Chapter 275: Tackling the Big Bosses, Composed in All Situations!

Chapter 275: Tackling the Big Bosses, Composed in All Situations!

“Vice Principal Chu, are you positive that this is not a joke?” The one speaking this time was the chief executive officer of the Hundred Flavor headquarters, Chang Baiwei1, a fat man whose body was even rounder than Chu Qingtian.

“Chief Chang, do you think I’m the type to joke in such a situation?” Chu Qingtian's smile remained unaltered on his face, but his tone was a little displeased. He simply didn't have to hide his emotions in front of these people.

“Haha, I was right, wasn’t I? A hero from young. When I was at his age, I was still busy worrying about graduation!” Master Zhang spoke again, his attitude towards Bai Xiaofei had improved a lot in an instant. After all, Bai Xiaofei now held the most power.

“I really didn't expect this. Let’s get to know each other, I’m Gong Sha, vice president of the Unify headquarters.”

Gong Sha, who hadn’t spoken until now while sitting in the corner, suddenly looked at Bai Xiaofei with a smiling face, but this didn’t win Bai Xiaofei's approval.

Unify Business, the most bizarre of the nine big merchant groups.

Unlike the other groups, Unify Business didn’t have its own products, and it sold pretty much everything without a fixed sales cycle. Once in a while, it held an auction where most of the things auctioned were stolen goods…

Due to this, Unify Business became the least popular of the nine big merchant groups. However, the influx of guests had never dropped, because there were always people who wanted to sell stolen goods as well as those who looked for cheap goods.

“Unify Business, I've heard of your great name. If I have the chance, I’ll definitely experience one of your renowned auctions for myself!” Dislike it as he might, Bai Xiaofei still had to do some courtesy work. As Chu Qingtian said, he now represented Starnet.

“Then you have to accept this, my friend Bai. Can’t let you be wronged in our territory, right?” Gong Sha took out a shiny black crystal card and handed it to one of his entourage. “This is Unify’s highest-level membership card. With it, you can enjoy a 30% discount and a top-level private room of choice at the auctions.”

What generosity!

There were definitely not many people with Unify black crystal cards on the continent. Anyone who owned such a card had either provided the business a large number of goods or spent a certain amount of money on them. Yet now, Bai Xiaofei could get one just by nodding his head!

In an instant, all eyes were on Bai Xiaofei.

How would he choose? To accept was to openly accept a bribe, but not accepting meant slapping Gong Sha in the face! This was a dilemma no matter how they looked at it.

However, they forgot one thing – Bai Xiaofei wasn’t alone.

“Vice President Gong Sha is kind. Why aren’t you thanking him yet?” Chu Qingtian slowly spoke, directly squashing Gong Sha's scheme. Bai Xiaofei was more than happy to take the advantage, he immediately accepted the card.

“Thank you, Vice President Gong. I’ll definitely visit Unify Business when I have the chance.” With a graceful smile, Bai Xiaofei didn't act courteously at all and put away the black crystal card in his storage ring.

“I look forward to that day!” Going out for wool and coming home shorn, Gong Sha could only endure.

“Then let’s talk about your plan, Mr. Bai,” said Mrs. Lan.

Everybody immediately concentrated. There were definitely no more interludes this time!

“I believe everyone has seen my proposal, and I don't think there’s any need to explain the interests involved. Starnet will be open to the outside world, and moreover, this is an activity that goes on for at least two months. You can imagine its advertisement effects. So, I hope you all can proceed with consideration.”

As Bai Xiaofei entered the zone, everyone’s first reaction was their hearts tightening. No wonder Chu Qingtian dared to let go. These words alone showed that Bai Xiaofei was not a simple freshman!

But they didn’t know there was still more to come.

“I only intend to select three out of you nine for this cooperation with us, and also these three places will have some restrictions!”

“What restrictions?” Master Zhang, who was titled ‘master,’ turned out to be the least calm one. Even Shangguan Fan seemed more composed than him.

“The Phoenix Cry Pavilion can directly get a place, that is, given two prerequisites.”

Being called out, the representative of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion who had been quiet all along was stunned for two full seconds and only reacted after being reminded by someone behind.

“What are they?” she asked softly. This representative was a squad leader who didn’t look much older than Shangguan Fan.

This was a characteristic of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion – their members were young in general.

“First, the Phoenix Cry Pavilion will send ten performers whose performing ability is at least the level of squad leader to coach for the first stage. Second, you don't have to bid, but this quota can't be given to you for nothing, so you have to pay the amount equal to the lesser of the two other quotas,” answered Bai Xiaofei as he looked at the girl. “Squad Leader Yin Jing, are these prerequisites acceptable?”

“Yes!” Yin Jing agreed as soon as Bai Xiaofei asked the question. This was practically a free gift! Bai Xiaofei's so-called first condition was the same as giving the Phoenix Cry Pavilion an opportunity to attract publicity to themselves. As for the second condition, it was a piece of cake. What the others here could afford, the Phoenix Cry Pavilion could definitely afford too!

“Then sign this!”

Bai Xiaofei took out a contract from the storage ring, but before Yin Jing's entourage could receive it, someone stopped him.

“My friend Bai, don’t you think that’s a bad idea?”

Shangguan Fan!

There was a big difference between the competition for three places and the competition for two, at least in terms of cost. However, this wasn’t the main reason why Shangguan Fan stopped Bai Xiaofei. What really upset him was Bai Xiaofei's attitude of not considering the feelings of the others at all.

We’ve come all the way here to see you give away one of the places with just a few words? Based on what? You think we’re easy to bully?!

“Young Master Shangguan, I hope you can understand. If it were you in my place, you would make the same decision. I won’t form a cooperation with any two groups of similar functions here, which is also me being responsible to you all. Of course, there’s nothing I can do if you refuse to accept, because that won't change my decision!” said Bai Xiaofei with a firm look in his eyes, neither overbearing nor humble.

You are strong, but I’m not weak! Don't forget that this lord is representing Starnet!

“No need to get emotional, Young Master Shangguan. In fact, what Mr. Bai said makes sense. If he really forms a cooperation with two merchant groups, would you agree if you were one of them?” At this crucial moment, Qian Chonglou, who had also been quiet all along, took over the conversation. His intention of defending Bai Xiaofei couldn’t be more obvious.

Lu Lingyun had brought Bai Xiaofei's words back, so now Qian Chonglou put himself on the same front with Bai Xiaofei. Of course, the others couldn’t see it for the time being.

“Humph, I hope you won’t regret it then!” said Shangguan Fan coldly before he closed his eyes, apparently refusing to open his mouth again.

Meanwhile, a relaxed smile still hung on Bai Xiaofei’s lips as if nothing had just happened.

“Since you all have no objection, I will continue.”

1. Baiwei means ‘hundred flavors.’

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