Chapter 274: Harmless Bai Xiaofei!

Chapter 274: Harmless Bai Xiaofei!

With a full stomach, Bai Xiaofei and Blackie headed to the agreed meeting point with Chu Qingtian. Looking comfortable, Bai Xiaofei seemed like a completely different person from the sleepless one last night. First was that he was in a very good mood after the special breakfast. Second was that he knew that the game had already started when he walked towards the meeting place.

At this level, an extraordinary detection ability was only one of the must-have abilities. Even if they didn’t have puppets with similar functions, the people around them certainly would. This was among the ‘basic knowledge’ that the three ‘teachers’ had taught him yesterday.

Strolling into the academy office area, Bai Xiaofei headed straight for one of the conference rooms. The moment he ascended the stairs, Chu Qingtian, who had been waiting there, quickly welcomed him.

“I see you’re not at all in a hurry. Everyone has already arrived, we’re just waiting for you.”

Chu Qingtian didn’t sound nervous. Regarding status, a vice principal of Starnet was no inferior to any of those present today, otherwise, the big bosses all over the continent wouldn’t have sent people over just a few days after he had invited them.

“Good stuff is never afraid of coming late, right? What's more, I arrived on time. Arriving too early will make me seem too eager, which is not necessarily a good thing.” Bai Xiaofei always seemed to make sense, at least Chu Qingtian seemed to have bought it.

“Then I'll see how you perform. Don't let me down. Also, pay attention to your performance, you’re representing Starnet,” Chu Qingtian said as he pointed to the Starnet Brilliance on Bai Xiaofei’s chest. That thing indeed made Bai Xiaofei look like an official representative.

“Don't worry, If I don’t squeeze advantages out of them, I won’t be called Bai Xiaofei!”

Leaving Chu Qingtian with a confident smile, Bai Xiaofei went straight to the conference room, pushed open the door, and made an inviting gesture to Chu Qingtian. In this kind of situation, Bai Xiaofei naturally wouldn’t be as casual as he usually was.

After Bai Xiaofei followed Chu Qingtian into the conference room, all eyes gathered on him.

Some furrowed upon seeing that it was a student in a first-year uniform, but when they saw the Starnet Brilliance on him, their dissatisfaction instantly turned into surprise.

Starnet Brilliance was given to a freshman?!

Many conferred with their own entourage about this. After exchanging a few words, the doubt quickly disappeared from their faces. Obviously, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t the only one who could do investigations!

“Xiaofei, say hello to your senior bosses.” Chu Qingtian’s solemn voice was a standard baritone, loud and dignified.

“I’m a first-year student of the Demon of Illusions, Bai Xiaofei. Greetings, seniors,” Bai Xiaofei briefly introduced himself as told after observing everyone's reaction.

“A hero from young! So our little gentleman Xiaofei earned the highest honor of Starnet when you’ve only just become a student.” The speaker was a lean man with a goatee. Although his face was uncomfortable to look at, the shrewdness written on it couldn’t be taken lightly.

“Master Zhang is too kind, I’m just lucky. Meanwhile, your alchemy is known far and wide and you hold a lofty position in the Devpath Merchant Group. It would be my best hope that you can give me some advice.”

Speaking of the Devpath Group – a special existence among the nine big groups that started out by selling medicines, their backer was the Alchemist Pavilion. What they never lacked was pills.

Bai Xiaofei had been informed of the appearance and names of the people present by Chu Qingtian yesterday, while he learned of their characters and habits from the tutor lessons in the Babel Merchant House, also yesterday.

“Heh, our little friend really knows his way with words, doesn’t he? They are as sweet as honey.” A middle-aged belle covered her mouth and chuckled, but there was a hint of pondering in her slightly tapered voice, and more was to test Bai Xiaofei.

“What are you saying, Mrs. Lan? I was just speaking the facts, I really don't mean anything else.”

Mrs. Lan, the sales director of the Vivid Wing Chamber headquarters. Specific age unknown, but she had looked the same for many years. Some people claimed with certainty that she had eaten the Feature Locking Pill.

“Who doesn’t say? Mrs. Lan, don't scare our little friend Bai.” The one who took the conversation was a middle-aged man with a sharp face. He was the definition of ‘looking intimidating without even trying.’

Vice President of the Globe Merchant Group headquarters, Zhao Sheng!

Zhao Sheng's absolute confidence was not unfounded. Aside from the Amethyst Merchant House who used their ‘BUG’ Amethyst Card to surpass the Globe Merchant Group in finance, the Globe Merchant Group was the strongest group on the continent. In fact, in terms of transaction volume, the Globe Merchant Group was the true leader.

“Vice President Zhao really wronged this little one. I came bearing good intentions,” Mrs. Lan countered with a face of injustice. Many middle-aged men present were somewhat embarrassed.

However, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t feel anything else except goosebumps.

Indeed, different age groups, different ‘insights’!

“That’s about it for the nonsense, alright? I think none of us here are idle people, so let's cut to the chase.”

Stiffly bringing the topic back on track was the youngest person in the audience aside from Bai Xiaofei. From his expression, one could clearly see what they called ‘young and bold.’

The third son of the Amethyst Merchant House chairman, Third Young Master Shangguan Fan. Bold, because he had the confidence to be – The name ‘Amethyst Merchant House’ alone was already a kind of pressure.

If anything else, none of the people here didn’t use amethyst cards!

While Shangguan Fan’s attitude wasn’t pleasing, everyone had to admit that he had successfully steered the attention to Chu Qingtian. As for why Chu Qingtian, it was very simple. Because they didn’t think Bai Xiaofei had the ability to dominate the situation under such circumstances.

However, the reality was face-slapping…

“Don’t look at me. Xiaofei was the one who put together the whole proposal, and he is also the planner and executor of the whole event. Therefore, you should look at him.”

When Chu Qingtian finished speaking, the group of bosses again revealed surprised expressions as they rested their eyes on the seemingly harmless Bai Xiaofei.

Yup, honest and harmless…

Such bold use of adjectives! It was clearly ‘friendly and well-liked by both old and young,’ alright?

“Please don't look at me like that, seniors, I will get shy.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled, still looking harmless, a little silly even.

Although everyone present had investigated Bai Xiaofei, it was only limited to his championship of the New Student Competition. After all, who would focus too much on a newly admitted freshman?

If Bai Xiaofei hadn't come here, they would have thought that he was merely an overly advertised lucky boy… Now, however, it didn’t seem to be the case at all!

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