Chapter 250: The Final Step

“Director! Director!” Within the teacher’s office of Fist of the Beast, a teacher rushed into Di Jiang’s room in panic. Di Jiang was getting impatient waiting for Bai Xiaofei.

“Damn it! Why are you acting so flustered?” Di Jiang slapped the teacher’s head. He was taking this opportunity to vent some of his anger. This slap was very heavy, to the point the teacher was somewhat stunned.

What’s going on with the director? Why is he so agitated? He’s not normally like this.

“Speak!” Di Jiang realized he had gone overboard, but he still hardened his skin and howled, pulling the teacher back from his daze.

“D-director, there is news from the principal’s office. The principal is suddenly furious and is summoning you over,” the teacher stuttered, his tone filled with fear.

“Ok. You may leave first.” After coldly sending the teacher away, Di Jiang frowned.

“Father, this time…,” Di Hang asked. There was fear in his voice and anxiousness on his face.

“Shut your stinky mouth! He is a mere new student. I refuse to believe he will be able to bring me down. I am someone with great contributions to the academy!” Di Jiang snorted coldly with disdain on his face.

“Wait for me in the office and don’t go anywhere. So long as you don’t admit to anything, we will be fine,” Di Jiang gave a final reminder. He then took a deep breath, and left the office.

Stinky brat! You want to raise the stakes? Sure, game on!

After stepping out of the office, Di Jiang stopped and scanned his surroundings. Only then did he continue stepping forward. One minute, two minutes, three minutes… 

Twenty minutes after Di Jiang left, a tree at a silent corner suddenly transformed into a human. This human looked exactly the same as Di Jiang.

A smile formed on this Di Jiang’s face as he walked to the office.

“Director? Why are you back so quickly?” the previously slapped teacher cried out in alarm and went into full concentration. The mistake Teacher Guan had previously made served as a good example. If he also committed the same mistake, he might as well quit his job here.

“The principal had merely questioned me for a bit. With everything I have done for the academy, how can a little brat pull me down?” Di Jiang said coldly in disdain. He asked in a sonorous voice, “Where’s my son?”

The teacher eased up after hearing his words. Based on what they knew, Bai Xiaofei’s transformation puppet was unable to speak. And Bai Xiaofei was also not in the area. Not even animate puppets could maintain an ability for long without their master channeling origin energy to them nearby.

“Um, he’s still up there.”

“Good, he still listens, then.” Di Jiang snorted and headed upstairs. Shortly after, he arrived at his office. He stood outside silently, and the first thing he saw was Di Hang pacing around in the office.

“Father! You are finally back!” Di Hang shouted and quickly rushed toward Di Jiang. Different moods would give someone a different perception of time. The teacher downstairs felt that Di Jiang had only left for a short while, yet for Di Hang, it had felt like an entire century had passed. But after he arrived near Di Jiang, he suddenly stopped.

“Wait a minute, you are Bai Xiaofei!” Di Hang cried out, astonishment in his eyes. Before he could even recover from his astonishment, Di Jiang slapped his head.

“Why not call me granddaddy while you’re at it? Are you blind?” Di Jiang snorted coldly. He ignored Di Hang and sat down on the sofa. As for Di Hang, he did not voice any complaint toward the slap. Rather, a joyful smile formed on his face. This was his father!

Di Hang approached Di Jiang and asked with expectation, “Father, have you handled the principal?” “Almost, but there is a new problem,” Di Jiang said gloomily, hesitation on his face.

Di Hang became nervous, and with fear on his face, he asked, “What’s going on?”

“Do you still remember that female student from when you were a second-year student?” Di Jiang asked, immediately causing Di Hang to pale. It was clear he still remembered the incident.

“She has been dead for two years. How can someone find out about that now?” Di Hang asked with disbelief, his voice shuddering.

“How am I supposed to know? That incident should have been covered up nicely. I think the information was leaked by Yun Jingshuang from the Blossom Pavilion. He is taking this opportunity to help pull me down as well,” Di Jiang said coldly, his voice still filled with disdain.

“Do you still remember that female student’s name? I will arrange someone suitable and repeat what we did. Otherwise, if the story of you raping and forcing someone to death is proven, I will be pulled down together with you.”

“Ling Luo!” Di Hang quickly said, as if he was scared he would be too slow. Di Jiang nodded before a trace of fury appeared on his face.

“Back then, I told you one time was enough. But you insisted to keep messing with her. If she’s still alive, things wouldn’t be so troublesome now!” Di Jiang glared at Di Hang, as if he wanted to beat his own son to death.

In Di Hang’s eyes, this was a look of disappointment.

“Yeah, but haven’t I become obedient after that incident? I stopped dragging it out with the other girls after her,” Di Hang said with a flattering smile, trying to show Di Jiang that he had improved. But he did not notice the trace of fury in Di Jiang’s eyes.

“Are you sure the other girls won’t speak out?” Di Jiang said in a low voice, as if he was afraid they would be overheard.

“No, they won’t. Two have been expelled by you, one is from an extremely poor family and is still hoping for my continued financial support so that she can continue studying here, and the last one has gotten a boyfriend. If she does not want to ruin her own reputation, she won’t speak out.”

“Give me the name of the two still in the academy. I have to double check it for myself. I can’t trust you,” Di Jiang berated, and Di Hang quickly gave him two names.

“Remember, do not ever admit that you had also tried laying your hands on Hu Xian’er. Just claim that it is a misunderstanding with Bai Xiaofei and that you are being wrongly accused.”

“Got it, Father. You have already repeated this many times. I’m not an idiot. I won’t admit to it. But Father, after this, you have to think of something for me. Lately, she has been the subject of my dreams. After getting her, I won’t be messing around any longer,” Di Hang said, a perverted expression forming on his face.

“This is not the time to think about that. Come, I have a treasure for you. If you want to get that fox, this treasure will be required.”

The moment Di Hang heard those words, an expression of pleasant surprise appeared on his face as he quickly approached Di Jiang. 

A frosty smile appeared on Di Jiang’s face…

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