Chapter 267: Confrontations Begin - Bai Xiaofei vs Chu Qingtian

Chapter 267: Confrontations Begin - Bai Xiaofei vs Chu Qingtian

“Sister Liuyun said she wanted to confess to you, I'm here to watch the bustle!” Taking the opportunity to break away from Chu Liuyun, Leng Liuying quickly ran off after leaving a sentence, not giving Chu Liuyun any chance to retort.

When there were only two people left, the scene once again became embarrassing.

“Don't listen to her nonsense. I came to call you because Vice Principal Chu is here.” Chu Liuyun involuntarily lowered her head, afraid that Bai Xiaofei would see her flushed face, but what she didn’t know was that this shy, girly posture made it even easier to misunderstand.

“Vice Principal Chu? What is he looking for me for?” Bai Xiaofei was no innocent little boy. He could see there was something wrong with Chu Liuyun. However, he’d prefer one less thing to worry about at the moment, so he took the initiative to change the subject.

Sigh, where would you find a nice guy like me, denying the ‘food’ that’s already delivered to my door!

As he thought to himself, Bai Xiaofei's ego soared to a new height…

Meanwhile, Chu Liuyun felt a little loss, but there was no time for this hint of emotion to spread.

“I don't know, but it doesn't look like he’s looking for trouble,” Chu Liuyun made a guess.

Bai Xiaofei relaxed hearing this, he trusted Chu Liuyun. Therefore, the subject of his consideration changed from ‘how to face Chu Qingtian’ to ‘how to handle Chu Qingtian’ …

F*ck, this lord don’t give a shit who you are! I’ll absolutely squeeze out as much as I can!

Bringing this kind of mindset, Bai Xiaofei followed Chu Liuyun to the classroom that was transformed into a dining room, where Chu Qingtian had already buried himself in the food. He couldn’t be blamed. Few foodies would be able to restrain themselves in front of something made by Leng Liushuang, and It happened that Chu Qingtian's only weakness was food.

He could afford not having a girlfriend, but he couldn’t NOT have food!

Otherwise, why would Chu Qingtian, the laziest one in the academy, take up finance – the most worrying work in Starnet? It was because Lei Shan had promised to let him eat freely.

“Vice Principal Chu, long time no see. You seem to be in a good mood recently, huh?” Bai Xiaofei came over with a smile and sat right next to Chu Qingtian, then grabbed a delicious-looking steamed bun and stuffed it into his mouth.

For a master chef, even steamed buns could be made into a variety. As Bai Xiaofei chewed down the bun, his palate was assaulted with layers of flavors. This kind of feeling was unexpectedly similar to eating Crystal’s Longing!

Bai Xiaofei initially wanted to talk to Chu Qingtian, but after swallowing the steamed bun, he simply couldn't stop his eyes from drifting toward Leng Liushuang. He had eaten quite many meals in the Demon of Illusions, but none of the dishes had been repeated once.

“Big Sister Liushuang, this…… How is this made?” Bai Xiaofei looked so dumbfounded when he asked that Leng Liushuang couldn’t help bursting out in a laugh.

“This one is actually complicated, mainly because my sense of origin energy is more delicate than others, so I can utilize unique methods when processing the raw materials…”

“Okay, okay! I think I only need to know how to eat!” Leng Liushuang hadn’t even finished when Bai Xiaofei already felt a headache coming on. This kind of complex stuff really didn’t suit him.

Meanwhile, Leng Liushuang burst out laughing again upon seeing Bai Xiaofei’s pained face. Who could imagine the new mighty star of the academy would be troubled by such a meal like this?

“Slow down, slow down! I haven't had enough of the steamed buns yet! “

“The rest of the soup is mine!”

“You’re not allowed to take that fruit bowl!”

“The pickles are mine!”


The small dining table became a battlefield between Bai Xiaofei and Chu Qingtian. The three of Leng Liushuang gawked with their mouths wide open.

Eating can be this intense?!

After the two swept the table like a hurricane and were finally satisfied, there was not even a crumb left on the table. In fact, it was so clean that it spared them the trouble of washing the dishes!

Slumping in their chairs, Bai Xiaofei and Chu Qingtian burped and looked at each other with appreciation. In this world, there weren’t only wine friends. Sometimes a like-minded meal friend was much harder to find.

“Well, it's time to get down to business.” Chu Qingtian finally remembered what he came for.

“How about we make a bet? If I guess correctly what you're going to say, Vice Principal Chu, you need to promise me one condition. If I get it wrong, I’ll promise you one!” Bai Xiaofei started setting traps again.

“No!” Chu Qingtian refused without hesitation. According to his years of experience, anyone who said this kind of thing was probably more than 90% sure of winning, so no matter how good the conditions were, he just ignored them whenever possible.

What's more, the person sitting opposite him had already played him once!

“Tch, that’s boring.”

Snorting, Bai Xiaofei revealed an expression of losing all interest, but Chu Qingtian didn’t care at all. He knew that as long as he stated his purpose for coming here, Bai Xiaofei would be interested again.

Because he was here for a win-win situation!

“I heard that you are going to change the screening mechanism of the Blossom Ranking.” Chu Qingtian chose to proceed slowly, step by step.

“Huh? The academy pays attention to things like this? But I heard that the Blossom Ranking is not supported by Starnet…” Bai Xiaofei squeezed out a surprised expression, but his tone had a hint of sarcasm to it.

So what if this lord mocks you? Who told you to refuse a bet with me? Bite me if you can!

“If the academy really opposes, you think the so-called four rankings could have lasted for this long? It's just turning a blind eye, it doesn’t mean the academy doesn't pay attention,” said Chu Qingtian calmly, seemingly completely unaffected by Bai Xiaofei.

“But, how did I hear that the academy had tried to handle the Bounty Ranking and it turned out for naught in the end?” Staring straight at Chu Qingtian, Bai Xiaofei was dead set on gaining the upper hand in this matter.

“It was just a rumor passed among the students. In fact, after the academy stepped in, the Bounty Ranking was modified and many missions that shouldn’t have been there were removed.” How could Chu Qingtian come to Bai Xiaofei empty-handed? He had been doing his homework all night!

“The academy college is but an outsider to the four rankings. Why do you suddenly have an interest in the Blossom Ranking?”

The first clash ended with Bai Xiaofei changing the subject. The result was a draw! Also due to this, Bai Xiaofei once again got to know this fat guy whose appetite could rival him. His title of vice principal indeed wasn’t based on exaggeration!

“That's because I truly admire the plan you’ve come up with. I think I need to help you to maximize its benefits!” Chu Qingtian finally got to the point, moreover in a way that Bai Xiaofei didn’t think of.

Mother! And here I thought my skin was already very thick! This fatty has even thicker skin than me!

To be able to demand a piece of the pie in such a refreshing way, Chu Qingtian could make quite a big boss in the world of ‘thick skin’!

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