Chapter 23 ‘A Natural Treasure of the Heavens and the Earth’

“The slowest one will be eaten by magic beasts!!!” After they secretly snuck out of the academy, Bai Xiaofei was like a wild horse that had returned to nature, and he’d already vanished in the dense forest.

“Big Brother Fei, wait for me! I haven’t told you where the river is!” Wu Chi was worthy of being a Martial Artist, as he was able to follow Bai Xiaofei effortlessly.

Shi Kui was still decent and wasn’t left too far behind Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi, even though he was slightly slow. But Mo Ka was out of question…

“Big Brother Fei! Brother Shi! Big Idiot Wu! All of you, wait for me! I can’t run anymore!!!” Mo Ka’s voice carried a trace of being on the verge of tears because to him the pitch-black surroundings seemed to be filled with danger.

“Shi Kui, run quickly! There are wild wolves behind there!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice sounded out from far ahead. Shi Kui had originally intended to wait for Mo Ka, but Bai Xiaofei’s voice made him ponder for a moment. He chose to follow Bai Xiaofei.

“Wild wolves?!” Mo Ka nervously turned around to take a look, and he felt as if he heard the sound of leaves rustling. “My god!!! I’m going to die!!!” 

Screaming like a ghost, Mo Ka seemed as if his butt was on fire, and his speed violently increased by at least three times. He pursued Bai Xiaofei and the others like a gust of wind.

“Woohoo!” Bai Xiaofei seemed as if he’d seen his own mother when he saw the river, and he stripped swiftly before leaping right into the river.

Not long after, Wu Chi arrived as well. After all, it was he who was shouting and giving Bai Xiaofei directions.

“There’s a blue porcelain bottle in my clothes. Pour out some powder from it and spread it on your body, and you’ll be able to wash away the smell.” Bai Xiaofei stuck his head out of the water and started fiercely rubbing his body.

The stinkweed bombs were almost perfect, but the side effect of using it was slightly abnormal.

Right when Bai Xiaofei was about to finish washing himself, Mo Ka and Shi Kui finally ran all the way here. Mo Ka, who had caught up with Shi Kui with great difficulty, was dead tired.

“You should really temper and toughen yourself; otherwise, it’s easy for Big Brother Fei to play you to death…” Even though Shi Kui was slightly naïve, he had already predicted his future life after coming into contact with Bai Xiaofei for a few hours.

To be in Bai Xiaofei’s company was tantamount to living with a tiger!

Mo Ka collapsed onto the ground and spoke while gasping for breath. “It…isn’t…your business. Have…you…seen any…Alchemist that…goes running around…for fun?” 

“Alright, good luck to you.” Shi Kui spread out his hands before he took off his clothes and jumped into the water. But unlike Bai Xiaofei and Wu Chi, he didn’t swim towards the center of the river.

Some pleasures couldn’t be enjoyed by non-swimmers…

“Woof! Woof!!!” Bai Xiaofei had just finished bathing when Huskie suddenly and wildly barked from the riverside. For a moment, the hearts of Mo Ka and the others rose in their throats.

It wouldn’t be that there’s a magic beast approaching, right?!

“What is it Huskie?” Bai Xiaofei wasn’t nervous because Huskie didn’t display this state when encountering danger.

“Woof! Woof!” Huskie barked twice, and then he made a circle before wagging his tail.

“There’s something good?” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes lit up as he swam hastily towards the side of the river.

“Where is it? What is it?” Bai Xiaofei held Huskie up, vividly displaying the expression of someone who loved wealth.

Huskie seemed to be very excited as well, and he raised his paw and pointed upstream in an extremely human manner.

“There’s something good up there? Do all of you want to go have a look?” Bai Xiaofei turned and asked Mo Ka and the others. Under the bright and clear moonlight, Mo Ka and the others felt as if they saw a devil beckoning them.

“I haven’t finished bathing.” Shi Kui was the first to make his stand clear because he already had a bad premonition.

“Big Brother Fei, please let me off. My legs are still weak,” Mo Ka said weakly. His reasoning was also fairly persuasive, and he had made the excuse because Bai Xiaofie’s previous cry of there being wolves had already allowed him to see Bai Xiaofei clearly.

“Err…I…I want…” Being glared at by Bai Xiaofei caused Wu Chi to be unable to give an excuse after trying for a long time. Under his helplessness, he could only shoot a pleading gaze at Mo Ka and Shi Kui.

“Big Brother Fei, the big idiot has to stay back and protect us. What if wild wolves really do come – then you’ll lose two committed henchmen.” Even though his physical condition was slightly bad, but Mo Ka’s mind was capable.

“Three pussies. Forget it. All of you wait here for me.” Bai Xiaofei helplessly waved his hands then dashed upstream with Huskie in his hand because the word “fear” had already been wiped from Bai Xiaofei’s dictionary…

Under Huskie’s lead, Bai Xiaofei quickly approached his destination, and he could smell from afar the fragrance of a natural treasure of the heavens and the earth.

“Good boy, I really didn’t keep you for nothing!” Hiding behind a large rock, Bai Xiaofei silently looked over towards the open space before him.

Almost all natural treasures of the heavens and the earth had something guarding it in its surroundings, so it was necessary to be careful.

As he held excitement in his heart, Bai Xiaofei prepared himself to see a variety of abnormal things. After all, Huskie had tricked him more than just once or twice.

Never had Bai Xiaofei imagined, however, that he would actually see such a scene…

At the center of the river and under the silvery moonlight was a slender young woman who was lightly rubbing her body. Her supple skin even seemed to be a bit brighter than the moonlight.

More importantly, Bai Xiaofei could faintly see that the young woman’s appearance wasn’t inferior to Lin Li’s, who he had met that morning. The young woman’s wild beauty was even something Lin Li didn’t possess.

“It’s her?” Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei matched the figure he had seen the other day with the young woman before his eyes.

During the entire process, Bai Xiaofei was in a state of utmost concentration, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t even know he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“Who is it!?” 

Even though the sound of him gulping was very soft, Bai Xiaofei had still exposed himself in this sort of silent environment.

“It’s no one!” He was clever all his life, but he was stupid this one time. He actually even stood up on the spot because of being shocked by the young woman. Even though he greatly regretted this stupid action, it was already too late.

The young woman shot out a sharp water arrow in the next moment, and it precisely struck Bai Xiaofei’s chest. Its enormous force blasted Bai Xiaofei far away.

But he was lucky the young woman had attacked in a moment of anxiousness and hadn’t exerted her entire strength. So even though Bai Xiaofei had been blasted away, there had been no danger to his life.

Bai Xiaofei forcefully endured intense pain as he struggled to crawl to his feet, already starting to think of a way to deal with the situation.

Based on the situation, I’m surely unable to defeat her, and I might not be able to outrun her either…

Bai Xiaofei had yet to think of something by the time the woman draped clothes over her body and drifted to his side.  Her pair of alluring and foxy eyes flickered with boundless fury.

“Die!” The young woman held the intention of silencing Bai Xiaofei with death. A ball of dazzling violet light appeared within her palm, but she suddenly withdrew her attack the moment her palm was about to strike Bai Xiaofei’s forehead.

“It’s you?!!”

And from this voice of surprise and bewilderment a rough and bumpy story began…


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