Chapter 273: The Greatest Happiness in Life!

Chapter 273: The Greatest Happiness in Life!

That night might be the first night Bai Xiaofei didn’t sleep well since he had first come to Starnet. What would happen the next day was too difficult to guess. No one would really be so broad-minded to remain indifferent in the face of honor and disgrace. The so-called ‘rolling with the punches with ease’ only happened when one held absolute confidence, and this time, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t confident enough to guarantee he’d get the greatest benefits!

However, he was young and healthy after all. A sleepless night didn’t reflect on his appearance.

After getting up early and changing clothes, Bai Xiaofei smelled the morning air, something usually very rare for someone like him. Starnet was located in the depths of the Infinite Mountain Range. Although one had to face the endless magical beasts while living here, the great environment was still much more desirable compared to other places.

It was both a blessing and a curse!

The good weather gave Bai Xiaofei a good mood. With a smile, he walked slowly towards Leng Liushuang’s exclusive kitchen. One could not function properly on an empty stomach. Hot steamed rice might be impossible to find in the morning, but it was a must to find something to eat.

However, Bai Xiaofei had underestimated Leng Liushuang.

“Huh? Did the sun rise from the west today? Why did you get up so early, Little Feifei?!” ‘Surprise’ was written all over Leng Liushuang's face when she saw Bai Xiaofei who had come to look for food.

“Er… Vice Principal Chu said I should come early. Why are you here, Sister Liushuang? Do you get up so early every day?” Bai Xiaofei made up an excuse to cover up the fact that he was a little nervous as he asked in reply.

“How can I get up so early every day? I’d have baggy black rims under my eyes!” Leng Liushuang replied with a hint of blame in her voice and added with a sigh, “I thought you might be tired today, so I wanted to get up early and cook you some soup, but it seems that it won’t be ready in time.”

Bai Xiaofei’s heart felt warm all over.

“You are like my Third Mother…” he said weakly as a figure he hadn't seen for a long time appeared in his mind, a figure who’d also wake up early to cook for him, but he was too naughty at that time and seldomly ate…

“Are you saying that I’m old?!” Leng Liushuang’s face instantly turned cold. A woman's train of thought was really not for normal people to understand.

“No, no, no! I didn't mean that, I just… It’s… “

Caught off guard, Bai Xiaofei temporarily choked. Seeing him in such a fluster, the icy Leng Liushuang suddenly burst out laughing and her eyes on him also grew pondering.

“Little Feifei, has anyone ever told you that you’re sometimes so silly in a very cute way?” Still laughing non-stop, Leng Liushuang rubbed her hands and slowly walked before Bai Xiaofei. “Well, soup is impossible now, but I can make you something to eat. Can’t let you go to a negotiation on an empty stomach. What would you like?”

Laughing as she was, Leng Liushuang's kindness wasn’t an exaggeration. Just a simple sentence from her gave Bai Xiaofei an urge to marry her.

“I like everything made by you, Sister Liushuang. Make whatever is convenient for you.” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t your average person, his comeback put a blush on Leng Liushuang’s cheeks.

“What a sweet mouth you have. Just sit there and wait, it will be done soon!” Leng Liushuang immediately moved.

Bai Xiaofei acted like a good boy and sat down, quietly watching her.

If you ever looked carefully at someone who cooked for you with their heart, this warm feeling was really hard to describe in words, but when you immersed yourself in it, you’d think that life was blissful enough if you had just this person… Especially when it was Leng Liushuang, who was already a scene to behold by just standing there!

In her skillful hands, ingredients quickly turned into an aromatic breakfast. When Leng Liushuang placed one dish after another in front of him, the normally eloquent Bai Xiaofei was at a loss for words.

“Thank you, Sister Liushuang.” With a small smile, Bai Xiaofei immediately started eating.

This time, the one watching and the one being watched were switched. Leng Liushuang sat down next to Bai Xiaofei with a faint smile on her lips, staring straight at him as he wolfed down the food. The word happiness was practically engraved on her face.

For a chef, the greatest happiness was no other than when the person they cared about was delighted by the food they made.

At the moment, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t the only one happy. Huskie and Blackie all enjoyed their share. The delicious food successfully conquered a man, a cat, and a dog.

“Take it slow, the food’s gotten all over your face. No one is stealing your food,” reminded Leng Liushuang softly, then she laughed out loud again.

At the end of the meal, Bai Xiaofei didn’t disappoint Leng Liushuang. He cleaned out the dishes in front of him without leaving any residue and finished with a contented burp.

“Thank you for the meal. Wait for my good news!”

Patting his belly, Bai Xiaofei stood up and looked back at the still boiling soup pot on the stove.

How can one not fulfill the kind wish of a beautiful woman?

“How long does this take to be ready?” Bai Xiaofei pointed at the soup pot and asked Leng Liushuang with expectation in his eyes.

“It’ll take two hours at the earliest. I thought you’d get up about the same time as usual.” Leng Liushuang seemed to feel a little lost.

“Huskie, you stay with Sister Liushuang and send me the soup when it’s ready,” said Bai Xiaofei with the usual hint of threat in his tone as he looked at Huskie, whose head was still buried in the food. This was his daily routine with Huskie, because it was no use talking to that pet in a gentle voice.

Huskie naturally ignored Bai Xiaofei’s tone, but when it raised its head to look at Leng Liushuang who stood next to him, it happily nodded.

Like owner, like dog! Both couldn’t think straight when a beautiful woman was in sight.

“Great! Now I’ve got all of your breakfast, senior sister.” Bai Xiaofei looked at Leng Liushuang and smiled proudly as if he had solved the most difficult problem of the century.

“If you’re greedy, just admit it. Look at your smug little face!”

Leng Liushuang let out a little snort and poked Bai Xiaofei's forehead with her slender index finger.

“Go, don't let others wait. Your soup will come.”

Pushing Bai Xiaofei out of the kitchen, Leng Liushuang sent him off with a wave. Bai Xiaofei smiled and started toward the door. However, he didn’t take two steps before he turned back again.

“I forgot. This is for you, Sister Liushuang.”

Bai Xiaofei handed Leng Liushuang a translucent Crystal’s Longing. Leng Liushuang looked at the small fruit he held out, startled.

“It's delicious, have a taste!” Stuffing it into her hand, Bai Xiaofei turned and ran away at quite a speed!

Meanwhile, Leng Liushuang still stood in the spot, stunned as she looked at the Crystal’s Longing in her hand. Half a day later, her beautiful face finally bloomed with a gorgeous smile.

Stowing the Crystal’s Longing, Leng Liushuang skipped back to the pot, humming a little song as she watched over the soup.

The song was unique to the Kingdom of Snow.

The name of the song was ‘Crystal’s Longing.’

And Crystal’s Longing was a specialty product of the Snow Kingdom…

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