Chapter 289: Who Gave You the Guts?

Chapter 289: Who Gave You the Guts?

Wu Chi’s hands were balled into tight fists as he ground his teeth. Today, no matter what, he must at least get some payback!

Slowly climbing onto the ring, Wu chi ruthlessly glared at the senior standing opposite. The people around immediately surrounded the ring to observe. Wu Chi's ‘reputation’ was still worth watching.

“Look at that, our little genius is angry!” the senior in the ring teased, and all kinds of shouts immediately rang out below, but none was to cheer for Wu Chi.

“Stop with your nonsense and get on with it. It’s not yet certain who is going to be on the floor!” Staring fixedly at the senior in front of him, Wu Chi wasn’t going to hide his cards today. He was determined to vent his fury even if it meant he’d have to put everything on the line.

“You’re seeking death!” The enraged senior instantly moved in a very simple way – a straight dash.

The battle between martial artists all came down to who was the more aggressive one. Soft was scared of hard. Once one was soft, they would already be halfway to defeat!

Knowing that he could not evade the incoming attack, Wu Chi chose to meet it with force. His right leg pulled back half a step and for the first time, he used origin energy resonance.

During the previous beatings, Wu Chi had retained a part of his strength because Bai Xiaofei had told him not to expose too much of what Xue Ying had taught them. This was why he had ended up so miserable. However, Wu Chi had thought it through now – He’d never have a peaceful day if he didn’t beat them black and blue once, so long as he didn’t go overboard and resort to special means.

Under the effect of origin energy resonance, Wu chi's body slightly vibrated, and his various abilities were all improved by one level. The effect of origin energy resonance was directly linked to time, and Wu Chi possessed the Heavenly Origin Physique!

The senior’s fist shot straight at Wu Chi's head. The only response Wu Chi could make was to block it with his arm. The moment the two arms met, a rumbling sound echoed. In the end, Wu Chi's strength fell short to this Martial Master senior, his arm hit his head with the blow. At the same time, the senior used the momentum to spin on the spot, his right leg drawing a wide semicircle, aiming directly at Wu Chi's ribs.

This strike was even less possible to dodge. However, Wu Chi did not intend to dodge!

Under the stunned eyes of others, Wu Chi heavily stomped his left foot. His body tilted towards the senior’s whipping leg, apparently delivering himself to be beaten.

Does he want to die?!

This was the thought running through everyone’s mind, and the result seemed to be what they speculated. A swinging leg versus ribs, the former was obviously harder. Even origin energy resonance wouldn’t be able to change this fact.

A crunching sound echoed. As two of Wu Chi's ribs broke from the blow, the audience all thought he was done for. At this point, he was basically crippled!

However, a plot twist greatly surprised everyone. Wu Chi's next move also explained why he had thrown himself at the senior's leg.

Under normal circumstances, if a person stood upright, this leg would definitely send them flying. However, Wu Chi formed a triangle with the ground, which increased the damage he received but in return, he was able to remain firm where he was.

At the same time, another explanation emerged. The senior’s leg had been circling backward. Although this allowed it to accumulate more force, if the blow was caught, his back would half-face Wu Chi and his right leg would still be suspended.

What Wu Chi wanted was exactly this opportunity. Ignoring the piercing pain from his ribs, He hugged the senior's right leg. The constant origin energy resonance within him bloomed into terrifying power. With an abrupt swing, the senior left the ground.

The senior was faster and more powerful as a Martial Master, but his weight was still the same. Not to mention a 60-kg person, Wu Chi could lift even four or five times that amount!

The next second, a heavy thud resounded as the senior who had completely lost control of his own body landed hard after being swung half a circle by Wu Chi. The guy spat out a mouthful of blood the moment he hit the ground. However, this wasn’t the end as Wu Chi didn't intend to stop at all and once again pulled up the senior by the leg.

Suddenly, a figure rushed up. A fist with origin energy heavily struck Wu Chi’s broken ribs.


A scream escaped from Wu Chi’s mouth. Because of the pain, his hands holding the senior’s leg instinctively loosened, and his body was sent flying by the blow.

“He concedes. I’m your next opponent!” said the second-year senior who rushed into the ring. The one who was crushed was carried down.

Wu Chi vomited a mouthful of blood. The broken ribs had punctured his internal organs. If it weren’t for his activated origin energy, he would already have been half a step into the underworld.

“Come! I, your father, will f*ck you all up to the very last of your kind!” Wiping the blood at corners of his mouth, Wu Chi half-kneeled on the ground and ruthlessly glared at the next senior.

Origin energy resonance could no longer be used, or else the injury of his internal organs would instantly kill him. Meeting the opponent head-on with only his body was Wu Chi's only option now!

“Then let’s see if you have the ability!” The senior rushed towards Wu Chi again. Judging from his speed alone, he was stronger than the last fellow. Moreover, he had no intention of holding back. He absolutely would not allow the kind of ‘accident’ that happened with the previous one.

If the previous attack couldn’t be evaded, then this one was even more impossible to. The moment the senior rushed up, a layer of golden light appeared on Wu Chi’s body.

Starnet Brilliance!

Unfortunately, the senior seemed to have expected this. Just as he was about to arrive in front of Wu Chi, his feet halted for a second before he used a lateral movement and escaped Wu Chi's attack range.

Three seconds was not long. When the golden light faded away, the senior slowly walked towards Wu Chi.

“You’re not capable of fighting anymore. Throw in the towel and return the thing that should not belong to you, then you can live the life that you should live!” demanded the senior coldly.

This was the reason why they had been bullying him. They didn’t like people entering the academy later than themselves having things they couldn’t even dream of.

“F*ck your mother! I will not return my Starnet Brilliance even if I die. Come at me if you can!” With an insane smile, Wu Chi viciously glared at the senior.

“You asked for it!” As those words rang out, the senior once again aimed at Wu Chi.

At this moment, however, a stone pillar appeared in the senior’s path. When he was about to crash into it, the senior quickly retracted his rushing force and bent his body to avoid it.

It was a beautiful move, but unfortunately, his foot passed right through the stone pillar.

Have you ever misstepped on a stair? What this senior was experiencing now was an enhanced version of it. His body completely lost the center of gravity, banged on the ground in a ‘handsome’ posture, and rolled away…

Before he could stop, a huge foot stepped on his face, helping him to stop rolling.

“#@%$ your family! Who the f*ck gave you the guts?!!”

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