Chapter 279: Conclusion; Concentration Pill

Chapter 279: Conclusion; Concentration Pill

“Your family affairs are naturally none of my business, but I don't think a person like you is suitable as a business partner!”

Feng Wuxin glared at Bai Xiaofei, but the latter showed no fear.

After learning of Feng Wuxin’s identity and the rumors about him and Feng Wuhen, Bai Xiaofei made up his mind to help Feng Wuhen get some justice, even if the rumors might not be true!

“Vice Principal Chu, Starnet doesn’t seem to welcome us, huh?” Feng Wuxin slapped the table and stood up, pointing his gun at Chu Qingtian instead of Bai Xiaofei.

“One is responsible for one’s own actions. The one not welcoming you is me, Bai Xiaofei! And I’m also the one who is organizing this event. Not to mention a violetgold core, I won't blink even if you give me a blackgold puppet!”

You didn’t target me, but that doesn't mean I won’t target you!

Like a fearless newborn, Bai Xiaofei also stood up and stared straight back at Feng Wuxin. Opposite him, Feng Wuxin’s expressions changed again and again as he was rendered speechless.

As for Chu Qingtian, he watched with a simple and honest smile on his face, neither flustered nor having any intention to mediate. It was but one Ethereal Merchant Group – the academy could afford to offend, while there weren’t many students like Bai Xiaofei. Moreover, Starnet had never let its students be bullied by outsiders on its own territory, no matter how strong the opponent was!

“We’re leaving!” His teeth gritted, Feng Wuxin kicked the chair, acting as if he was bringing his people to leave.


Feng Wuxin had just taken two steps when Bai Xiaofei’s voice, filled with ill intent, rang out from behind. He instinctively turned around to see a sneering Bai Xiaofei.

“You broke the chair, pay one Amethyst Coin!”

The whole room fell into dead silence at this.

Humiliation! Outright humiliation!

A freshman of Starnet humiliated the vice president of the Ethereal Merchant Group in front of so many big bosses! Even Feng Wuxin didn’t think Bai Xiaofei would dare to say such a thing!

“Is this how Starnet treats their guests?” said Feng Wuxin maliciously between gnashing teeth. The feeling of wanting to erupt but not daring to was no different from torture. However, he could only endure. No one would dare to act rashly in Starnet’s territory.

“I believe everyone can see that this is only an unexpected, man-made accident that has nothing to do with Starnet.” At this moment, Chu Qingtian seemed to forget what he had preached to Bai Xiaofei about being the representative of Starnet. The scoundrelly expression was strangely similar to that of Bai Xiaofei.

In Starnet, there were few people who didn’t have a unique trait, and Chu Qingtian's trait was the capriciousness that he kept well repressed.

As long as I'm happy, who gives a shit about anything else?

Currently, Chu Qingtian was very happy, the kind that he had not felt in a long time. Bai Xiaofei reminded him of his young self, even though he hadn’t been as bold as Bai Xiaofei at that time.

“Good! Starnet Academy, I, Feng Wuxin, will remember today!” Leaving his final words, Feng Wuxin pushed open the door and left, an Amethyst Coin lay where he was standing prior.


Bai Xiaofei stroked Blackie’s soft fur. It quickly jumped off his shoulder and when it came back, the Amethyst Coin was in Bai Xiaofei's hand.

“When I return, I will mount it on the wall. When others hear about this, their expressions will be excellent!” Bai Xiaofei mumbled to himself in a voice that wasn’t soft at all.

At least for the bosses, it was absolutely enough to clearly hear what he said. Everyone's eyebrows wrinkled. It seemed they had really underestimated this freshman!

Once again, their impression of the unrestrained Bai Xiaofei was raised to the next level. Moreover, they already couldn’t remember how many times that impression had been refreshed today…

“Well, since the annoyance has left, let us continue,” Bai Xiaofei said and turned to look at Master Zhang. Such a simple look actually made Master Zhang, who had experienced decades of wind and rain, quiver a little in his heart. “Master Zhang, congratulations. If there is no surprise, this last place is yours, but I hope you can agree to a few requests of mine.”

Master Zhang couldn't help but gulp. “Go ahead, Mr. Bai.”

“First, in addition to what you promised, I hope you will continue to sell high-quality medicines to Starnet for the next five years. We will purchase them at a reasonable price. Second, we will decide the type of the ten grade eight pills you promised. Third, during our cooperation, the publicity plan you come up with must go through my review. If there’s something that should not be there, I won’t pass.”

When it came to the last request, Bai Xiaofei also looked at Qian Chonglou and Yin Jing.

“The last point is the same for both of you.”

At the same time, the three fell into consideration, especially Master Zhang, who had to pay the most.

“Well, I agree!” Master Zhang spoke again after a long time, settling the matter.

“Then I hope our cooperation will be a pleasure!” Bai Xiaofei handed a contract to Master Zhang. When Master Zhang returned it, the deep-sea ebony boxes holding Concentration Pills accompanied it.

“It's Starnet's now!”

At this point, all three places were distributed. Some were happy and some were sad, the majority of the people would leave here empty-handed.

“Although we weren’t able to cooperate, I hope you all can stay in Starnet for a few days. This event is unprecedented, so I believe staying for a few days is beneficial to you seniors.” Chu Qingtian was finally active again as he said polite words to comfort those who failed the bidding. These bosses also started to chat.

This was something Bai Xiaofei was yet capable of. Although he didn't show it, he was ‘young and bold’ like Shangguan Fan, and that meant he was a little too arrogant to be able to truly care and cater to other people’s feelings.

Finally, at Chu Qingtian's gracious invitation, all the other bosses except Shangguan Fan expressed that they would stay for a while.

As for Shangguan Fan’s choice, it was entirely within Bai Xiaofei's expectations. After being slapped in the face, how could he pretend like nothing had happened?

However, this was not what Bai Xiaofei needed to consider. He had more important things to deal with at the moment, such as discussing the details of the cooperation with the three bosses!

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