Chapter 283: Merchant Group, Illusion Demon!

Chapter 283: Merchant Group, Illusion Demon!

This day, the Demon of Illusions was exceptionally excited. Today's visitor count could already be compared with that of the entire previous month! Although there were only four…

At the request of Bai Xiaofei, a small classroom was quickly cleaned up and transformed into a reception room by the Leng sisters.

“This is the Demon of Illusions? It’s even more cheerless than I imagined…” commented Feng Wuhen weakly after the Leng sisters left the room. The Demon of Illusions had always been a legendary existence in Starnet, but this was the first time Feng Wuhen and the others had visited.

“It will get lively eventually.” Bai Xiaofei smiled and didn’t refute. After all, what Feng Wuhen said was a solid fact.

“I believe that. How can a place with you not get bustling?” With a wry smile, Feng Wuhen spoke what was in the hearts of the people here.

“Can we talk about what is going on now?” Sitting on the sofa, Lu Lingyun's face was as ugly as if he had eaten something bad. The feeling of welcoming only despair after he was full of expectation was really beyond words.

“I just wanted to rescue you from the dark hole that is the Thousand Aroma Restaurant. Does this answer satisfy you?” Bai Xiaofei chuckled.

This startled Lu Lingyun. What the heck is that?!

Meanwhile, Feng Wuhen was stunned for two seconds when he saw the expression on Lu Lingyun’s face.

What’s happening? Didn't he get scooped over here as well? But Bai Xiaofei obviously meant to win him over! And didn't this guy just connect with me so seamlessly?

“He wasn’t invited over?” Feng Wuhen asked aloud in the end. He found the feeling of being kept in the dark was unacceptable, especially when he’d just got out.

“Invited over? Weren’t you fired?!” Lu Lingyun asked back in surprise, his reaction was no different than Feng Wuhen. After all, they had indeed just sympathized so well with each other.


“Well, erm… Although it is very impolite, I think I need to interrupt.” With a bit of embarrassment, Bai Xiaofei opened his mouth and took over the discourse. Otherwise, he felt that these two would be questioning each other like this until evening.

Once his voice rang out, the two men instantly turned around at the same time to be greeted by Bai Xiaofei’s embarrassed smile.

“Although you all lost your previous jobs because of me, I assure you’ll get better ones in the future. How about that?” said Bai Xiaofei as his eyes fell on Lu Lingyun.

Feng Wuhen certainly had no objection. All of his doubts had been settled in the Ethereal Pavilion. Therefore, what was lacking was only a nod from Lu Lingyun.

As for Fang Ye and Rui Mengqi, they had no objection at all either. One was dead set on Bai Xiaofei while the other had no choice at all. But then again, even Lu Lingyun didn't have a choice now…

“A better job?” Lu Lingyun was surprised.

Next to him, Feng Wuhen smiled. “He wants to set up his own merchant group.”

This simple sentence earned the shocked expressions of the remaining three. After the surprise, however, their reactions were different.

Fang Ye was ecstatic, This day has finally come!

Rui Mengqi was elated, I have a job again!

Lu Lingyun was as doubtful as Feng Wuhen had been at first, Setting up a merchant group?!

“Yes, one big enough to be on par with the nine great merchant groups!” Bai Xiaofei added a blow that struck Lu Lingyun completely dumb.

This is…


He can even do it like that?!

“The starting capital is nearly 100 trillion Amethyst Coins, the core members are all of you present. But the specific direction has to depend on you guys, I am just an initiator,” Bai Xiaofei replied to all possible questions before Lu Lingyun could ask them one by one.

Then, Lu Lingyun entered a long period of consideration. It was impossible not to thoroughly consider when it came to such a reality-toppling matter.

“What about the decoration going on in the Thousand Aroma Restaurant?” Lu Lingyun still hadn’t come to terms with his present life. He still minded the restaurant, which had nothing to do with him anymore.

“Although it has nothing to do with you now, my promise still stands if you wish. Of course, the new boss has to give me enough compensation since he won’t give me half of the income.”

The previous plans couldn’t catch up with the rapid changes. Even Bai Xiaofei couldn’t imagine that in just a day the arrangement at that time would be ruined, less could he predict that he’d suddenly make such a big decision. However, Bai Xiaofei enjoyed the changes.

Isn't uncertainty the greatest pleasure in life?

“Nevermind it…” said Lu Lingyun with a hint of loss, but he finally recognized the reality.

“Then I can take it as an agreement, Big Brother Lu?” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei asked a question that made the other three nervous. In a blink, all eyes were focused on Lu Lingyun.

Lu Lingyun's reaction was a pained smile. “You never gave me a second option!”

That’s right, you cut off all possible escape routes for him!

“Then… welcome aboard!” cheered Bai Xiaofei. Holding several wine glasses, he walked to Lu Lingyun and handed him one.

The five glasses filled with wine gave clear and beautiful clinks when they touched. After the five people with different expressions exchanged smiles with each other, they drained the glasses in unison.

The 10th major merchant group had been established! Of course, this merchant group couldn’t be brought to light yet…

“Think of a name!” suggested Feng Wuhen suddenly after putting down his glass.

The eyes of the rest instantly shone. One exotic name after another was put forth, but none of them were unanimously approved until Bai Xiaofei, who had been silent for half a day, slowly raised his head.

“Illusion Demon Merchant Group, how about that? In memory of the place where we founded it!”

As his voice rang, everyone revealed a pondering expression.

Illusion Demon Merchant Group, the Demon of Illusions… They were an existence as blank as white paper awaiting miracles. Most importantly, the numbers of members were similar to each other! Perhaps there was no name more suitable than this.

“Good name, let's propose a toast to our future boss!”

Feng Wuhen once again tried to continue the celebrations, but it was stopped by Bai Xiaofei this time.

“Don't get me wrong, I won't be the boss. Let us dedicate this toast to Fang Ye! He will be the future boss of Illusion Demon!” Bai Xiaofei raised his glass to the shocked Fang Ye. The rest also looked over instinctively.

This situation was unexpected to everyone!

Including Fang Ye!

“Brother Fei, I…”

“No one is born a boss. Big bosses get to where they are step by step. I believe in you, you will be a good boss!” Bai Xiaofei directly cut Fang Ye off, and at the same time, gently touched his glass with his. Then, he looked at the other four. “I hope you guys will create a miracle!”

With this, Bai Xiaofei drained his glass in one go.

The generous bearing instantly raised Bai Xiaofei’s image in the heart of others, but no one knew what he was thinking at the time.

It’s not like I’m stupid. Be the boss? I don’t want to be tired to death!

After you guys make it big, won’t I get to take all the money I want then?


Be aware of fire! Be aware of theft! Be aware of Bai Xiaofei!!!

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