Chapter 290: Who F*cking Dares to Leave?!

Chapter 290: Who F*cking Dares to Leave?!

At the sudden appearance of Bai Xiaofei, Wu Chi had the urge to cry, but he refrained because even crying would hurt.

“Big Brother Fei…” Wu Chi softly called out, injustice written all over his face.

“Shut up, you idiot. I'll settle this with you later. I'm very irritated right now and I need to vent it out!” Bai Xiaofei said and increased the force on his foot, dislocating the chin of the senior under him. A vague yelp came from the senior's mouth, but Bai Xiaofei completely ignored him.

Meanwhile, Feng Wuhen came to Wu Chi’s side and fed him a pill.

“Envelop the injured part with your origin energy. If the bones are broken, use origin energy to help connect them. The effect of the pill isn’t very desirable, so the treatment process may be a little painful.”

Wu Chi immediately did as Feng Wuhen instructed. Although it hurt very badly, he didn’t let a sound out of his clenched jaws. Enduring the sharp pain, cold sweat fell from Wu Chi’s body onto the ground, drop after drop.

At this moment, Bai Xiaofei had picked up the senior, his right hand tightly and heavily squeezing the latter’s shoulder, directly rendering half of his body numb.

Xue Ying had taught them various methods to achieve this effect, and Bai Xiaofei had them all memorized. Things that could torture people were things he learned the fastest.

“When did the people of the Demon of Illusions get so arrogant to throw their weight around at the Body of Steel?!” spoke the only third-year senior of the bully group. He wasn’t stupid at all. By using the name of the Body of Steel, he had put himself at the same level as the department. In terms of capabilities, the comprehensive strength of the Body of Steel definitely seemed much higher than that of the Demon of Illusions.

However, he thought too much. When it came to building momentum, Bai Xiaofei could be his ancestor.

“I’m not representing the Demon of Illusions, but the New Student Mutual Aid Community! For a long time, I've heard that our freshmen would suffer from bullying after being assigned to various departments, so I’ve come to take a look today. I didn't expect that you seniors would really ‘take such good care’ of us!” Bai Xiaofei reversed the situation in just a few simple sentences.

Hearing this, the scared and silent freshmen in the crowd immediately cheered. Originally, they thought that Bai Xiaofei had come for Wu Chi only, but he had said it, he hadn’t forgotten the freshmen! Recalling what Bai Xiaofei had announced with the Savage Class before, the freshmen group, which had been on the decline, collectively erupted.

Boss Bai is here! He has come to help us!

The thought kindled all the freshmen present, and a tsunami of cheers quickly built an overwhelming momentum.

The seniors began to panic. They could never expect that Bai Xiaofei would pop up at a time like this. Recently, there had been a myriad of rumors about him, some even said that Bai Xiaofei was the one who forcefully brought down Di Jiang.

Who was Di Jiang? That was the dean of a department, an Exquisite Rank Transformation Stream puppet master!

If it were true, then they wouldn’t even qualify to be Bai Xiaofei’s dessert, especially now when he showed that he could handle a Martial Master and even lifting him like a cockerel.

“Why aren’t you talking, senior? Don't you suppose you should give us an explanation? There are so many juniors looking at you!” Bai Xiaofei spoke in a victory rush, and at the same time increasing the force in his hand. A scream came out involuntarily from the mouth of the senior he was holding.

“Bai Xiaofei! Don't think that you’re already invincible in Starnet!” Speechless for half a day, the senior gritted his teeth and uttered a sentence that nearly made Bai Xiaofei laugh out loud.

His mother, no wonder this fellow dares to lay hands on Wu Chi, he’s fcking brain-dead! He can’t even come up with a decent counterremark! Fck, if I don’t toy you to death today, my surname isn’t Bai!

“I’ve never considered myself as invincible. On the other hand, senior, I think you’re acting very much like the big boss of Starnet. You even dare to force someone to give back the Starnet Brilliance awarded by the principal himself. It’s a pity you aren’t a member of the Student Union.” Bai Xiaofei asked, “If Wu Chi hands back his Starnet Brilliance, I suppose you'll fight for it, won't you? Then I'm a little scared. Right now you already dare to treat the freshmen like this. After your status climbs to a new height, won’t they have to wash your underwear every day to satisfy you?”

One sentence after another pushed the crowd to explode once again. Voices of fury came crashing onto the third-year senior. Thus, he panicked thoroughly.

He had never had such ideas, but when Bai Xiaofei finished his speech, even he felt that he had!

“You… Nonsense! I’ve never…”

“What? You’ve never taken the freshmen seriously, right? It seems you forgot the lesson when the seniors were hung off the building!” Before the senior could finish, Bai Xiaofei took over and continued to help shape up a character for him, a very ‘successful’ character!

“Boss, stop trying to explain, we can’t outspeak him…” a senior intervened hurriedly as he held up the one who had been thrown silly by Wu Chi.

An outsider saw things with a clear mind. This senior who spoke seemed to maintain a normal head.

“I shall remember today. Return my man, and we will leave immediately!” After settling down for a moment, the third-year senior chose to acknowledge his defeat.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t pleased with his attitude.

“Leave?! Come whenever you want, go whenever you want?! You really take us freshmen for pushovers, don’t you?! Pushing us however you like?!” Bai Xiaofei's tone suddenly turned icy and his eyes viciously stared daggers at the senior. “I shall see who dares to leave today!”

The senior froze again. This time, he was horrified. He could see real killing intent in Bai Xiaofei's eyes!

And he was right. After seeing Wu Chi being beaten to this state, Bai Xiaofei already had a hint of murderous intent. If it weren't to build up momentum and ensure that he could get away with it safely, he already would have erupted instead of waiting until now.

“What do you want then?!” Being pressed by Bai Xiaofei, the third-year senior had completely lost his footing and now walked further and further on the road of an idiot. Asking this question was the same as cleaning his neck and stretching it out for Bai Xiaofei to chop.

At that question, Feng Wuhen already began to pray for the bullies in silence. Compared with the people Bai Xiaofei recently came into contact with, these guys were simply mud looking up at the clouds. It was too easy for him to crush them.

Especially now that Bai Xiaofei had an absolute advantage in strength!

If it were Master Rank puppet masters, Bai Xiaofei might flinch a bit, but Martial Masters? He could handle three at once.

“Isn't this an arena? I'll give you guys a chance to get away with it. Now that Wu Chi has thrown in the towel, I’ll be next. If you guys can take me down, you’re free to leave!” said Bai Xiaofei with a cruel smile.

Come! If I don't cripple you lot, I’ll change my surname to yours!

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