Chapter 252: Facts Speak Louder than Words!

Chapter 252: Facts Speak Louder than Words!

Striding into the office, Bai Xiaofei casually threw the unconscious Di Hang to the ground. For a moment there, the people inside reacted differently. The one with the most intense reaction was naturally Di Jiang.

“Bai Xiaofei! You’re going too far!!” Springing up like an animal that had its tail stepped on, Di Jiang moved his hand threateningly like he wanted to smack Bai Xiaofei to death. However, the latter stood there without budging.

What a joke. With the Starnet principal and three vice principals, plus faculty director Lei Min who was biased to a fault here, Bai Xiaofei would be damned if Di Jiang could even touch a hair of his!

Sure enough, Di Jiang didn't even take a half step when Chu Qingtian had already stepped in front and blocked him like a meat wall.

“Director Di, the top priority now is to check Lil’ Hang's injuries, don’t stoop to argue with the little kid.”

Chu Qingtian smoothed it over, but his intention of protecting Bai Xiaofei couldn’t be more obvious. There was nothing Di Jiang could do but resign himself. For now, he couldn’t act out of place just yet.

Crouching down to check Di Hang’s breathing, Di Jiang heaved a long sigh of relief after confirming that he was only unconscious.

“You have your attention in the wrong place. I kicked his little brother to pieces, that’s what needs checking.”

Di Jiang hadn’t even calmed completely when Bai Xiaofei’s words dropped like a hammer. Not only Di Jiang, but also the rest of the people present were dumbstruck.

Can we still happily talk after this?!

Of course not, but Bai Xiaofei wasn’t there for a happy talk. He was there for a quarrel, the type that whoever lost would die.

And those words were quite lethal. As Di Jiang instinctively turned to look at the place Bai Xiaofei had mentioned, the shocking gore completely threw him into a rage.


Activating his transformation state in a blink, Di Jiang turned into a huge humanoid lizard covered in fine scales. He had completely transcended the category of human beings.

Exquisite-rank! Full Form!

Full Form referred to the maximum degree of transforming into a magical beast, a form between Divine Beast Transformation and the normal one. It consumed less energy than Divine Beast Transformation but was stronger than normal state.

However, Bai Xiaofei still didn’t budge. This time, it was Luo Xi.

A translucent light wall rose and Di Jiang , who was rushing towards Bai Xiaofei, bounced off it, while the light wall wasn’t affected at all.

“If you make a move again, I won't guarantee what I will do.” Lei Shan's ice cold voice instantly put a stop to the frenzied Di Jiang. Although his glare at Bai Xiaofei was still full of murderous intent, he didn’t dare to do anything more.

If Lei Shan really wanted to deal with him, he wouldn’t last a second.

“Principal, you know I have only this one son, but look at him now! You’re really telling me to just leave him like this?” Di Jiang said tearfully after turning back into his human form, but most of the people there were unmoved.

How is this kind of scumbag worthy of sympathy?

“Oh? So your son is very precious and the daughters of others are worthless?” Bai Xiaofei gave tit-for-tat with a cold snort.

“You fart! When did I say that?! What I’ve done in Starnet is as clear as day! I, Di Jiang, swear by my reputation that I have never done anything wrong to the students!”

If he didn’t know this bastard for what he really was, Bai Xiaofei might have believed him somewhat. But now, he only felt disgusted.

Your mother, trying to act in front of the best actor here? You must be f*cking tired of living!

“Old man, haven’t you told him anything? I'm so disappointed.” The underlying meaning of these words was known to only several here, and of course Lei Shan was one of them.

“Making up some random records to smear me? You were still in your mother’s womb when I worked and fought for Starnet!” Di Jiang roared before Lei Shan could say anything.

Bai Xiaofei instantly understood. Lei Shan had made it known and also asked the questions, only that this bastard Di Jiang refused to admit it.

“Good! Well said! A ‘randomly pieced-together’ record huh? Something that a human life was exchanged for can be erased with such a simple sentence of yours! I’ve really gotta f*cking hand it to you!”

As he said this, Bai Xiaofei threw out a Recording Eyeball. A series of “ahhh uhhhh” moaning sounds echoed, and the projection had all of those present feeling embarrassed. Only the identity of the main male lead on the screen stunned them a little.

It was none other than Di Jiang.

“Director Di is really ‘working hard’ for Starnet, huh? The top membership of Babel Merchant House must be the result of your hard work, right? This kind of VIP hospitality is not something ordinary people can enjoy.”

Bai Xiaofei had no intention of stopping the Recording Eyeball at all. Shocked and angry, Di Jiang inwardly cursed both Babel Merchant House and Bai Xiaofei repeatedly in his heart.

“My wife died early, can’t I have normal needs like other people? On the other hand, you are using dirty tricks to harm me with all you can. What are your intentions?”

Di Jiang’s shamelessness was extraordinary, so much that even Bai Xiaofei was ashamed by how inferior he was. Wait, no, there was nothing to compare here. Bai Xiaofei was only just cheap, while Di Jiang really had no regard for his pride at all.

“Stop it,” said Lei Shan in a low voice as he couldn’t bear to watch further.

Bai Xiaofei withdrew the Eyeball, then looked at Di Jiang again.

“As a teacher, you actually did such a thing. Di Jiang, you have let me down.” This time, Lei Shan was really unhappy.

Meanwhile, Di Jiang, who realized that he just had a slip of the tongue, felt regret in his heart.

Why did I admit it?! I should have denied it!!

“I'm so sorry, Principal. I will immediately resign as director of Fist of the Beast after this.”

Di Jiang's reaction speed was truly quick. The ‘gecko's move to cut off its tail’ successfully earned the surprise of everyone there, but there was no sympathy for him. Bai Xiaofei's eyes even showed a hint of disdain. Cutting off the tail? What this lord wants is your life!

“Director Di, I have to hand it to you. It’s really a pity that you’re only a director with this kind of mind, means, and shamelessness.” Clapping his hands, Bai Xiaofei attracted everyone’s attention back to him. “But it’s a pity, someone so clever all your life actually gave birth to a son who is inferior to pigs. If I were you, I would have strangled him the moment he was born!”

Sneering, Bai Xiaofei tossed out the Recording Eyeball again, but this time the images were different. Although it was very fuzzy, there was no problem distinguishing Di Hang as the person on the screen.

“Listen well and see what your precious son has admitted to!”

As his voice dropped, the projection began. Listening to the conversation between Di Hang and Bai Xiaofei, the faces of everyone darkened, while Di Jiang’s complexion was drained of all blood.

Facts speak louder than words!

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