Chapter 266: Vice Principal of Finance - Chu Qingtian!

Chapter 266: Vice Principal of Finance - Chu Qingtian!

Chu Qingtian knew Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t let him down, but he didn’t expect that it would be organized this quick – Only a day after he had talked to Bai Xiaofei, Starnet exploded!

With the small books being distributed by Yun Jingshuang, the news of the upcoming re-screening of the Blossom Ranking circulated in Starnet at a frightening speed. The 400 female students who had failed to make the list almost immediately expressed their willingness to participate, without exception.

As for the male students who were making an effort for the beauties on the current Blossom Ranking, they met with temporary tragedy, since the chance to meet with the beauties that they had won had to be delayed. Fortunately, Yun Jingshuang promised that the new Blossom Ranking would adopt the old operation and the Blossom Pavilion had already recorded the completed tasks so as not to cause any trouble for anyone. Moreover, the quality of the new Blossom Ranking would only improve, so it was equivalent to an indirect increase in the value of the Blossom Ticket…

Toward this explanation from Blossom Pavilion, the students with ideas for the beauties in the ranking could only choose to accept. After all, the pavilion held every right to the Blossom Ranking.

However, many still looked forward to it. The details of the new selection proposal had been released to the public. No one knew what would happen next, but one thing for certain was that it was going to be excellent!

Different people held different expectations. For instance, let’s talk about Chu Qingtian who was completely unable to sit still.

No, he was not interested in the beauties of the Blossom Ranking. Di Jiang’s ashes weren’t even cold yet.

What made Chu Qingtian unable to remain calm was the business opportunity he smelled from this activity organized by Bai Xiaofei. As the vice principal of Starnet in charge of finance, Chu Qingtian's business sense was definitely the best. Coupled with his vision, he could implement many things that even Bai Xiaofei couldn’t imagine. However, he needed Bai Xiaofei's consent to work these things.

So, he came to visit Bai Xiaofei, without even having eaten breakfast first!

Weren’t it for him getting the book too late the previous night, he would have rushed right over then!

Facts proved that Chu Qingtian missing out on his breakfast was totally unnecessary, because when he arrived at the Demon of Illusions, Bai Xiaofei hadn’t even gotten up…

“G-good morning, Vice Principal Chu.” In the middle of setting the dishes on the table, Leng Liushuang looked at the suddenly appearing Chu Qingtian with a hint of consternation.

Could it be… he’s here to collect the monthly fees?!

But we can't afford it right now!

“Is Bai Xiaofei here?” Ignoring Leng Liushuang’s expression, Chu Qingtian spoke a bit anxiously. Given his understanding of Bai Xiaofei, the guy could sell him out if he wasn't stopped as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Leng Liushuang secretly heaved a sigh of relief when hearing that Chu Qingtian was looking for Bai Xiaofei.

Anything is fine as long as it’s not about money!

“Junior Brother Xiaofei hasn't woken up yet. Do you want me to call him for you?” Leng Liushuang said softly, as if afraid to frighten Chu Qingtian.

“No need, no need. I'll just wait. Is Lei Min here?” After confirming that Bai Xiaofei hadn’t gone out, Chu Qingtian's mood relaxed and he thought of Lei Min – the second problem.

Of the principals, the only one who could be considered close to Lei Min was Luo Xi. The rest rarely ever earned a good look from her. After all, he, Chu Qingtian, once suggested abolishing the Demon of Illusions as well…

“Sister Lei isn’t here. She went out to find someone…”

Leng Liushuang suddenly stammered at the end. However, Chu Liuyun came right at this time.

“Big Sister Lei has gone out to discuss the renovation. It’s a new semester after all. Although there are few of us, a new atmosphere is still greatly appreciated. Good morning, Vice Principal Chu.”

Indeed, Chu Liuyun wasn’t the eldest sister for nothing. Her aura wasn’t one bit weaker in front of the vice principal, something that ordinary people couldn’t pull off. As for Lei Min going out to discuss the redecoration, it was complete nonsense. In fact, Lei Min had gone out to borrow money…

She had no other choice, the monthly payment was right around the corner!

As for why she didn’t just ask Bai Xiaofei, this was very simple – she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“Hello Liuyun, long time no see. You’ve grown more beautiful again!” It was easy to tell that Chu Qingtian was no good at flattery. No wonder he was an old bachelor until now.

Even so, this one sentence successfully stunned Chu Liuyun and Leng Liushuang. It was a known fact that Chu Qingtian seldomly flattered others!

What does he want? Doubt arose in the two’s hearts, but it didn’t delay Chu Liuyun from responding.

“Vice Principal Chu is too nice. Since you’re not in a hurry, please wait here a little. I'll call Xiaofei.” After inviting Chu Qingtian to sit down, Chu Liuyun looked at Leng Liushuang. “Liushuang, add a bowl and a pair of chopsticks for Vice Principal Chu.”

Hearing Chu Liuyun's arrangement, Chu Qingtian wanted to refuse a little for the sake of courtesy, but he couldn't open his mouth when he saw the food on the table. Leng Liushuang’s cooking was more than just good! Clearly there was no expensive food, but Leng Liushuang had set a big table that could draw out an appetite from anyone.

No wonder she dared to brag with Bai Xiaofei about this. Grabbing a man's stomach was too easy for her.

The place where they had their meals was a small classroom near their dormitory area, so Chu Liuyun didn’t take long to arrive at the door of Bai Xiaofei’s room.

“Big Sister Liuyun, did you just get up as well?”

Before Chu Liuyun could knock on the door, a stretching Leng Liuying came out of the room, her impeccable figure showing vividly. The milky white short-sleeved shirt and skirt uniform added a full breath of youth to her.

“Huh? Wait that’s not right. Sister Liuyun, why are you standing at Little Feifei's door?” Leng Liuying suddenly realized something and revealed a look of surprise, and soon the surprise turned into a meaningful, dirty smile. She reached Chu Liuyun’s side in two steps and looked at her with evil intent. “Sister Liuyun, say, are you planning to ‘eat’ alone or something?”

Her delicate cheeks slightly blushed, Chu Liuyun hurriedly put on an angry expression to hide the waves in her heart. “Asking for a beating, aren’t you? Vice Principal Chu is here. I just want to call him out of bed!”

“Oooh, so it’s just to ‘call him out of bed’ huh. Seems that I overthought things.” Covering her mouth to steal a snicker, Leng Liuying successfully earned a round of revenge from Chu Liuyun.

“Hahaha… Sister Liuyun… haha… I was wrong… haha…”

Just when the two girls were completely laced together, Bai Xiaofei's door opened, and then the three all fell into discomfiture.

Looking at the two girls in front of him, Bai Xiaofei's sound of swallowing broke the silence.

Just imagine two absolute beauties entwined in front of you, their snow-white limbs interlaced and their clothes that were messy due to intense movement showing beautiful scenes in some places…

In fact, just gulping was already a very conservative response!

“Senior… senior sisters, you guys are…” Stuttering, Bai Xiaofei thought his head had short-circuited a little.

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