Chapter 253: A Satisfactory Justification!

Chapter 253: A Satisfactory Justification!

“Director Di, I couldn’t have cooked this up, could I? Want me to wake up your baby son for confirmation?”

When Bai Xiaofei's voice rang out again this time, Di Jiang didn't speak.

“Then I'll take it as you’ve admitted it.” Sneering, Bai Xiaofei then turned towards Luo Xi. “Vice Principal Luo, all yours, please.”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t need to finish his words as Luo Xi had already slightly raised her hand. A light shone upon Di Hang, and after a while, the guy who had been lying like a dead pig quivered a little, then slowly opened his eyes.

The first person he saw when he opened his eyes was none other than his father, Di Jiang.

“Bai Xiaofei! I’ll let you have it!” Mustering up the power in his whole body, Di Hang suddenly charged at Di Jiang but was slapped so hard he spun around twice.

“Fool, f*cking look where you are first!” As a roar echoed, the stunned Di Hang saw a series of faces that made him tremble in fear.

Everyone's expression was coated in frost, with glares that could kill, and the fear of death instantly crawled into Di Hang's heart.

“Dad! Help me! I know you can save me! I didn’t want this either! But that Bai Xiaofei is too cunning, he faked your appearance to trick me, that’s why I…”

“Explain in your afterlife…”

As all watched in shock, Di Jiang slapped Di Hang’s head with a clear snapping sound, and Di Hang’s pleas came to an abrupt stop. In the end, Di Hang, who bled from all of his seven orifices, slowly collapsed with disbelief on his face.

This time, he was really dead…

Son, I will avenge you! Suppressing the grief in his heart, Di Jiang looked to Lei Shan, with tears streaming down his face.

“Principal, are you satisfied?”

The voice full of anguish had Lei Shan frozen on the spot. He could never have expected this kind of situation, nor could most of the people present. Even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat its child, but Di Jiang personally killed his son in front of them!

Others didn’t expect this, but Bai Xiaofei did. Therefore, it was time to reveal his last card.

“Sacrifice your own family for justice huh? Good move. Too bad your son's death won’t lessen the ire of our students one bit!”

This time Bai Xiaofei really couldn’t leave Lei Shan time to respond, otherwise, everything would be too late if the old man voiced his decision. So, as Bai Xiaofei's voice fell, terrifying roars came from the small cylinder in his right hand.

“We can’t let this scum off!”

“Give us an explanation!”

“The bastard must die!”


The voice of the public anger came in wave after wave. At the moment, everyone in the square was boiling.

When Bai Xiaofei had left the square, he had also left behind a communicator. Although there were no long-distance communication means on the mainland just yet, it was still more than enough to cover the entire Starnet. Therefore, the students had heard everything happening in the office, including the recordings released by Bai Xiaofei.

“Principal, I remember you’ve said that the foundation of Starnet is the students. I don't know what Di Jiang has done for Starnet, and I don't know how much blood he has shed for Starnet, but what I do know is that he killed a student who was in the best years of her life with a bright future ahead! And in the cruelest way at that! Contribution is contribution, demerit is demerit. His contributions earned him a corresponding status from Starnet, but his demerit must not be dismissed like this!”

These words made Lei Shan, who had decided to let Di Jiang off, hesitate. Whether what Bai Xiaofei had said was right or not, he had to consider the feelings of the students.

“Then what do you think we should do?” There was really no way out. Lei Shan couldn’t come up with an answer at all, so he kicked the ball to Bai Xiaofei.

And Bai Xiaofei was waiting exactly for those words.

“How can I, a student, have such rights to decide this? However, I do actually have a suggestion.”

Smiling, Bai Xiaofei spoke words that made Di Jiang’s heart fly up in anxiety. Although he didn’t know what Bai Xiaofei's suggestion was, he knew for sure that it must be extremely unfavorable to him!

“When is a student like you able to make this kind of suggestion? Even if I am to be punished, it’s not up to you!” Di Jiang wasn’t as agitated as before. Currently, he was more scared.

He was scared that he wouldn’t leave the office alive!

“Because I am a student of Starnet, and who you have harmed was also a student of Starnet!” Bai Xiaofei glared back at Di Jiang without a hint of weakness. If it wasn’t that he couldn’t outfight him, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble.

“Let him speak.” It was Luo Xi, the one person who none here dared to disrespect.

Receiving Luo Xi's help, Bai Xiaofei stared into Di Jiang's eyes with a faint hint of judgment. “Since the principal can’t make a decision by himself, all the principals present will together make a decision on whether Di Jiang should die or not!”

Everyone lapsed into silence at those words.

At this moment, whoever spoke against this would become the public enemy of the academy!

“Since the principals have no objection, I’ll take it as agreement. Those who agree to let Di Jiang off can now declare their position.” With a smile, Bai Xiaofei once again displayed his pettiness, but in an extremely effective way.

And the scene played out similar to what he had thought. After he finished asking, the principals were still silent. In fact, even if what Bai Xiaofei had asked had been, ‘Who agrees to execute Di Jiang?’, the result would basically be the same.

“Director Di, do you have anything else to say?” After a long silence, Bai Xiaofei looked at Di Jiang, who had completely panicked. When their eyes met, Di Jiang erupted!


Letting out a mad scream, Di Jiang began to rapidly transform into a magical beast, and this was also the second time Bai Xiaofei got to witness a Divine Beast Transformation.

Unfortunately, Di Jiang was in over his head.

With the sound of a thunderclap, Lei Shan instantly appeared beside Di Jiang, heavily punching the latter in the stomach with his shining fist. Di Jiang, who was halfway through the Divine Beast Transformation, was stopped cold as he weakly collapsed.

“I have destroyed all his meridians. From now on he will be a cripple. Let him go.” Lei Shan said as he looked straight at Bai Xiaofei with a plea in his eyes.

It hadn’t been easy for Lei Shan to do this. Just like Bai Xiaofei had said, he didn’t know what Di Jiang had done for Starnet, but Lei Shan knew, and so did the vice principals present. Therefore, seeing this situation, a feeling of sympathy for a like-minded person in distress slowly spread among them. Even Luo Xi was no exception.

“Old man, what else can I say now that you have said this? But I’ll have to remind you, he won’t be able to walk out of Starnet’s gate on his own!”

Having said his piece, Bai Xiaofei pushed open the door and walked out. Chu Liuyun followed right after. The rest of the people in the room looked at scared-witless Di Jiang, falling silent once again.

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