Chapter 276: Horrifying Bid Battle!

Chapter 276: Horrifying Bid Battle!

“The second quota is limited to competition between the Thousand Aroma Restaurant and the Hundred Flavor House!” announced Bai Xiaofei.

Apart from Yin Jing, who had already received the contract, and Chang Baiwei and Qian Chonglou, who had been named, the rest instantly lost their calm. Although Bai Xiaofei had warned them in advance, they didn’t think he’d put the remaining six groups into the same category.

Does he want us to fight until heads are broken and blood flows?!

“Mr. Bai, you mean us six have to contend for one quota?!” The first person to express his opinion was again Master Zhang. Looking at his jittery manner, Bai Xiaofei thought he could change his name to Stingy Zhang…

“As I said, I will not cooperate with two businesses of the same nature,” said Bai Xiaofei calmly, refusing to change despite the bosses’ unease.

“But we’re all different. The support you can get from each of us is definitely different,” said Mrs. Lan with clear displeasure in her voice.

Originally, she felt that victory was within her grasp. After all, the competition for the Blossom Ranking was entirely between girls, and the Vivid Wing Chamber that she represented mainly dealt with women's products, targeting the women's market. But with Bai Xiaofei’s plan, her chances of success were too low!

“Although you started your business in different ways, who doesn’t know the current situations of the major groups? All your hands have found ways to extend into other fields. Is there any obvious difference between the nine merchant groups now? Besides, if I'm right, what you want us to promote most is the area you are least good at. Otherwise, why would you be so nervous about this opportunity? The other groups already can’t surpass you in the areas you’re good at. Therefore, there’s no need to hide what everyone already knows.”

Bai Xiaofei’s long speech directly poked at the sensitive spots of several bosses here.

They really didn't expect him to be able to see through them so thoroughly. For a moment there, everyone fell silent.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t give them time to be silent. He must strike while the iron was hot, or who knew how hard these fellows would be on him when they finally reacted!

“If you don't have anything you want to say, then I will continue!”

In such a short time, even if we have other ideas, we don’t have enough time to put it into words, alright!?

After asking a question destined not to be answered, Bai Xiaofei looked at Chang Baiwei and Qian Chonglou.

“Gentlemen, before you start bidding, there’s one prerequisite I need to inform you.” Giving a warning shot before everything else seemed to be Bai Xiaofei's routine today, and this routine was greatly appreciated by the people present. It was better to address the problem in advance than later.

“Please go ahead.”

“Mr. Bai, just say it.”

Chang Baiwei and Qian Chonglou agreed with easy-going smiles on their faces. At the same time, this announced that the remaining six had no possibility to intervene. If they raised objections now, it’d offend not only Bai Xiaofei alone.

“During the event, we will provide a variety of food and other consumables for the contestants. I hope that no matter who wins this qualification, you will be able to meet this requirement free of charge. Of course, it’s an opportunity to promote your specialties.”

Qian Zhonglou and Chang Baiwei didn’t find this condition difficult at all. Compared with the money to be invested, this cost was negligible.

“No problem.”

“It is totally acceptable.”

The two agreed without hesitation. Bai Xiaofei smilingly nodded and threw an inconspicuous glance at Qian Zhonglou.

In others’ eyes, this was a normal look, but for Qian Zhonglou, it was a signal.

“Since neither of you has any objections, let's start the bidding. I'll set a starting bid: 50 billion Amethyst Coins.”

Fifty billion Amethyst Coins, even more than the amounts in the last auction combined!

In the eyes of ordinary people, this was an inconceivable number, but all the people present didn’t even crease their brows. They came from big places indeed.

“Then I’ll honor the peace and won’t add too much. 100 billion,” Chang Baiwei said as if it was a joke as he casually doubled the amount.

“Brother Chang, since it’s just the two of us, I think there’s no need for a prolonged seesaw battle. 500 billion!” Qian Zhonglou was much more ruthless. He pulled to a small peak.

500 billion, that was ten Brightmoon Merchant Houses gone… just for an opportunity for publicity. Moreover, this was still far from the end.

Chang Baiwei didn’t even flinch, he even chuckled. “Brother Qian is right, seesaw battles are no fun. One trillion.”

The two men’s offers gave Bai Xiaofei a strange mixed feeling of trepidation and thrill. Before this, he had never imagined they would be this generous. No wonder Chu Qingtian came to him, this was like striking gold from out of nowhere!

“I heard that the Hundred Flavor House is doing well in Starnet, so how about giving this chance to us, Thousand Aroma Restaurant? After all, we are at a disadvantage. 1.5 trillion!” said Qian Chonglou, increasing at an unchanged rate.

“What are you saying, Chief Qian? I wouldn’t mind oblige you if this only involved Starnet, but it’s the entire continent here. If I back off, I won’t be able to face my business partners. 2 trillion!” Chang Baiwei retaliated without mercy.

“In that case, let’s have a little more fun.” As Qian Chonglou paused here, Bai Xiaofei’s heart jumped to his throat.

He’s about to increase!!!

“10 trillion!”

This time all the people present were slightly moved. 10 trillion was a figure that couldn’t be ignored even for them. It was very likely that several groups here might not make so much money over a few years.

However, Chang Baiwei's response was only a chuckle.

“Chief Qian, if this is all the funds the Thousand Aroma Restaurant has for this, you might as well go back. 11 trillion!”

As soon as Chang Baiwei raised his offer, Qian Chonglou’s lips twitched.

At the end of the day, the Thousand Aroma Restaurant and the Hundred Flavor House were only restaurants. Compared with the nine merchant groups, there was actually a big gap in funds. And the most telling was that Qian Chonglou hesitated at the amount of 11 trillion.

“Chief Qian, you’d want to take this chance. If I were you, I’d go all the way no matter how much.”

Bai Xiaofei suddenly opened his mouth at this critical moment. In other people's eyes, he was trying to persuade Qian Chonglou to increase the bid. However, this reminded Qian Chonglou of something.

“20 trillion!”

This time it was Chang Baiwei that hesitated…

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