Chapter 257: The Final Match! (2)

Chapter 257: The Final Match! (2)

The news of Yun Jingshuang’s suicide spread like wildfire. The beautiful sisters on the Blossom Ranking came to visit him one by one, even pulling up the popularity of the Furnace of Agarwood.

Meanwhile, the most bizarre semester in the history of Starnet was also going to start in two days.

The series of occurrences of several major events had thrown the matter of the new semester to the back of everyone’s mind. Everyone was paying attention to the progress, so all departments had no choice but to postpone the implementation of the new curriculum.

The news of Bai Xiaofei's disappearance had also gradually spread, and all kinds of conjectures became nonsensical rumors that reached Lei Shan's ears, plunging him into new irritability. He had only considered the threat of Bai Xiaofei's disappearance to Di Jiang in the first place, so he wasn’t prepared at all to respond to this situation.

As a result, Lei Shan's understanding of Bai Xiaofei was once again refreshed. Not one move the little guy made was simple. For the first time in his life, Lei Shan was stuck in a net weaved by a child who was over 200 years younger than himself. No matter how he searched for an exit, Bai Xiaofei had him completely trapped.

Lei Shan's current state was tired of coping!

“Old man, you’ve really thrown me a big bag of trouble.” Sitting on his rattan chair, Lei Shan sighed long as he held Revelation accountable for a new ‘debt.’ However, what Lei Shan couldn’t imagine was that he still had underestimated the amount of trouble…

Time seemed to pass peacefully, but the academy was shrouded in a haze. The more people learned the inside story, the heavier the atmosphere.

Lei Shan sent people to look for Bai Xiaofei everywhere, but the latter seemed to have disappeared into thin air, completely without a trace, while Lei Min claimed that Bai Xiaofei wasn’t at the Demon of Illusions.

So, where exactly is Bai Xiaofei? This question was like a nail in Lei Shan's heart, one that was impossible to pull out at that.

In the end, the helpless Lei Shan could only let people keep watch on every possible place that Bai Xiaofei might appear. Although he knew that catching the guy was against the odds, it was still of some comfort at least.

As for Lei Shan himself, he had also entered the state of monitoring everything like the weather. Except for making time when people came to see him, he was immersed in his sea of consciousness otherwise, hunting for abnormal people in Starnet. However, Lei Shan was simply overthinking. If Bai Xiaofei wanted to disguise as someone else, he would look even more natural than his own appearance.

It was under this strange and depressing atmosphere that another day passed.

That night was destined to be a sleepless night for Lei Shan. No other reason than because Di Jiang had woken up. In other words, after that night, everything bothering Lei Shan would disappear, of course, as long as they successfully sent Di Jiang safely out of Starnet!

Jing Cheng and Chu Qingtian were waiting at the door as Ran Qiu was about to start his final inspection on Di Jiang.

“I'm a basket case now. What’s there to inspect? Can you cure my meridians if you do?!” Sneering with bitterness, Di Jiang held no gratitude for his rescuer. Perhaps in his view, in that state, he was as already good as dead.

“Vice Principal Jing and Vice Principal Chu will escort you out of Starnet. Do you have anything else to prepare?” Ran Qiu's voice was devoid of goodwill. Having completed his duty of pulling Di Jiang back from the line of death, his sympathy for him had been reduced to a minimum besides nothing but disgust.

“My son is gone, my position is gone, and my origin energy is gone. What’s there to prepare? You lot plan to drive me away now? All good, so I won't be an eyesore here.” Sneering again, Di Jiang got off the bed. The moment he landed, he couldn't help but flash a hint of pain on his face.

“Looks like my body is recovering really well, huh!” Di Jiang took another step with a sarcastic remark.

This time Ran Qiu had lost any interest in conversation. It was already a miracle to enable Di Jiang to stand up within a day with that body, and yet he was complaining…

“Let's go, my two Vice Principals.” After coming out, Di Jiang's tone for the two waiting was no different than with Ran Qiu, cold and emotionless. Or to be more exact, Di Jiang currently had no emotion.

For an Exquisite puppet master who had been reduced to a basket case, what emotion could there be? He didn’t commit suicide only because he still held onto a glimmer of hope, the slightest hope of revenge!

“We need to hurry, you'd better put this on,” Jing Cheng said and pulled out a dark brown cloak. Although it looked shabby, those with good eyes could see that this was no ordinary product.

This time, Di Jiang didn’t say anything. He put on the cloak, covering his whole body.

“Let's go,” Jing Cheng spat out two words and looked over to Chu Qingtian.

Exiting the Furnace of Agarwood, Chu Qingtian waved his arm, and a boat that could accommodate at least seven appeared, floating before them, the purple light on it showing its extraordinary quality.

Violet puppet – Sweeping Air Boat.

Taking Di Jiang onto the boat, Chu Qingtian urged his origin energy. The next second, the ordinary-looking boat shot out at a speed not much slower than Revelation’s golden arrow! By the time someone noticed, the three had disappeared, leaving behind only a cloud of dust.

Sitting on the Sweeping Air Boat, staring at the airflow splitting up because of its protective cover, Di Jiang unexpectedly slowly revealed a smile. Of course, this wasn’t seen by the other two.

The Sweeping Air Boat flew for nearly five hours. When the three men landed, they were already in a small country beyond the Infinite Mountain Range. From here, it was basically impossible for Di Jiang, who was without origin energy, to return to Starnet.

“This is left to you by the principal. There are a million Amethyst Coins inside. Please live a normal life in the future. This is all the principal can do for you.” Jing Cheng expressionlessly passed a one-time-use Amethyst Card to Di Jiang. The sympathy that he had for Di Jiang had already been used up when he had agreed to let him off.

“The principal is truly a nice guy, but did he not think how dangerous it would be to let go of a man who knows Starnet very well yet loathes it to the core?” Di Jiang’s tone was relaxed. He seemed as if he had turned into a completely different person.

In other words, the person in front of them wasn't like Di Jiang at all.

“What do you mean?!” Jing Cheng stepped forward. He didn't care about Di Jiang’s tone, what he cared about were the words themselves. If Di Jiang really intended to oppose Starnet, he didn’t mind making a move here, even if it would go against Lei Shan’s wish.

“Oh it slipped my mind. Vice Principal Jing, don't be so impulsive. I just forgot to change back.”

As these words fell, Di Jiang, little by little, turned into Bai Xiaofei right before the eyes of the two vice principals, while Huskie jumped out from his body and greeted them with a bark.

Jing Cheng and Chu Qingtian froze.


What happened?!!!

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