Chapter 271: The Allure of Starnet!

Chapter 271: The Allure of Starnet!

A simple revision of the original plan didn’t take Bai Xiaofei very long, but the plan for the first stage of the Blossom Ranking election was postponed – because Chu Qingtian hadn’t returned yet.

And this delay lasted three days!

Usually, three days might mean nothing, but for those who got into the top 500 in the last selection, those three days were simply a torment.

However, Luo Xi's requirement for Bai Xiaofei was fulfilled. Because of the impact of this matter, the academy had completely moved out from the shadow of the Di Jiang incident. From the teachers to the students, the topic of their discussions was all about the Blossom Ranking. Just like that, Starnet was back on track – the classes finally started.

However, the commencement of the courses had little to do with Bai Xiaofei, especially with the free-style teaching method of the Demon of Illusions. Not to mention that the matters at hand alone wouldn’t give him any time to learn. During the last three days, Bai Xiaofei first selected several suitable places as performance venues and also contacted the decoration personnel to get on with the decoration, and the focus of the decoration was the Demon of Illusions.

One’s own fertile water should not flow into others’ fields. What's more, it would be unacceptable not to make use of such a big place as the Demon of Illusions. No one ever used it before because Lei Min and the others never had the idea or the funds for it. But, Bai Xiaofei had both!

In the world of puppet masters, as long as one was willing to spend the money, anything could be completed at the fastest speed. What ordinary people took days half a month to do was probably just a matter of a finger flick for a puppet master.

Therefore, under the circumstances with Bai Xiaofei throwing down money like crazy, the Demon of Illusions visibly brightened up in just three days.

The Demon of Illusions’ residents of several years – Chu Liuyun’s group – were flabbergasted.

Having handled the venue matter, Bai Xiaofei held two conferences with the Savage Class, where the existence of the New Student Mutual Aid Community had been addressed.

After being assigned to their departments, the old students bullying the new only became more and more serious, some bullies even announced that anyone who joined the New Student Mutual Aid Community would be the subject of their ‘special care’! That was why Bai Xiaofei felt it necessary to take this opportunity and remind these junior brothers and sisters again that ––

I’m right behind you, no matter who is above you!

After various arrangements were made, the excited Savage Class once again moved. As long as they had Bai Xiaofei, they weren’t afraid of anyone. As for the seniors’ threat, no one in the Savage Class cared in the least. Even the dean of a whole department had been destroyed by Bai Xiaofei. Would he be scared of students? Not possible!

During this period, Xie Guangyun’s group of four took the initiative to see Bai Xiaofei once. In addition to offering the promised reward, having tasted the benefits several times, they keenly smelled the opportunity. Although they weren’t as perverse as Chu Qingtian who could guess all the arrangements Bai Xiaofei made from a booklet alone, they could ask.

But this time, Bai Xiaofei could only say sorry to them. Their offered capital was simply not enough.

However, the four bosses still gave their sincere blessings. They knew they wouldn’t be able to keep up with Bai Xiaofei’s footsteps in this life, but maintaining a good relationship was still doable. It was also for this reason that Lin Lang clenched his teeth and gave Bai Xiaofei a grade seven Rebirth Pill. This was the last one in his possession! Meanwhile, Xie Guangyun, who owned a medicine store, fell short with only a grade six Rage Pill.

But whether it was grade six or seven, their goodwill was all gladly accepted by him. Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be Bai Xiaofei if he didn’t take the advantages offered to him. Of course, he still made a promise to help out with anything in the future as long as it was within his ability.

In addition to the main business, Bai Xiaofei took a few days off to accompany Hu Xian’er and Lin Li, both of whom weren’t easy to deal with, just only in different natures. Now Lin Li had become more and more like a sister in his eyes…

To sum up, Bai Xiaofei's schedule for these three days could be said to be packed. By the time he regained his wits, Chu Qingtian had come looking for him.

Needless to say, just looking at Chu Qingtian's eager face, Bai Xiaofei knew the result was gratifying.

“How many people?” This was Bai Xiaofei's only concern. From his point of view, of course the more the better. While not all of them would be useful, the more people who came, the fiercer the competition would be and the greater the income he could generate!

“Nine!” Chu Qingtian’s reply was full of pride, but Bai Xiaofei's brow wrinkled.

“Only nine?!” Bai Xiaofei’s shocked cry succeeded in earning Chu Qingtian's dissatisfaction.

“The heck, what do you mean ‘only nine’? Do you know who they are?” Chu Qingtian reacted like his tail was stepped on when he saw Bai Xiaofei’s disdain. His tone was completely devoid of the calm that a vice principal should have.

“They’re very formidable?” Bai Xiaofei was a bit confused. After all, nine was really not much in his opinion.

“Do you know how many big merchant groups are there on the continent?” Chu Qingtian didn’t give a straight answer but asked Bai Xiaofei a question instead.

“I know four. Globe, Babel, Ethereal and Amethyst,” answered Bai Xiaofei quickly, but he felt like he had grasped something.

If it’s what I think, it’s gonna be interesting…

“Aii, what did you do during the history class on our continent? You don't even know the nine great merchant groups?!” Criticizing Bai Xiaofei from the principal’s perspective, Chu Qingtian inhaled deeply and added, “In addition to the four groups you mentioned, there are also Unify, Devpath, Violet Moon, Multihouse and Vivid Wing. These nine merchant groups monopolize 70% of the transactions in the continent!”

“The nine who have come are the representatives of these nine groups?” Bai Xiaofei asked. Chu Qingtian shook his head.

“That would be too good to be true. Starnet is not that influential yet. The Babel Merchant House has no interest, while I couldn’t contact Multihouse and Violet Moon, so only six out of nine have come. But, the remaining three are not simple either!” Chu Qingtian paused a little, then continued, “The managers from the headquarters of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant and Hundred Flavor House respectively, and a deputy head of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion!”

As soon as the words finished, Bai Xiaofei was stunned again. He knew about the Thousand Aroma Restaurant and Hundred Flavor House, but what was this Phoenix Cry Pavilion?

“The Phoenix Cry Pavilion is…”

“The only group in this continent that became famous by singing and dancing performances, and some even consider them a group that can rival the nine mercenary groups, only that they're not mercenaries. However, in terms of wealth, the nine mercenary groups can only bite their dust!” Chu Qingtian was smug as he said this.

To be able to invite people from all nine of those organizations at the same time, anyone could brag about it for a lifetime!

“If so, well, it’s acceptable.”

‘Acceptable’?! Just how big is your appetite?!

Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s comment, Chu Qingtian felt too drained to even complain… Sure enough, the mind of a perverse person was not for normal people to understand.

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