Chapter 261: Sturdy Blossom Pavilion, Capable Bai Xiaofei

Chapter 261: Sturdy Blossom Pavilion, Capable Bai Xiaofei1

“When can you find something minor so that I can relax a little.” Yun Jingshuang didn’t seem the least bit interested in Bai Xiaofei's ‘big deal.’ It wasn’t like he had to worry about money.

He had no worries, but Bai Xiaofei did!

“Senior brother, life is too short! How can you live brilliantly without doing something great!”

Bai Xiaofei blabbered excitedly, wanting to infect Yun Jingshuang with his enthusiasm, but the latter was as stone, he only slowly took a sip of tea.

“I’m not yet even 20 years old. While I dare not say that I will enter the Exquisite rank in my lifetime, Grandmaster isn’t a problem. And it’s not a problem for a Grandmaster to live over 100 years old. I have time to do great things,” said Yun Jingshuang calmly as he flashed Bai Xiaofei an enigmatic smile.

“Senior, you will lose me – your friend – if you keep talking like that!” Glaring intently at Yun Jingshuang, Bai Xiaofei's face sank.

“You did a good job of encouraging the students before and the academy has been a bit quiet recently. Say, should I consider feeding them some exciting information?” As soon as Yun Jingshuang said this, Bai Xiaofei was dumbstruck.

What the hell?! He’s threatening me?!

This lord will, I… I’ll…

Fine, I'm scared, alright!

Damn it, it feels crappy to have your weakness in others’ hands!

“Big Brother Yun, please save me! I’ve already promised them. If you don't help me, I’ll be hunted down!” Since the hard way didn’t work, Bai Xiaofei instantly changed tactics. He was willing to use any tricks as long as it got Yun Jingshuang to agree.

“I never said I wouldn't help,” said Yun Jingshuang with a faint smile. Bai Xiaofei was stunned again.

That’s right, he didn’t say he wouldn’t agree…

Wait that’s not right!

Why did you drag me around like that if you’d agree anyway?! Is it so fun to tease me?!

Well, of course it's fun to tease you… That was the answer from the expression of Yun Jingshuang, who couldn’t help burst out laughing after seeing Bai Xiaofei’s dumbfounded face.

Listening to that mad laughter similar to pigs being killed, Bai Xiaofei's face really sank. You surnamed Yun, this lord shall remember this! But now, I will continue to endure!!

After his laughter gradually ceased, Yun Jingshuang finally said what Bai Xiaofei wanted to hear, “I haven't had this much fun in a long time. While I’m still in a good mood, you can say it, what do you want me to do this time?”

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaofei merely acted as if nothing had happened. He adjusted his mood and solemnly looked at Yun Jingshuang.

“Do you remember the Thousand Aroma Restaurant? The boss asked me to help revive his business. After he returned, they have been renovating the place, and now the renovations are completed,” Bai Xiaofei paused here, his eyes revealed a hint of zeal.

“You're a major shareholder, of course I remember. Are you going to borrow the Blossom Pavilion's popularity?” Yun Jingshuang guessed the general idea, but he couldn't figure out the details. Not to mention that Bai Xiaofei hadn't finished yet.

“That’s not all yet, the Thousand Aroma Restaurant is only one part of it. After the Thousand Aroma Restaurant, the Babel Merchant House branch also formed a partnership with me. I need to create avenues for them to offer betting services. Moreover, I am in the Demon of Illusions now. Our department is on the verge of dissolution. I promised the director to keep the Demon of Illusions intact before the next department competition.”

Finishing his speech, Bai Xiaofei once again looked at Yun Jingshuang. Yun Jingshuang’s eyes were already wide open and the cup in his hand had also fallen in his shock.

Did I hear him right? He has to do so many things? And each is more difficult than the last to boot! Boy, how did you get caught up in so many things? And you even promised to help each one of them?!

Yun Jingshuang was currently a little regretful. He regretted that he had agreed so straightforwardly, and regretted that he had underestimated Bai Xiaofei's appetite.

“Then… then what are you planning to do?” Gulping, Yun Jingshuang asked weakly.

“Cook everything in one pot! Hold one activity to solve all the problems!” Bai Xiaofei’s firm voice rang out, and as the audience, Yun Jingshuang swore he could see a great plan. This was also why he was even more certain –– My peaceful days are really gone…

“Alright, no need to mention the unimportant stuff. My heart isn’t doing very well right now. Just say what you want to do and what my task is.”

Giving up on treatment, Yun Jingshuang’s tone was laced with resignation to his fate. If Bai Xiaofei kept going anymore, he felt that his life might just be over, ahead of schedule…

“For such a long time, don’t you think that the evaluation mechanism of the Blossom Ranking is a bit unreasonable?”

Bai Xiaofei dropped a bomb, causing Yun Jingshuang to instantly open his eyes wide again and stare at him. After half a second of shock, Yun Jingshuang smacked the table and stood up.

“The Blossom Ranking has always evaluated like this since the day it was created! If you are dissatisfied, why even keep clinging to it?!” Yun Jingshuang was truly angry this time, but his reaction was exactly what Bai Xiaofei had predicted. Based on his understanding of Yun Jingshuang, he was a character who stuck to something he approved of to the end, so Bai Xiaofei had long thought about what he should say next.

“The long existence of something does not necessarily mean it’s reasonable. Let me ask you a question. If your answer is contrary to mine, then I will leave immediately and never bother you again. How about that?” Bai Xiaofei said slowly without panic.

“Say it!” Clenching his teeth, Yun Jingshuang made one last concession.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit biased to judge a girl's excellence only from her appearance?”

A critical strike!

The moment this question was asked, Yun Jingshuang froze where he was, the anger on his face completely replaced. There was only one right answer to this question. When Bai Xiaofei asked it, he already had no other choice.

“I think you already have the answer. Basically, 99% of the girls on the current Blossom Ranking are chosen by the academy students based on appearances. The female students with other talents but a little inferior in looks can only lament their helplessness. You said before that the Blossom List would be the top circle in the future, however, I think it’s not enough only to have a beautiful face to enter this circle. Strength, wisdom and character should all be considered!”

The more Yun Jingshuang listened to Bai Xiaofei talk, the more hesitant he was. Because he felt that Bai Xiaofei was right, he could not refute him. In fact, he had considered a similar problem, only that he failed to come up with any good resolutions. Or to be exact, he couldn’t mobilize enough resources to support any.

However, Bai Xiaofei could! To put it bluntly, Bai Xiaofei was now able to mobilize more than half of Starnet!

After a long silence, Yun Jingshuang’s attitude had a 180-degree turn when he opened his mouth again, “You have a plan?”

Both tacitly chose to ignore the little displeasure that had just occurred. After all, even couples had quarrels sometimes.

“Would I have come here if I didn’t?” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart.

First step, accomplished!

1. An alteration of this idiom. In this case it means that the Blossom Pavilion is ancient and hard to change, but Bai Xiaofei is capable enough to change it.

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