Chapter 268: Chu Qingtian's Vision, External Funds!

Chapter 268: Chu Qingtian's Vision, External Funds!

“Vice Principal, my plan is already in place. There isn’t much room if you want to add to the icing on the cake,” said Bai Xiaofei. His refusal was obvious.

However, Chu Qingtian didn’t panic at all. “Then, why don't we make a bet? I bet you’ll desire to cooperate with me after hearing my idea. If I win, you promise me one condition. If you win, I promise you one condition!”

A scene of deja vu was once again played out, and Bai Xiaofei's response was exactly the same.


You’re smart, but this lord is not stupid!

Being thrown back the exact same word, Chu Qingtian smiled as if everything was within expectation. He knew Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t agree, he had only said it to draw out Bai Xiaofei’s interest in what he really planned to say and therefore earning a chance to convince him.

Judging from the situation, Chu Qingtian's aim had been achieved.

“Then, don’t you want to listen just a little, I promise it’ll overturn your world view~~” Chu Qingtian looked no different than a shady uncle trying to kidnap a little girl using a lollipop. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei gulped with difficulty.

‘Little Girl’ Bai Xiaofei's defense was collapsing…

The allure of this lollipop was a little too great!

“It won’t hurt to just listen. Consider it accompanying me, your Vice Principal Chu, for a chat.”

When the cooked duck was delivered right to his tightly shut mouth, Bai Xiaofei’s defense collapsed completely in this confrontation.

Second round winner, Chu Qingtian!

“First, let me guess, a few points in your plan should be to make money,” said Chu Qingtian as he took out the little book distributed by Bai Xiaofei, then slowly leafed through it.

From her position, Chu Liuyun could see that in addition to the original words, the pages were full of red-marked handwriting. Chu Qingtian had really put in effort! A smart person wasn’t scary, what was scary was that he was smart and worked hard at the same time. How much would a vice principal-level generate when he put in the effort?

Chu Liuyun couldn’t give an answer to this question, but she would soon see it!

“First of all, all the training content will be streamed using Recording Eyeballs. You’ve probably found a special place to broadcast regularly. At that time, those that either want to watch it or get the right to broadcast it should be giving you a good profit.”

As Chu Qingtian commented, Bai Xiaofei couldn't help but furrow his brows.


“Secondly, the public performance. These many performances can’t be finished in just one go, so the venue for these performances and the right to attend them should also be one of the selling points.”

Another strike…

“Needless to say for the second round, it shouldn’t be different from the point I’ve just mentioned, but I'm very curious. Your setup for the second round reminds me of how the Babel Merchant House holds its bets. You shouldn’t have formed any partnership with them, have you? Because this feels a little redundant.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaofei swallowed hard. Chu Qingtian even guessed right about the Babel Merchant House, which was what he never expected.

“However, if you’ve really formed a cooperation with them, the Babel Merchant House should be involved in the whole process. At first, they should hold bets. However, I don't know how they will operate in detail. After all, I don't know much about their business. Next is regarding the popularity contest. If I didn't guess wrong, ‘allowing whatever method to rally votes’ should be limited to how the girls do it, not where they do it, right?”

At this point, Bai Xiaofei's palms had begun to sweat. So far, Chu Qingtian had made no mistakes with his guesses, even the order of points was right. Up to now, there was only one point left!

Could he really see through all of my plans by just looking at the book?

Bai Xiaofei was in disbelief, but he didn't let it show on his face, because it surely wouldn’t do him any good.

“The last point, in fact, I could not have imagined this, but I checked what you did the last time with the Blossom Ranking, and then I got the inspiration.” Chu Qingtian paused, his eyes shining with a strange brilliance. “You plan to pull some business owners to invest, just like the last time you auctioned the right to the Blossom Tickets.”

When these words were said, Bai Xiaofei was in shock.

Your mother, all points are right on the mark!

“As expected of Vice Principal Chu. Congratulations, you’ve got it all right, but what did you tell me all of this for? Vice Principal Luo has already told me that I can do everything the way I want it!” Bai Xiaofei grew cautious. As far as he was concerned, he had the ability to execute everything Chu Qingtian had pointed out on his own. Any further intervention from the academy wouldn’t be much of help to him and instead would take quite a big slice from his cake.

This was something Bai Xiaofei could not accept.

“Don't be nervous. As I said, I’ll make you desire to cooperate with me.” Chu Qingtian created some suspense with a mysterious smile.

“And where can we cooperate?” Bai Xiaofei asked skeptically.

“In the last step where your businessmen invest the money. Considering your network, the ones you can reach should be only within Starnet. While they do have some money, after your repeated squeezing, they can gather only several tens of billions of Amethyst Coins at best, not to mention that you can't cooperate with too many people, can you?”

When Chu Qingtian paused here, the three girls listening were completely dumbstruck.

‘Several tens of billions’?!


Even tens of billions of just copper coins is no small sum alright!

What the hell are they talking about? Just working the Blossom List can make so much money?!

With their lacking money-brains, the three really couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of Bai Xiaofei and Chu Qingtian, otherwise, the Demon of Illusions wouldn't be this poor.

“So what are you saying?” Bai Xiaofei also complained in his heart, because he couldn't think of what Chu Qingtian was getting at. This was also the first time that Bai Xiaofei had been limited by his vision.

“I can contact the businesses outside and get them to come here to compete for this investment right, and I can ask the principal to open up Starnet, introducing outside people in to be spectators. Then, even the qualification to vote can be used as an income point.”

This had Bai Xiaofei absolutely astonished.

Outside merchants… How are we going to work that angle?

“The Blossom Ranking is only within our academy. Are you sure the people outside will be interested? And would even be willing to spend a lot of money to invest?” Bai Xiaofei asked again, feeling like an ignorant child.

“You should know the particularity of the Blossom Ranking. Its influence is beyond Starnet. Moreover, you really underestimate the academy’s influence. Once Starnet opens itself to the outside world, countless people will pour in even if there are no activities, not to mention performances.” Chu Qingtian smiled and shook his head. This time, he finally got a point from Bai Xiaofei.

Kids are just kids after all. I ran him over!

That’s a lesson for you! Little brat, your knowledge is nowhere near enough!!

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