Chapter 285: Transient Student Rui Mengqi!

Chapter 285: Transient Student Rui Mengqi!

At the table, Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun answered everyone's questions one by one just like real teachers. No matter how tricky the questions were, they were always able to provide a perfect answer. This kind of calm and responsiveness made Bai Xiaofei feel from the bottom of his heart that he hadn’t picked the wrong people. Of course, it would be perfect if they didn’t scheme against him.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as the best of both worlds.

If you wanted to hang out with smart people, you had to be prepared to be tricked at any time. This was the world of smart people – Either trick or be tricked!

After the long question-and-answer session was over, the sky was already dark. The homeless Feng Wuhen, Lu Lingyun, and Rui Mengqi naturally became the first group of guests in the history of the Demon of Illusions. Fortunately, a bunch of guest rooms was created during the previous renovation, or else the trio would have to live next to the dormitory, which was what Bai Xiaofei was most afraid of.

There was no one else, he was just terrified of Rui Mengqi! Who knew when this little big sister with abnormal brain circuits would unintentionally trick him? So, it was better to be as far away as possible.

The night was quiet all the way until morning.

Because everything was still in preparation, today was a rare rest day for Bai Xiaofei. Taking time off from work was the only way for him to rest now. When Starnet was completely opened to the outside world, he wouldn’t be able to rest even if he wanted to.

“Boss! Get up!”

Bai Xiaofei was still in the middle of his dream when a nightmarish voice accompanied by a quick knock on the door echoed in the room. Almost immediately after, Bai Xiaofei, who always found it extremely difficult to wake up, sprang out of bed!

And hit the ground…

“Boss? What's the matter? Are you okay?” The heavy thud of Bai Xiaofei landing was clearly heard by Rui Mengqi. From the sound of her worried voice, she intended to rush in.

“Nothing! I'm fine! You mustn't come in! I'm not dressed!” shouted Bai Xiaofei as he speedily crawled up from the ground and put on his clothes. Chu Liuyun and the others lived nearby. If Rui Mengqi came in now, he wouldn’t be able to explain it even if he had a hundred mouths.

Having dressed in a hurry, Bai Xiaofei walked to the door in trepidation, took a deep breath, and made sure he had mustered enough courage to welcome death before slowly opening the door at the slowest possible speed.

“Morning, my little boss!” Unknown where she had borrowed it from, Rui Mengqi was wearing the uniform of the Demon of Illusions. With the matching short skirt and short-sleeved shirt, she came bearing the breath of youth.

Especially the moment Bai Xiaofei came out, Rui Mengqi slightly bowed and greeted him with her hands behind her back. He couldn’t see much of the smile on her face, but he could see very clearly the snow-white mounds almost jumping out of the shirt.

Excluding Rui Mengqi's bizarre brain circuit, she definitely had the appearance of a goddess in the eyes of geeks. She could satisfy all men's fantasies about girls – baby-faced, huge breasts, a perfect body, a trained sweet voice, and the most important thing is, she had no brain!

Yet, even though she was standing in front of him, Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare to have any wild thoughts.

He was afraid of death, and he was even more afraid of being deprived of the right to be a man! And Rui Mengqi's existence alone put him in this kind of crisis at all times.

“Mor-morning.” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei's voice trembled slightly.

“They are all waiting for you to eat. Just so happens that I was idle, so I came to call you. Luckily I didn't find the wrong room,” said Rui Mengqi with a hint of pride.

“Then let's hurry over, don't let them wait too long!” Bai Xiaofei wanted to slip past. He really didn’t dare to be alone with Rui Mengqi for too long, or else who knew what kind of misunderstanding he’d be dragged into.


Bai Xiaofei hadn’t taken five steps when Rui Mengqi suddenly stopped him. When he turned around, Rui Mengqi playfully spun in the spot. Under her floating skirt, there was vague, beautiful scenery of white.

Damn it! Are you trying to tempt this lord?!

I must endure!

Gulping hard, Bai Xiaofei forced down the flame in his heart and asked weakly, “What's the matter?”

“Boss, do you think I look good in this dress?”

Facing Rui Mengqi's question, Bai Xiaofei was silent for half a day.

To be honest? Something feels wrong about you wearing it! But to lie? Then I'd feel bad for my own conscience!

After a long struggle, Bai Xiaofei chose to evade.

“Where did you get the uniform?” Asking with surprise in his voice, Bai Xiaofei inwardly praised his own intelligence.

Who else in the world can be smarter than me?

“I'll tell you after you answer my question!”

Reality proved that wit was useless sometimes, especially in front of a girl who is eager to seek approval. What's more, this girl was the kind who wouldn’t give up on whatever she was dead set on!

F*ck, so I can’t escape this ordeal, can I?!

Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei couldn't help taking a deep breath. Then, he must tell the truth, he must live according to his conscience!

“Quite pretty, yeah, but it’s a little small…” As soon as he said this, Bai Xiaofei just wanted to slap himself.

Are you stupid?!! The first half was already enough. Why did you have to add another sentence? Are you looking for trouble?!

Indeed, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t over-worrying. Upon his evaluation, Rui Mengqi immediately revealed a foolish expression and looked down at her bulging chest.

“I think so too, but Sister Lei said this was already the largest size.”

For some unfortunate reason, Rui Mengqi even pinched her own softness as she explained. The visual impact hit so hard that Bai Xiaofei’s nose heated up…

“Huh? Boss, why are you bleeding?!” exclaimed Rui Mengqi. She hurriedly pulled out a handkerchief and ran to Bai Xiaofei.

You’re asking why my nose is bleeding?! Don't you know how destructive you are?!!

“It's okay. It's been a bit dry recently, and I've been suffering from excessive internal heat these two days,” explained Bai Xiaofei who hurriedly took the handkerchief. Well, he was ‘heated’ indeed!

“Big Sister Lei said I could be a transient student, so I’m now a member of the Demon of Illusions, and in the same year as you, Boss.” Rui Mengqi went on with the previous topic after confirming that there was no problem with Bai Xiaofei. Although Bai Xiaofei only wanted to change the topic, she took his words seriously.

Moreover, this answer was a bit horrifying to his ears.

Does this mean it can no longer be avoided?!

The little person in Bai Xiaofei precisely demonstrated what was called ‘wanting to cry but already out of tears.’

“Congratulations, this is a good thing. You must take this chance to learn, don't disappoint Sister Lei’s kindness!” What else could he say? He could only swallow this pain and endure it by himself!

In his heart, Bai Xiaofei complained about Lei Min hundreds of times over. Didn’t she say it was very difficult to certify the qualifications to be a transient student in Starnet? How could she use her position as head of the department and deputy director and teacher so recklessly?!

“Mhm, Sister Lei said that I should learn more from my boss, so you will be my little teacher in the future!” Rui Mengqi said with delight.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei now had only one thought in his heart after hearing this.

It's over, I’m done for…

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