Chapter 263: A Proposal that Shakes up Starnet!

Chapter 263: A Proposal that Shakes up Starnet!

When Bai Xiaofei flashed the Feature Locking Pill, the house quietened down and there were no more sounds of resistance. All the dissatisfaction turned into expectation as the girls waited for Bai Xiaofei to announce his so-called ‘new rules.’ At the moment, they only hoped that these ‘new rules’ would really be of help to them.

Bai Xiaofei smiled in satisfaction. A tall stack of books appeared in front of him, numbering exactly one hundred.

“Now, one by one in order, from the first to the last position, come and take one each. It has everything you want to know.”

As soon as his voice rang out, the vast majority of people fidgeted, unable to sit still, but all tried to hold themselves back. None of them dared to fly in the face of Bai Xiaofei. There was no other way, the Feature Locking Pill was right there in front of them!

From her seat at the top position, Hu Xian’er slowly got up and walked to Bai Xiaofei, step by step. Unlike the others, she only cared about Bai Xiaofei.

“Do you want me to continue sitting in that position, or not to sit so high?” Staring straight at Bai Xiaofei, Hu Xian’er asked a question that made everyone stare wide.

“If it’s yours then it’s yours, nobody can take it away. You don’t have to go easy on anyone.”

After getting Bai Xiaofei’s answer, Hu Xian’er smiled faintly. She took the first book and walked leisurely back to her seat, a position that she would not give to anyone!

Following Hu Xian’er, Lin Li walked down. The moment the two brushed shoulders, a smell of gunpowder spread.

“I will be above you this time!”

“Well, I’ll be waiting!”

Two short sentences, not in very loud voices. At least Bai Xiaofei didn’t hear it, or else he’d have one more thing to worry about.

Lin Li walked to Bai Xiaofei and stood face to face with him. A hint of grievance could be heard in her voice. “You haven’t come to see me in a long time…”

“I just haven’t been able to find the time. Be a good girl, I’ll come to play with you these two days.” Quietly comforting her, Bai Xiaofei added another task to his list. He had no choice, this girl could burst into tears in a second if you didn’t coax her.

“Mmm, I’ll remember this. You must not forget!”

Pure people were just so nice. Just give them a sweet carrot and they would be happy for a whole day…

“Don’t worry, how can I forget my Little Li Li?” Bai Xiaofei inwardly sighed when he said this. To tell the truth, he really didn’t know how he should treat Lin Li now.

However, Lin Li didn’t consider so much. She only knew that Bai Xiaofei would soon come to accompany her and was happy all the way back to her seat.

Chu Liuyun was the third to come down. When she saw the first two talking and laughing with Bai Xiaofei, a feeling beyond words emerged from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t know why she was like this. Could it be that the joke went too far and transcended?

Lost in thought as she went, Chu Liuyun didn’t even notice that she was going to bump into the hill of books ahead…

“Big Sister Liuyun, why so distracted?” Bai Xiaofei smiled as usual as he picked up a book and handed it to Chu Liuyun.

However, such a normal smile, in the eyes of Chu Liuyun, held a strange warmth that dazed her for a second.

A second later, Chu Liuyun was suddenly jolted awake. A flush instantly crept up her delicate face and she hurriedly walked back as if fleeing for her life, nearly spraining her ankle on the steps in the process.

A confused Bai Xiaofei watched Chu Liuyun, blinking dumbly.

This… What happened?!

However, he didn’t have much time to ponder as the rest of the girls after the first three were much more speedy. Once in a while Bai Xiaofei was flirted with, but he handled it perfectly. Among them, Qin Lingyan and Xue Ying also did their best to make it difficult for him. The former used an ice-cold tone, while the latter relied on her provocative eyes.

Since Xue Ying had stopped being Bai Xiaofei’s headteacher, she had been getting more and more ‘brutal’ every day!

After everyone settled back in their seats, they opened the small books and the ‘new rules’ came into view. After they finished reading it, they realized that Bai Xiaofei’s use of the word ‘rules’ wasn’t very accurate.

Because this thing in their hands was clearly a detailed activity proposal! Voting was only part of it that didn’t even occupy much room in the proposal. Meanwhile, the ‘touchstone’ Bai Xiaofei had mentioned actually wasn’t overblown, whoever was able to eliminate the rest in this series of activities and stand until the end would be a true all-round goddess!

The whole activity was divided into three parts.

The first part was displaying one’s talent. All the top 500 participating in the new election would undergo unified training for a period of one month, in teams or individuals by choice. A month later, they would perform in front of the entire academy, after which the first round of voting would be held to eliminate 200 people. In addition, the full training process of all participants would be filmed with the Recording Eyeballs, and the recordings would be streamed during that month so that voters got to know the participants from all aspects.

The second part was power confrontation. The 300 who passed the first round were free to form a team of their own, each team limited to five people. Aside from the participant herself, each of the remaining four teammates had to be chosen from the four different grades. Finally, the 300 teams were to be divided into 10 groups, and 30 teams in each group would enter a round-robin. The order of appearance and opponents were decided by drawing lots. The winners would remain in the ring. Any team that won three games would be qualified while losing three games meant direct elimination. All 10 round-robins would be held at the same time, and only the leaders of the top 150 teams that met the promotion conditions would go onto the next round.

The third part was popularity. The final 150 were allowed whatever means they had in order to canvass votes. During this final stage of a 15-day period, everyone in Starnet had the right to vote 100 times per day, but only one vote could be cast for the same person. After 15 days, the total votes would be counted, and the ranking of votes would determine which 100 people would stay in the new Blossom Ranking.

And at the end of the whole proposal, Bai Xiaofei put the terrifyingly rich rewards!

Each time passing a screening was rewarded, and the contents only grew more and more bountiful. Finally, the reward for making the top 100 rankings enchanted all hearts, especially the reward for the top 3 – the Feature Locking Pill!

Calculating all these rewards gave everyone an illusion – Bai Xiaofei seemed to have no shortage of money…

Of course, Bai Xiaofei certainly wouldn’t be the one throwing out this money. The business opportunities that came with these three screening stages weren’t written in the book.

The so-called ‘rich rewards’ were built on the condition that he struck gold with this activity. Otherwise, why else would he have gone to so much trouble?

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