Chapter 277: Shangguan Fan Who Has Wealth Speaks Louder Than Others!

Chapter 277: Shangguan Fan Who Has Wealth Speaks Louder Than Others!

20 trillion Amethyst Coins exceeded Chang Baiwei’s estimation.

Before he came here, he never expected Starnet to choose only three from so many merchant groups, and moreover in such a manner. It was even less of his expectations that the Thousand Aroma Restaurant would fight him tooth and nail.

Therefore, he didn't prepare that much money… which was the most embarrassing situation he could ever encounter. He wanted to keep bidding but was too embarrassed to say he had no money. However, it was also too awkward to give up.

For a moment, Chang Baiwei was caught in a dilemma.

“Chief Chang, would you like to continue?” Having closely observed Chang Baiwei’s expressions, Bai Xiaofei naturally wouldn’t give him time to react.

“I’ll resign this opportunity to Chief Qian. I hope it’s worth your money!” Chang Baiwei suppressed his wavering heart and put a friendly smile on his face.

“Chief Chang is too kind. I'm sure Starnet and our friend Bai won't disappoint me!” Qian Chonglou sounded particularly relaxed, but his heart was pounding like a drum.

20 trillion was something he couldn’t gather at the moment. He only dared to shout so high a number because of Bai Xiaofei's words, which he thought was a signal from Bai Xiaofei to him! However, he hadn’t communicated specifically regarding this with Bai Xiaofei before. If Bai Xiaofei wanted to trick him…

Therefore, the current thoughts running through Qian Chonglou’s head were very interesting.

“Don't worry, Chief Qian, I don't have the habit of letting others down. At the same time, Chief Chang, you don’t need to be disappointed. The Blossom Ranking is updated once every year, so there will be similar activities in the future. I promise that during the four years I’m here, given that the one coming from the Hundred Flavor House is you, I will definitely be inclined to you in the future!” Offending neither, Bai Xiaofei once again demonstrated his qualifications to be here.

Meanwhile, Yin Jing, who had already signed the contract, heaved a long sigh of relief.

The price of the last quota would definitely be higher than what the Thousand Aroma Restaurant had offered, so 20 trillion was basically what she had to pay. During the bidding, her heart had been hanging off a cliff. Fortunately, 20 trillion Amethyst Coins wasn’t unacceptable to her, it was only the equivalent of a concert tour.

“I’ll remember what you said, Mr. Bai. I will definitely win a place next time!” said Chang Baiwei with a hollow smile as his heart was filled with frustration. This trip was basically in vain for him.

“Then, on to the last place.” Bai Xiaofei looked at the remaining bosses.

This was the big show!

“Don't waste time, let's start.” Shangguan Fan, whose eyes had been shut, opened his eyes again. A flash of light shone in those eyes and also a confident smile appeared on his face.

“Young Master Shangguan seems very confident. I hope you’ve brought enough money.” Master Zhang was the first to talk as always. It was truly a wonder how he became a Master Alchemist with such impatience.

“Have you ever seen anyone from the Amethyst Merchant House not bring enough money?” Shangguan Fan sneered as he met Master Zhang’s eyes with a hint of disdain.


“Master Zhang, we are at Starnet, not your Alchemist Pavilion.” When Master Zhang was losing his calm, the vice president of the Ethereal Merchant Group, who had been quietly sitting next to him, stopped him with a few words.

Feng Wuxin, a man nobody here could ignore! There was no other reason, but for the fact that no one could afford to offend the Ethereal Merchant Group.

The ability of a puppet master depended 60 to 70% on what kind of puppets they owned, and what the Ethereal Merchant Group never lacked was puppets. None of their experts went without a full set of at least violet-level puppets, and the Ethereal Merchant Group could produce as many experts of this kind as they wanted.

For example, it was commonly known that puppet masters couldn’t form a large army, but this was a walk in the park for the Ethereal Pavilion. Moreover, the reason why the continent couldn’t organize such an army was that the Ethereal Merchant Group wouldn’t let it happen.

The selling price of a single puppet was acceptable, but if one wanted to buy two, the price would double, and at four it doubled again. There was no limit to this doubling, which made the Ethereal Merchant Group’s single-puppet sales simply not enough to form an effective combat force. Therefore, the Ethereal Merchant Group might be the only organization on the continent with a large number of puppet masters.

However, they always maintained that they had not, unfortunately, no one ever believed them. Unless they were fools, no one wouldn’t build an army when they had the chance!

“Humph!” Intimidated by Feng Wuxin, Master Zhang only snorted coldly at Shangguan Fan and sat down, but he still stared daggers at the latter.

You got a lot of money, huh? Then I'll see just how much you can throw out!

“Since the seniors are ready, let us…”

Bai Xiaofei's speech was barely halfway through when he suddenly choked. Showing an embarrassed expression to the group of people, he stood up and walked to the door.

The moment the door was opened, a tail-wagging Huskie greeted the crowd.

“Good job, silly dog. Go and play by yourself.”

Picking up the pink rice box Huskie delivered, Bai Xiaofei slowly returned to his position.

“My bad, I promised someone to have a proper breakfast,” he said and unscrewed the lid. A thick aroma spread, instantly conquering the originally displeased people.

When food quality reached an extreme, it could affect people's moods!

Rumbling sounds echoed one after another as everyone in the room looked at the happy Bai Xiaofei with strange eyes, watching him drink the soup to the last drop.

After Bai Xiaofei finished, the strange gazes didn’t even make him falter. When he decided to let Leng Jingshuang deliver the soup, he had already anticipated this scene, and this was also something he loved to see.

If you are anxious, this lord will be just the opposite! Bite me if you can!

However, the situation was somewhat different from what he had expected. He had thought that their attitude towards him would be much worse than this. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have prepared such an act.

“Alright, let us continue. This is the last available quota, you can bid when you're ready,” said Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly as if nothing had just happened. As long as there was no life-threatening danger, he could always remain this calm.

On the contrary, Chu Qingtian was a little on edge. He knew that Bai Xiaofei was eccentric, but he really didn't expect him to be this eccentric here!

Ah, the face of Starnet! Our skin has kind of thickened…

“One hundred trillion!” Shangguan Fan’s indifferent voice immediately rang out as soon as Bai Xiaofei announced the opening of the last bid.

The room instantly lapsed into silence.

The dude’s really f*cking rich!

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