Chapter 287: Extrinsic Special Physique, Strong Soul!

Chapter 287: Extrinsic Special Physique, Strong Soul!

The word ‘Concentration Pill’ had quite the effect. After all, it was a grade eight pill. Very few people could resist the temptation, and Bai Xiaofei even less so.

However, his reaction was not as intense as expected, because he knew the pill wasn’t going to escape his grasp.

When Bai Xiaofei turned his head, Qian Chonglou’s attendant had already walked to him and opened a box that resembled that of Master Zhang's deep-sea ebony boxes. A thick aroma quickly filled the room.

“Will this gift do?” Qian Chonglou was bleeding inside as he stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei. This pill was supposed to be for his nephew, but now it would… no, it already belonged to Bai Xiaofei!

“We can re-sign a new contract. Brother Lu will discuss the details of the plan with you. I hope there will be no more unpleasantries.”

Bai Xiaofei stowed away the pill, his face still cold. After his words, he turned to leave again. Feng Wuhen didn’t stay either. The room was left with Qian Chonglou and Lu Lingyun.

“Chief Qian, let’s begin!” With a smile, Lu Lingyun entered his business mode with confidence.

Today I will show you what kind of person you gave up for 5 trillion Amethyst Coins!


Leaving aside Lu Lingyun in confrontation with his former boss, Bai Xiaofei took Feng Wuhen and slipped out of the Demon of Illusions. One reason was that he had something to do, and another was the atmosphere there. It was too strange, he didn’t want to stay any longer.

“Brother Feng, will there be side effects if a person takes two Concentration Pills in a row?” asked Bai Xiaofei suddenly while they walked.

Only Bai Xiaofei could ask this kind of question. Two grade eight pills in a row! Who else on this earth would have such a godly problem?

“No, the Concentration Pill is one of the few milder pills of the eighth grade. Master Zhang didn’t say anything wrong. If you eat two pills in a row, it may even bring about some unbelievable changes.” In the face of Bai Xiaofei's question, Feng Wuhen wasn’t much surprised.

“What changes?” His eyes lit up, as Bai Xiaofei’s interest was piqued.

“There was once someone who ate three in a row, and then he found himself in a rare situation, acquiring an extrinsic special physique. And this special physique was an extremely rare one – Strong Soul!” replied Feng Wuhen with excitement in his tone. If he didn't guess wrong, he was likely to become a person who witnessed the birth of an extrinsic special physique!

“Strong Soul?” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t be blamed for not knowing this. There was no class about special physiques; it was outside-school knowledge.

“This physique allows you to forcefully establish links with animate or high-grade puppets with no backlash! However, it’s not guaranteed to acquire this physique. Those who followed the trend afterward weren’t able to even after using six or seven.” With a shrug, Feng Wuhen explained the possible problems in advance lest it be too much of a letdown later.

However, Feng Wuhen didn’t spot any interest from Bai Xiaofei's face, and there was even a trace of frustration.

Indeed, this special physique was useless to Bai Xiaofei. Ever since the battle when the Heart Devourer entered his sea of consciousness, Bai Xiaofei had realized something – He could link with puppets without backlash! Otherwise, given the size of Huskie and Blackie in his sea of consciousness alone, even one hundred Bai Xiaofeis wouldn’t be enough for the backlash.

As for why, he didn’t know. He guessed it might be the particularity of Lunisolar Brilliance. He didn’t bother thinking about it too much either, it wasn’t a bad thing anyway.

“Oh well, it's better to have this opportunity than not, right? Come on, let's pay the Body of Steel a visit.”

When Bai Xiaofei finally decided their destination, Feng Wuhen was stunned.

“You don't plan to use the pills yourself?!” Feng Wuhen’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He felt that his entire world view had been overturned. He could understand if Bai Xiaofei were an Exquisite Rank puppet master, but Bai Xiaofei had just entered the Master Rank. The Concentration Pill was a heavenly treasure for any puppet master below the Exquisite Rank!

“I’m already a puppet master, why would I eat it? You think I am one of those with spirit disabilities?” Bai Xiaofei looked at Feng Wuhen like an idiot, but the latter couldn’t care less. Right now, he only wanted to correct Bai Xiaofei's wrong viewpoint.

“That’s not it! If the spirit of a puppet master…”

“Calm down, calm down. No matter what the effect is, there’s someone who needs it more than I do. Being happy alone can’t compare to being happy as a group, right?” Bai Xiaofei immediately interrupted Feng Wuhen with a chuckle. He was afraid that if he let Feng Wuhen finish, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from using the pills. After all, he wasn’t the kind of person with great self-control, and he didn’t know what effect there would be if he used the only method he had to control his desire…

Meanwhile, Feng Wuhen recalled a person, and then instantly understood what Bai Xiaofei wanted to do.

“Are you sure these two grade eight pills won’t go to waste? I’ve seen too many relationships die out after graduation. Even if they still keep in touch, it’s still not the same as when they were in the academy,” Feng Wuhen said in the low tone of an experienced person.

“The future is beyond my consideration. I only know that right now that he regards me as his brother, the closest one at that, and that's enough.” Once again revealing a sunny smile, Bai Xiaofei continued to walk towards the Body of Steel.

Feng Wuhen was shocked on the spot for a long while before finally, his dazed expression slowly turned into a little smile.

Perhaps his intelligence is only relative. Sometimes he is really stupid! However, I hope he can continue to be so stupid. As for the rest, we’ll take care of it!

Thinking to himself, Feng Wuhen hurriedly caught up with Bai Xiaofei.

Although the two didn’t walk fast, they arrived at the Body of Steel before lunch. Different from the lazy, freedom-loving Demon of Illusions, the Body of Steel was the most disciplined department in the entire academy.

The weak sought strength!

Martial artists who couldn’t become puppet masters were the weak, so if they wanted to get stronger, they had to put in much more effort, and that effort was likely to be a hundred or a thousand times more than others!

Also because of that effort, martial artists rarely lived long. At the same rank, martial artists’ bodies were indeed better than puppet masters’, but once their physical quality stopped improving, their bodies would start to fail at a horrifying speed. It was just like sailing against the current, if you didn’t advance, you’d be sent back! And the result of being sent back was only one – to welcome death.

Dying of old age was already considered a good death. Few who roamed the world didn’t have enemies. When you grew weak, they’d become relatively strong, and that was when a sad ending would come knocking at your door.

That was the life of martial artists. Seeking martial arts, strengthened with martial arts, and also dying with martial arts.

Yet, the numbers were never few in this group. These were also martial artists. Knowing that life would be full of thorns, they still chose to walk the path alone even with cuts on their feet.

Because if they stopped, they lost!

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