Chapter 262: The Dominance of the Feature Locking Pill

Chapter 262: The Dominance of the Feature Locking Pill

Since the establishment of the Blossom Pavilion, this year was definitely its most active year, and also the year which the beautiful sisters on its ranking cooperated the most. This wasn’t a surprise, as Bai Xiaofei had everything in place. Firstly, he accomplished everything he had promised to do. Secondly, he smoothly parried all the petty troubles.

Most importantly, every time the girls took part in events organized by Bai Xiaofei and Yun Jingshuang, their harvests ended up quite bountiful and the process itself was interesting. So, what reason was there not to come and have fun in their spare time? However, what the sisters didn’t expect this time was that the news brought by Bai Xiaofei would be unwelcome to some of them.

But Bai Xiaofei still had to say it, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to solve the many problems at hand!

Without a single one missing, all one hundred people were all seated in their own positions. Under the arrangement of Bai Xiaofei, the seats formed a pyramid. The higher the ranking, the fewer people in the same line, and the higher the height of the line.

“I know that everyone has some dissatisfaction with the seating I’ve set up, especially the pretty girls who are closer to me.” Standing in front of everyone, Bai Xiaofei spoke smilingly and unrestrainedly.

“Junior brother, you’re right, we’re very unhappy. You must comfort us well.” In the first row, a third-year senior sister of the Furnace of Agarwood responded immediately, but her tone didn’t sound unhappy at all.

In the past, Bai Xiaofei had been but a new student with a bunch of evil little ideas as far as these female students were concerned. What left the deepest impression on them was the continuous choices made by Hu Xian’er and the other girls at the Blossom Banquet. But now? It was another story. After the New Student Competition and Di Jiang incident, Bai Xiaofei had been pushed to the forefront. No one had a doubt about his future. The word ‘extraordinary’ had been bound to him for life.

It was also due to this that Bai Xiaofei now had the value of being teased and flirted with. He was worthy of anyone present!

“It is my duty to make a beautiful girl happy, and also my pleasure, but before that, I have some bad news for everyone.” The smile on his face not decreasing one bit, Bai Xiaofei’s tone suddenly became formal.

The hearts of the girls in the seats instinctively tightened.

‘Some bad news’ means…?

“Although this year’s Blossom Ranking hasn’t been voted for long, I believe that everyone’s already felt my sincerity, and I promise that this sincerity will always be there!” Shrouded in the uneasy gazes of all and sundry, Bai Xiaofei said a sentence that didn’t sound like bad news no matter how they heard it.

This is the bad news?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask in the end. Bai Xiaofei’s response was a shallow smile.

Of course not. I’m just afraid you won’t be able to stand it if I get straight to the big stick.

“I also hope this is the bad news, but it’s obviously not. All sincerity is founded on a premise, and the premise of this one is that you can still sit here in the future!”

When his words dropped, the whole house was shaken. Almost everyone showed a blank expression.

What do you mean by ‘you can still sit here’?!

Someone has to leave? Leave how?

Recently, there hasn’t been any news about any dangerous missions from Starnet lately! Even if there is one, it still won’t be any of the students’ business, okay?

“What does that mean?” With a hundred people present, questions would always be asked. On the other hand, the speaker also wanted to take the opportunity to draw Bai Xiaofei’s attention to her.

“A month later, the Blossom Ranking will be again updated. The top 500 in the last voting will be given a chance to be re-judged. The new rules will be distributed to everyone in a short while. A month later, according to the new rules, the top 100 will replace the current Blossom Ranking.”

This struck 80% of the people present like lightning.

After the shock, the crowd was unable to remain calm any longer and burst like a pot with its lid blown away. An unceasing flow of voices was heard.

This ‘bad news’ was really so bad it couldn’t be any worse. When the girls had first been selected for the Blossom Ranking, everyone felt that they could just sit back, enjoy a year of reverence from the public as well as the benefits from Bai Xiaofei. Therefore, when that explosive news was dropped, they couldn’t stand it. They were afraid of falling off their pedestals!

“Based on what?! The Blossom Ranking has existed for so long without changing. You’re challenging our bottom line!” A student from the Sword of Assault department sitting in the rank 40s sprang up, her anger directed right at Bai Xiaofei.

There weren’t just a few people with the same idea in the angry, emotionally stirred crowd. Bai Xiaofei had just turned himself into a public enemy.

However, he didn’t care. Since he dared to say it, he had the confidence to suppress all opposing voices. Otherwise, Bai Xiaofei would not be called Bai Xiaofei!

“It hasn’t changed before doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future. Besides, you don’t need to be so emotional. No matter how the rules change, the final decision will still be made by voting. As long as you have the ability, this so-called re-screening will only be the touchstone to enhance your value, and not what you’re thinking it to be right now. Or, do you have so little confidence in yourself?” Bai Xiaofei threw back a question, rendering the standing senior sister speechless.

How could she respond to this? Say she had no confidence? That was the same as slapping her own face!

But saying that she had confidence? If so, why the hell would she stand up?

The senior sister who stood up wasn’t the only one speechless, but also the ones sitting, thinking about how they should answer Bai Xiaofei’s question. However, being thrown into a prepared pit in such a short time by Bai Xiaofei, they couldn’t come up with a suitable response.

“I mean, why would you want to do something so unnecessary?!” The senior sister’s response was quick, but her tone was obviously weaker.

“No, no, no, this is definitely not unnecessary. The old Blossom Ranking judges too simply, its rules can’t fully display your charm at all. The new rules I have proposed is going to let everyone really know you from all aspects. Only in this way can the Blossom List really have no shortcomings! Moreover, this activity I’m going to organize won’t be totally useless to you all who are already very powerful. Those who finally get a place on the new Blossom Ranking will receive rewards, and among them, the rewards for the top 3 –– the Feature Locking Pill!”

A glass bottle appeared in Bai Xiaofei’s hand. For a moment, everyone quieted down and countless eyes converged on the glass bottle.

Feature Locking Pill!

The impact of those three words was tremendous. That was why when Bai Xiaofei looked over and met their eyes, he seemed to see vicious demons staring hungrily at their food. Were it not for the girls having scruples about their image, someone would have darted over already.

Seeing such a scene, the corner of Bai Xiaofei’s mouth slightly curved up.


Indeed a killer move that no one could have defended against!

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