Chapter 264: The Pitiful ‘Waiting Statue’ Lu Lingyun!

Chapter 264: The Pitiful ‘Waiting Statue’ Lu Lingyun!

Having distributed the books, Bai Xiaofei only gave a few sentences of encouragement. After all, the enthusiasm of the girls on the Blossom Ranking had already gone through the roof without him having to say anything more.

The departure of the beauties also officially announced the complete success of the first stage of his plan. Compared to those already on the Blossom Ranking, the girls who wanted to be on it but had missed their chances were simply too easy to persuade. Bai Xiaofei didn’t have to make the move himself, he only needed to let Yun Jingshuang hand out the books.

Therefore, what Bai Xiaofei had to do now was to prepare the next stage. For this, he must go to see someone – the long-time-no-see boss of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, Lu Lingyun.

Honestly, Lu Lingyun’s patience was laudable. Just the renovation alone had already taken such a long time, and after the renovation, there had been no movement from Bai Xiaofei, but this fellow didn't even utter a sound, not intending to disturb Bai Xiaofei at all.

Even Bai Xiaofei himself was a little embarrassed for taking so much money from the guy without any visible returns, which was contrary to his principles as a human. Therefore, he even turned down the invitations from Hu Xian’er and the others and immediately ran straight to the Thousand Aroma Restaurant as soon as he handled the Blossom Ranking matter.

Standing at the gate of the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, Bai Xiaofei hesitated for half a second.

Not because he was embarrassed, but because he was afraid. He had developed an allergy to this place. And the allergen was Rui Mengqi!

Every now and then, what had happened the last time he was here still appeared in his sleep in the form of nightmares. The feeling of being scared awake wasn’t pleasant.

Can you imagine having a dream with the breath of romantic spring, when your girlfriend suddenly pushes you away, takes out a big kitchen knife and chases you while chopping and loudly calling you an ungrateful bastard?

Bai Xiaofei didn’t have to imagine, because he already had first-hand experience in his dreams. And the person that called him ‘ungrateful’ was Rui Mengqi!

Let the heavens and earth be the judge, this lord has been wronged!

No matter how scared he was, however, he had to enter. If he didn’t see Lu Lingyun, he might just harvest another kind of nightmare.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei took a historic step. Inside, the hostesses were half-asleep. However, it wasn’t that they were unprofessional, but that the Thousand Aroma Restaurant was too cold and cheerless.

“Boss Bai! You’ve come!” exclaimed a hostess immediately the moment she saw Bai Xiaofei. Ever since the end of the renovation, Lu Lingyun had passed down an instruction that whoever received Bai Xiaofei would be rewarded with half a month's salary!

“Are you looking for Director Rui this time?” The girl was very sensible. She didn’t directly mention Lu Lingyun, but tried to anticipate Bai Xiaofei from his perspective.

As for why Rui Mengqi was found in his perspective, don't even ask…

Who in the Thousand Aroma Restaurant didn’t know that Rui Mengqi was parachuted into here because of Bai Xiaofei?

Who didn’t know that Rui Mengqi received Bai Xiaofei personally every time he visited?

Who didn’t know that Bai Xiaofei once gave Rui Mengqi a piece of Crystal’s Longing!

Also, who didn’t know that Rui Mengqi would shout out Bai Xiaofei's name in her dreams!

If someone said there was nothing between them, would you believe it? Well, no one in the Thousand Aroma Restaurant would.

As for how those were known by others, it was very simple. As long as someone asked Rui Mengqi, she wouldn’t hide anything.

“No, I'm looking for Boss Lu.” Bai Xiaofei, who didn’t know anything, didn’t think much about the question and simply stated his purpose.

When the hostess heard that Bai Xiaofei had come to find Lu Lingyun, her eyes immediately lit up. Here comes half a month's salary!

“Let me take you to him. Boss Lu has been waiting for you for a long time!” Her using the respectful form of ‘you’ made Bai Xiaofei feel uncomfortable all over.

“Ehh, Sister, you don't have to call me ‘you,’ just call me by my name, or even ‘Boss Bai’ is good. I'm only sixteen…” Bai Xiaofei awkwardly interrupted the hostess.

The girls couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his shy little act. Who would have thought that the ‘headache’ of Starnet would have such a cute side to him? Well, the word ‘cute’ needed to be reconsidered, but let's make do with it for now…

“Good, Boss Bai, let us go!” Her mood being lifted by Bai Xiaofei, the hostess led the way with a hint of joy that was hard to hide.

Soon, they arrived at the top floor where Lu Lingyun was. This time there was nothing on this floor besides Lu Lingyun's office.

Regarding enjoying life, Lu Lingyun was definitely the best expert in the entire academy. After all, he came from a big place.

“Boss, Boss Bai is here.”

The hostess knocked and informed gently in a voice as if she was afraid of frightening Lu Lingyun, but such a light voice was met with a series of loud noises. In less than a second, the door opened with a bang. The moment he saw Bai Xiaofei, Lu Lingyun's stubble-covered face didn’t show excitement, but injustice…

“If you had come any later, I’d go crazy.” Lu Lingyun choked as he said this. There was no one else but this weirdo Bai Xiaofei who was able to drive the mighty big boss to such a state.

“Brother Lu, calm down, there’s still another person here!” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly comforted upon seeing Lu Lingyun on the verge of tears. He wouldn’t know how to coax such a big man if he really cried out loud!

Indeed, Lu Lingyun heeded the reminder and successfully controlled himself. He turned to the hostess and sent her away, saying, “Receive your reward from finance. You can go now.”

“Won’t you invite me in for a drink?” In order to ease the atmosphere, Bai Xiaofei asked without any shame.

“How many glasses do you want? My wines are all ancient now. If I don’t get to sell them soon, they’d be old enough for auction!” His words were full of bitterness; Bai Xiaofei had really turned Lu Lingyun from a big boss into a comedian.

“They will sell, they will sell…” With a hint of embarrassment on his face, Bai Xiaofei, who didn’t regard himself as an outsider, entered Lu Lingyun's ‘office.’

Erm, using the word ‘office’ to describe it was really an understatement for this room. Even a presidential suite was nothing compared to this.

“Just sit down anywhere. Don't mind it. The place is small,” Lu Lingyun said lightly, but Bai Xiaofei gulped with difficulty.

This place is small… then what do you call the place where I live?

Forget it, let’s not bring myself down.

Helplessly shaking his head, Bai Xiaofei shook away the redundant thoughts and looked at Lu Lingyun, who was walking towards him with a glass of wine. For the first time, Bai Xiaofei was too embarrassed to know how to start the conversation…

“I hope you didn't just come here just for a drink, otherwise, you’ll need to be ready to take over the Thousand Aroma Restaurant.” Lu Lingyun passed the glass to Bai Xiaofei as his expression revealed a trace of pain and embarrassment.

“What do you mean?” Bai Xiaofei realized that there was more to it from Lu Lingyun’s words.

“The inspector sent from headquarters to carry out an assessment is coming ahead of schedule this year…”

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