Chapter 288: The Tall Tree Attracts the Most Wind!

Chapter 288: The Tall Tree Attracts the Most Wind!

“It seems that we’re early.” Looking at the empty yard, Bai Xiaofei couldn't help a wry smile.

“The Demon of Illusions is only an exception. This is the real Starnet where most people are working hard for a better future. Otherwise, why do you think Starnet has such great attraction? This is a place where elites are created!” said Feng Wuhen with yearning and envy in his tone.

That year, he had almost become a member of Starnet, but later missed this opportunity for various reasons. That was perhaps the biggest regret of his life.

“Why do I feel like you suddenly like school, Big Bro Feng? Are you gonna do that ‘the prodigal changes for the better’ thing?” Bai Xiaofei's voice had a hint of revulsion as he looked plaintively at Feng Wuhen, who sounded like he was going to start preaching.

“Not that I suddenly like classes all of a sudden, you just haven't gotten to know me enough. When you reach my age, you’ll also have a lot of things to be rueful about.” Facing Bai Xiaofei's complaints, Feng Wuhen wasn’t uncomfortable at all and was even a little proud.

“No thanks. If there’s such a day, I’d rather die. Too embarrassing.” Youngsters knew not the taste of sorrow. Bai Xiaofei said those words without any burden, successfully earning a faint smile from Feng Wuhen.

Some things don’t need to be argued about, time will prove everything. At that time, you’ll know that I’m right. I only hope that your changes then won’t be as dramatic as mine.

Thinking this, Feng Wuhen didn’t voice that thought this time.

“Say, how emotional do you think that silly boy Wu Chi will get?” Sliding past the previous topic, Bai Xiaofei suddenly grew excited. He hadn’t talked Wu Chi and the others in a long time and had begun to miss the old days.

“If it were me, I would have given my life to you. What you’re going to do is the same as giving him a brand new life.” Feng Wuhen didn’t exaggerate when he said this. From the first day that the Concentration Pill was created, it had been hailed as a godly medicine by all martial artists!

However, it was too difficult to successfully refine a Concentration Pill. Even for the Alchemist Pavilion, the number of Concentration Pills they produced every year could be counted. Only a part of these would flow into the market, and moreover, a part of this part was immediately claimed by major organizations.

Therefore, what could really be competed for by ordinary people was only one or two pills per year. Furthermore, the horrible price would stop 99% of the people before the competition even started.

Wu Chi was the kind that belonged in the 99%, but now he was going to get two at once!

“You may be thinking too much. With his idiot head, he probably won't be able to even utter a word besides crying like hell.” Bai Xiaofei visualized his speculation in his mind and couldn't help but laugh. “Brother Feng, don’t forget to record it with the Recording Eyeball just in case this fellow becomes famous later. If he won’t acknowledge me then, I’ll leak it and ruin his reputation!”

Bai Xiaofei acted maliciously with a rascally smile on his face. Although Feng Wuhen knew he was joking, he still had goosebumps all over.

This ‘nipping things right in the bud’ move is really cruel!

Time passed as the two absentmindedly chatted. Finally, the bell signaling the end of classes reverberated throughout the academy. Bai Xiaofei, who was running out of topics, suddenly grew spirited. His eyes quickly searched back and forth in the pouring crowd.

At the same time, Wu Chi who was sweating profusely from an actual combat class, wasn’t cheerful like the others at hearing the bell. There was even a trace of sorrow on his face.

“What's the matter, Wu Chi? Is there something on your mind?” The teacher was a martial artist who much appreciated Wu Chi’s talent and attitude and especially his close combat ability that had been developed from Xue Ying’s training.

“Nothing, Teacher Huang, I’m just a little tired.” Squeezing out a smile with difficulty, Wu Chi chose to keep the matter in his heart. If he told the teacher, he might end up in an even worse state. Moreover, Teacher Huang might not be able to help him.

Even if the teacher could help, it would only be temporary.

“That’s good then. When you go back, remember to go over what I taught you today. You seem to be very good at ambushes, but your close combat is still weak. You must pay attention to this. We are martial artists, not puppet masters. Pro-assassin fighting ability is good, but it can't become a standard routine in the end.” Teacher Huang patted Wu Chi on the shoulder, his face full of praise.

“I will do my best, Teacher Huang,” said Wu Chi earnestly with firm eyes. He was basically the byword for ‘honest.’

“Work hard. I believe you will be an excellent martial artist!” After a positive comment, Teacher Huang left. Wu Chi became the only one left in the training ground.

Heaving a long sigh, Wu Chi looked like he was struggling, but he still went after all.

There were some things that were just impossible to escape!

Exiting the training ground, Wu Chi headed straight to the Body of Steel fighting field, where all the students of the department could compete with students of all grades. However, Wu Chi wasn’t going there to compete. He went because he was targeted by his senior.

Wu Chi had never known what ‘the tall tree attracts the most wind’ meant, but now he had a profound understanding of the idiom.

Although he never wore the Starnet Brilliance, anyone who saw him would mock him for it.

At first, Wu Chi was excited. He was so excited that he simply started throwing punches, but the result was miserable. Those who dared to come to find trouble would be either Martial Masters or groups, so he had never gotten the upper hand once, and each beating he got was worse than the last. Eventually, the news spread, and all kinds of comments followed.

Comments like ‘he doesn’t deserve the highest honor of Starnet,’ ‘he contributed nothing to the victory in the New Student Competition,’ ‘trash with the Heavenly Origin Physique,’…

Countless nonsensical rumors assaulted Wu Chi's nerves every day, which was the reason why he trained hard every day because he wanted to end it all! He wanted to prove that he was qualified to wear the Starnet Brilliance!

However, this road was a little too long and painful…

Just like today, a senior said that if he didn’t come, they would ‘visit’ his dormitory. In order not to involve Shi Kui and Mo Ka, he had no choice.

“Yo, our talented martial artist has come!”

“Mhm, it seems that he’s trained hard today. Tch, look at all that sweat…”

“Who wants to test the results of our junior’s hard work today?”

As soon as Wu Chi arrived at the fighting field, a series of sarcastic voices entered his ears. Looking in the direction of the voices, there was a small group formed of four second-year seniors led by a third-year senior. Over the past few days, they would call Wu Chi over whenever they had idle time.

“Let me!”

A sophomore who appeared much thinner than Wu Chi stood up, his joints creaking.

“Junior Brother, show mercy, alright? I’m just an ordinary student,” said the senior in the ring.

A burst of laughter immediately rang out.

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