Chapter 291: Domineering 1v3!

Chapter 291: Domineering 1v3!

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, everyone was stunned for two seconds before there was an avalanche of cheers.

“Boss Bai! Boss Bai! Boss Bai!”


It was clearly the territory of the Body of Steel, but Bai Xiaofei turned it into a home advantage. Meanwhile, the third-year senior hesitated because he didn’t know Bai Xiaofei’s real strength. If it was really as the rumors said, he would probably be beaten to death!

Very few would accept a fight that they knew for certain they would lose.

“Seems like your boss doesn't care about you very much. If no one comes to take you back, you might just end up very miserable!” Bai Xiaofei grabbed the left hand of the senior under his control, and then a cruel expression that had never been seen appeared on Bai Xiaofei's face.

The next second, with a crunch, the senior's entire arm was folded behind him at a strange angle, and an extremely wretched series of shrieks came out from his mouth. Then, Bai Xiaofei threw him to the ground and stepped on his left leg.

“My roommate's ribs seemed to have been broken by you just now, so I broke your arm. It’s not too much, right?” said Bai Xiaofei coldly as the power he exerted on the foot kept increasing. Between painful shrieks, the senior begged for mercy.

“Not… much! Not much… at all!” When the seniors finally squeezed out with difficulty, Bai Xiaofei also stopped pressing down.

“Let your friends come up here and replace you, or I will break your limbs one by one. Just a friendly reminder, I’ve just reached the Master Rank only, and what’s more, your friends can all come together!”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei said this, the eyes of the other three seniors immediately shone brightly.

Master Rank?!

But soon, they hesitated again. Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t say such a thing without something backing up his confidence. There must be something off about him!

“Boss… Help me!”

As the three hesitated, the senior under Bai Xiaofei’s foot cast over pleading eyes. That plus so many people watching made the leader become agitated.

“He admits defeat. The three of us will take his place!” The third-year senior finally made a difficult decision, but the moment he said this, he had already put himself at a disadvantage.

Three Martial Masters against an Illusion Stream Puppet Master, and moreover it was the former who had to passively accept this duel, this was shameful enough just to say it out loud. Not only so, the one standing opposite them was the smart-mouthed Bai Xiaofei.

“I thought you were just thick-skinned, but now I can see that you are also shameless. All three together, huh? You really regard me, this freshman, very highly.”

The senior who was about to step into the ring nearly tripped.

Motherf*cker, it was you who proposed it! So you were digging a trap for me, weren’t you?

That was right, Bai Xiaofei indeed dug a hole for him, but who could have known that the senior was so brain-dead to jump right in?

His face bitter, the senior still decided that all three of them would go together. Since all face had been lost, he didn’t mind losing a little more.

“Here you go!” Ignoring the trio’s reaction, Bai Xiaofei kicked at the waist of the captive senior on the ground. The terrifying force sent him flying, accompanied by the clear sound of bones breaking. That kick broke at least three ribs!

Taking back an equal amount for a debt was never Bai Xiaofei’s style.

The trio’s first response was to catch the senior who flew over. Unexpectedly, however, Bai Xiaofei also rushed towards them right after the kick, and at such a speed that didn’t give them any time to react. As a result, two of the three were greeted with Bai Xiaofei’s fist about the same time they caught their brother. As for the third one, he could only stand there, unable to do anything at all.

The simple and crude punch hit one of them straight in the eye. Without any delay, the receiver fell down. Bai Xiaofei's present strength was at a height where even a magical beast would find it tough to resist, not to mention a human of the same level.

Yet, this was only part of his first wave of attacks. The other one who held the kicked senior was at a loss of what to do – neither letting go nor holding on was a good idea. In the second he hesitated, Bai Xiaofei turned sideways and reached him in a beat. At close range, this second-year senior could see every detail as Bai Xiaofei revealed a ruthless smile.

The next second, Bai Xiaofei already grabbed his right hand. The senior instinctively wanted to struggle but he couldn’t, Bai Xiaofei's strength was so enormous that he felt like being clamped by an iron vice!

“One person, one arm, very fair!” said Bai Xiaofei as he exerted force into his arms, directly dislocating the senior’s joints. While the senior was whining in pain, he kicked his calf.

A person’s feet were usually much stronger than their arms, the most direct embodiment of this was that the senior was crippled right where he had been kicked. The cracking sound that came with the kick announced that he had completely forfeited from the match.

At the same time, the only one standing – the third-year senior – bolted over while swinging his right fist at the back of Bai Xiaofei's head. However, as if Bai Xiaofei had eyes behind, he grabbed the second-year senior who had just been kicked and swung him behind to act as a shield.

Another series of crunching sounds echoed as the bitter shield of a senior sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The third-year senior really hadn’t held back with the strike.

“I'm really curious, where did such rubbish like you get the courage to provoke my people?” Turning around to face the third-year senior, Bai Xiaofei’s tone was full of disdain, his eyes were full of malice.

“Die!” No longer able to remain calm, the senior once again swung his fist in a hook, only to be parried by a faster one – Bai Xiaofei’s right fist.

When the two fists met, the senior’s fist couldn’t move forward an inch.

Realizing that he was no match for Bai Xiaofei, the senior swept his right leg, spun around, and lashed his leg at Bai Xiaofei as the first second-year senior had.

However, the difference between the two situations was too great. Before the senior could finish the spin, Bai Xiaofei raised a foot and kicked right at the senior's supporting leg. Another bone broke. Bai Xiaofei became the glad tidings of orthopedic doctors today. After this match, just setting broken bones would make a fortune for a certain senior sister in the Furnace of Agarwood.

Cries of pain came from the senior's mouth. As he knelt on the ground, there was only one thought left in his head.

It's over…

And reality proved that he was correct, he was finished!

Seizing his arm, Bai Xiaofei’s icy voice rang out behind his back, “This arm is to let you remember that there are some people you can't provoke!”

A crunch echoed.

“This arm is to let you know that whoever touches my people will pay!”

Another crunch…

“And this leg, the last one…” Bai Xiaofei paused. After he thought for what seemed like half a day without coming up with a good reason, the senior’s heart relaxed a little.

But he was happy too early. Sometimes, Bai Xiaofei didn't need a reason!

“For symmetry, so here goes!”

As Bai Xiaofei’s voice rang out, so did the last crunch.

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