills. But now, reality had him speechless.

Too bad Wu Chi didn’t have the talent for recognizing good stuff. While he didn’t believe that these were really appetizers before a meal, he thought it was another prank by Bai Xiaofei.

Fortunately, Wu Chi's thought was unknown to Feng Wuhen, or else the latter would have sprung over in a craze.

If you think it’s a prank, give it to me! I’m not afraid of pranks!

However, after two seconds of struggle, Wu Chi chose to be obedient. After all, Bai Xiaofei had just calmed down, Wu Chi didn’t dare set him off again.

The moment Wu Chi opened a box, a thick medicinal fragrance spread, attracting the attention of the students around. Quickly, surprise took over their faces. However, no one would imagine that it was the famous Concentration Pill. How could a grade eight pill be tossed around so casually?

With a difficult expression, Wu Chi closed his eyes and stuffed the pill into his mouth before swallowing it in one go. Waiting for half a day without feeling anything strange, the doubtful Wu Chi opened the second box, threw the pill into his mouth, and chewed.

“Brother Fei, what is this thing? It’s not doing anything except tasting a little bitter,” Wu Chi foolishly asked, not feeling unwell at all.

“Nothing, just two grade eight pills.”

The instant this was said, Wu Chi was scared silly.

Eight… Grade EIGHT pills?!!!

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