Chapter 256: The Final Match! (1)

Chapter 256: The Final Match! (1)

“Ran Qiu, how soon can his injury be cured?” On the top floor of the Furnace of Agarwood, Lei Shan stood in front of the unconscious Di Jiang and asked the dean of the Furnace of Agarwood.

“All of the meridians in his body were destroyed. Even if Aisha and I work our best, it would take at least a whole day.” Ran Qiu's brow furrowed in a difficult expression. He had heard about what happened today, and like everyone else, he felt mixed feelings about Di Jiang.

However, he would still save him and would spare no effort to achieve that.

“I don't need him to recover completely. How long will it take to regain mobility?”

Lei Shan's expression was very ugly. He knew that Bai Xiaofei would not let this go, so his idea was to send Di Jiang away as soon as possible. As for the ‘three days’ that he had announced to the public, it was all just a cover-up. It was impossible to let Di Jiang remain here for so long. The longer the delay, the higher the chances that incidents would occur. Besides, he also had to provide the students with an answer as soon as possible.

“What I meant was to restore his mobility as well. He has no chance of fully recovering. You should know clearly since you were the one who did it.” Ran Qiu shook his head.

Lei Shan sighed. In such a situation, a heavy punishment was his only choice, otherwise, it would have gone beyond control if Di Jiang had completed his Divine Beast Transformation.

“Fine then, be sure to inform me first as soon as the treatment is finished.” Saying this, Lei Shan slowly turned to leave, but he suddenly thought of something and warned Ran Qiu, “By the way, except you and Aisha, forbid anyone else to come near this place, even me!”

“I will,” Ran Qiu solemnly promised. This was the resolution of a medical practitioner. He would not allow any accidents before the patient was cured.

After receiving Ran Qiu's assurance, Lei Shan's heart calmed down, but the bitterness on his face didn’t lessen one bit. The only thing he wanted now was to send Di Jiang away so this could end as soon as possible!

Exiting the Furnace of Agarwood, Lei Shan spread his consciousness, and the situation everywhere in Starnet was screened into his sea of consciousness, while he himself appeared in the sea of consciousness to check all the information he got.

Then, Lei Shan revealed a look of horror -- Bai Xiaofei is missing! He was obviously still here before I entered the Furnace of Agarwood.

Coincidence sometimes could be really fatal…

Unable to find Bai Xiaofei, Lei Shan couldn’t calm down. He rushed back to the office and summoned Jing Cheng and Chu Qingtian.

“Bai Xiaofei is missing.”

Those few simple words already contained enough information. The two men showed the same expression as Lei Shan had before.

“If he wants to hide, we won’t be able to find him. But isn’t it enough that we know what he wants to do?” Chu Qingtian opened his mouth to speak after the surprise, giving the other two the feeling of being suddenly enlightened.

Indeed, they had paid too much attention to Bai Xiaofei. Things, in fact, weren’t as troublesome as they had thought.

“It’s even possible that he hid himself so that we would try to find him and create an opening, giving him a chance. Therefore, doing what we should do well is the best solution for the moment.” These words from Chu Qingtian completely won the approval of Lei Shan and Jing Cheng.

“Then, I’ll be counting on you two. I don't know if this is the right thing to do or not, but let’s just let Di Jiang go.” Lei Shan seemed to age a few years when he said this.

“Principal, there is no right or wrong in this world. I believe that they will understand you one day.” Chu Qingtian's remark wasn’t merely flattery, he honestly meant it.

“I hope so.” Lei Shan squeezed out a smile with difficulty and waved in dismissal. “Go, I want some quiet.”

Come quickly, go quickly, Jingcheng and Chu Qingtian nodded and left Lei Shan's office. From now on, they must maintain 1200% focus!

At the same time, the Furnace of Agarwood had been thrown into a mess.

“Save him! You must save him!”

Han Qianye’s grief-stricken voice reverberated in the hall of the Furnace of Agarwood. Lying on the sickbed was Yun Jingshuang, whose vitality was slipping away bit by bit. A group of people pushed him into the emergency room.

Suicide, for reasons unknown to everyone. Yun Jingshuang‘s suicide had come out of the blue, and the only fortunate thing was that he had chosen poison as the means, so there was still hope of saving him.

“Don't worry, we will do our best!” A teacher of the Furnace of Agarwood stopped the weeping Han Qianye and didn’t let her follow in.

A long treatment ensued. Second by second passed, until 30 minutes later, the attending teacher came out, his face full of embarrassment.

“How did it go? How is he?!” The teacher was immediately blocked by Han Qianye, whose face was stricken in fear.

If Han Qianye was asked who she was closest to in Starnet, then Yun Jingshuang would be at the top of the list. Therefore, it wouldn’t be overreacting no matter how intense she acted.

“The situation is under control for the time being, but the poison he ate is too strong. I'm going to ask the director to come over. Don't worry, it will be alright,” the teacher comforted Han Qianye before hurrying upstairs.

Before long, Ran Qiu ran down with him and rushed into the room where Yun Jingshuang was.

Another twenty minutes passed. The difference this time was that Ran Qiu came out with a relaxed face.

“His situation is now stable, but it will take some time for the remaining toxins to be cleansed completely, so he’ll have to stay here for the time being.”

Hearing Ran Qiu's words, Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief.

“Qianye, you must know why he did such a thing, right?” Unexpectedly, Ran Qiu actually knew Han Qianye’s name!

“Ling Luo’s incident happened after he took over the Blossom Pavilion, and today he gambled everything on Bai Xiaofei, but in the end, the school decided to just let Di Jiang leave Starnet. How could he accept it? It has been weighing on him for two years!” Han Qianye said, her face full of bitterness and also deep resentment towards Lei Shan and the teachers.

For a moment, Ran Qiu was silent.

Indeed, this decision is too cruel for Yun Jingshuang…

“You must not leave his side during this time. I’ll open a solitary room on the third floor for you two so that I can check on him frequently. Don't let him do something stupid again.” With a long sigh, Ran Qiu patted Han Qianye’s shoulder. He didn't know what else to say.

“The school will regret its decision!”

Staring coldly at Ran Qiu, Han Qianye smacked away the latter's hand on her shoulder and walked straight to the room where Yun Jingshuang was.

Letting out a long sigh, Ran Qiu looked at Han Qianye's back, lost in thought.

Regret…? Maybe!

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