Chapter 284: Outright Revenge!

Chapter 284: Outright Revenge!

After the establishment of the shady Illusion Demon Merchant Group, the group accepted Bai Xiaofei's proposal to celebrate – by having a big fine meal in the Demon of Illusions.

Mhm, that’s right, the Demon of Illusions!

Having thoroughly experienced Leng Liushuang’s cooking skills, Bai Xiaofei deemed the Hundred Flavor House and Thousand Aroma Restaurant too lacking in comparison. If he could choose, he’d rather eat Leng Liushuang’s cooking every day.

Therefore, Leng Liushuang welcomed the biggest challenge since she joined the Demon of Illusions, which was to cook for more than a dozen people by herself. In the end, she didn’t disappoint. Dish after dish was served onto a big table of delicacy as the Demon of Illusions welcomed its most lively dinner yet. In the past, seeing this many people in the Demon of Illusions would have been a dream.

“Don’t be strangers, everyone. No one here is an outsider, especially Brother Lu and Brother Feng. They’re going to be our little treasure coffers in the future!” Bai Xiaofei enthusiastically declared, though this declaration somewhat scared the two people mentioned.

If we are little treasure coffers, then what are you? A vampire I bet!

However, they had to admit that the vampire was very generous. After splitting up several dozen trillions of Amethyst Coins with Chu Qingtian, Bai Xiaofei didn't leave himself a single copper but gave it all to Lu Lingyun, Feng Wuhen and Fang Ye. As for Rui Mengqi, forget it, she gave her money to others too easily…

After the declaration, everyone got more and more fervent as they chatted, and Leng Liushuang’s cooking took an integral role in it. Almost 80% of the topics were about how she made this dish and that dish. This also resulted in Leng Liushuang being the most talkative person during the meal.

After this meal, while it couldn’t be said that everyone was completely familiar with each other, at least they’d have no problem communicating from now on.

“Although this feels surreal, I’m very curious, how do you guys plan to take the first step?” Nursing a satisfied stomach, Lei Min – currently the most ‘distinguished’ in the group – slowly asked as she looked at Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun.

As for Bai Xiaofei, he was neglected. Him washing his hands of the work already earned him some severe criticism.

“We’ll solve the shortage of personnel first,” replied Feng Wuhan, obviously having evaluated the situation in advance.

“That’s right, we plan to push Fang Ye to the top of the Wealth Ranking first; 50 trillion is absolutely enough. The third and fourth-year students can have plenty of time to leave Starnet to train, and many of them have great talents in business. Our first step is to attract them to be the first wave of help,” Lu Lingyun added, surprising everyone else.

When did these two discuss this?!

“Then, we plan to test the waters by buying up some small businesses. After taking them over, we will send the recruited students there under internships so they can help operate and get these businesses on track as quickly as possible,” Feng Wuhen spoke again, and a huge plan was drafted in front of everyone.

“It’s impossible to develop a single merchant group into a giant. The other definitely won’t allow the appearance of anything that can compete with them. Division before integration is our only way, so we need to strictly keep this a secret,” Lu Lingyun explained.

Everyone’s hearts leaped again. The more they listened, the more this sounded like a gamble. But thinking about it, this gamble had already started when Bai Xiaofei made his decision, Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun only went along and developed the specifics.

“The Bounty Ranking and Starnet Ranking will be a good platform. Through them, we can hide ourselves so as not to be related to the merchant groups we buy. They will only think that talents are being taken away.” The one speaking this time was Fang Ye. Although his point didn’t seem very important, it wasn’t easy to be able to insert words into this conversation.

“But I heard that many small groups were pushed out of business in competition with the nine big groups. If you spread out completely, won’t the probability be much higher?” Chu Liuyun’s brows slightly wrinkled. What she just said had exposed her as extraordinary. Ordinary people wouldn’t have this kind of knowledge!

Only Lu Lingyun and Feng Wuhen, wise and experienced as they were, didn’t say anything about this. They knew there were some things that weren't for them to say.

“Weak small groups do have this risk, but we won’t. And even if it happens, we can quietly transfer the assets of one to another and withdraw the funds, then what we lose will be just an empty shell. We can afford to have as many as we want.”

Standing tall and looking far ahead, Lu Lingyun's speech fully showed his accumulation of experience as a veteran manager, which was also the reason why Bai Xiaofei was willing to spend 5 trillion Amethyst Coins in exchange for him.

Compared to talent, money was nothing!

As for the tragedy of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, it was completely because of the order they opened. Were the Thousand Aroma Restaurant and the Hundred Flavor House to switch places and the time they entered Starnet be adjusted, Lu Lingyun wouldn’t have been so miserable.

What he lost to was only fate, and fortunately, he was now welcoming a turning point in his fate.

“What about me?! What can I do?” Rui Mengqi panicked. As an out-and-out worker, what she feared most was having nothing to do.

“That’s right, you two can't forget Sister Mengqi. You have to let her in on it.” Bai Xiaofei, who had been quiet until now, hurriedly stood up, afraid that Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun would forget about Rui Mengqi just like that. Otherwise, if she really stayed here, Bai Xiaofei's life might get a little too ‘interesting’!

However, no one knew his true reason. Even Rui Mengqi cast him a grateful look. In addition to that, Bai Xiaofei also gained ‘special’ gazes from the others.

Only Fang Ye silently spared three seconds of silence to mourn for Bai Xiaofei.

My condolences, Brother Fei! But who told you to provoke someone you shouldn’t?

Bai Xiaofei naturally realized that something was wrong, but he didn’t dare to explain. The scariest thing was that the more you explained, the more people would misunderstand.

“We’ve made a training plan for you. While you know absolutely nothing about leadership now, it's not a problem. Reliable people are truly rare in business!”

At Feng Wuhen’s words, Bai Xiaofei exhaled deeply.

As long as you plan to take her away, it’s all good…

“But before that, I'm afraid you'll have to stay here for a while because we don't have much time right now.”

Chaos-lover Lu Lingyun suddenly dropped a big twist. In the middle of heaving his relieved sigh, Bai Xiaofei almost choked!

Your mother! You’re aiming at me?!

Thinking this, Bai Xiaofei looked at Feng Wuhen and Lu Lingyun. He wanted to make them change their decision, but after seeing the odd expressions on their faces, he immediately understood that wasn’t possible!

These two bastards are targeting me! This is outright revenge!!!

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