Chapter 249: An Idiot Has Arrived

After standing in confrontation with Bai Xiaofei’s group for a while, the third-year senior from the Student Union made a smart choice: to pass on Bai Xoaofei’s message. If nothing else, he was absolutely terrified of Chu Liuyun.

“Let’s go,” said Chu Liuyun after the Student Union members left.

“Go? Where?” Yun Sheng asked in confusion, feeling like he was lacking some critical knowledge.

“Where else? As Xiaofei told us, the public square,” said Chu Liuyun with no change in her tone. It was as if she did not care about what was going to happen at the public square.

“Are we really going there? I thought we were only lying to them?”

It turned out that Yun Sheng wasn’t lacking any critical knowledge. He was merely at a completely different frequency than the others.

“Don’t forget the reason for us to be out here. If we stay in hiding, we would have come out here for nothing. Furthermore, the Demon of Illusions has been maintaining a low profile for too long. It is time we remind others that we exist,” said Chu Liuyun as she took the lead and started walking. The Leng Liuli sisters also followed behind her, and Bai Xiaofei was the only one who had not moved. But he did not remain so he could keep Yun Sheng company.

“Huskie, go tell Fang Ye to get the people to the public square,” said Bai Xiaofei as he placed Huskie on the ground. Then, he lifted Blackie and said, “I will let you deal with Yun Jingshuang. There won’t be any problems, right?”

Blackie merely gave Bai Xiaofei an impatient glare before sliding from Bai Xiaofei’s hands. With a few leaps, she vanished from Bai Xiaofei’s vision. Seeing that, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief. Although Blackie had always been grumpy, she would always complete the tasks assigned to her. Without Blackie, Bai Xiaofei would have been killed during the few bitter battles he had been involved in previously.

“Let’s go, Big Brother Yun. If not, we will be keeping Big Sister Liuyun waiting.” Bai Xiaofei patted Yun Sheng’s shoulder before turning and catching up with the others. As for Yun Sheng, he shivered before quickly running after the others as well. For him, the name Chu Liuyun was a source of nightmares.

Meanwhile, within Lei Shan’s office, both Lei Min and Lei Shan had sunk into silence. They had been in this room for over two hours, and over one hour of the period was spent in silence like this.

“I already told you everything. I’m not comfortable staying here, so I won’t be staying any longer. You can decide for yourself how long you want to hesitate, but let me give you one final advice,” said Lei Min as she stared at Lei Shan. Lei Shan was her sole family left, but for some reason, she treated him like a mortal enemy.

Her frosty voice reverberated within the office, “Regardless of your decision, if something bad happens to the academy as a result of your decision, you will never see me again.”. 

By the time Lei Shan raised his head, Lei Min was no longer in the room.

“In other words…” Lei Shan recalled what Lei Min said when life seemed to suddenly return to his dispirited face. After leaving Lei Shan’s office, Lei Min did not go straight to Bai Xiaofei and the others. Rather, she thought for a bit before heading toward Luo Xi’s office. For some things, letting Luo Xi know would be much more helpful than letting Lei Shan know. She lightly knocked on the door, and a kindly voice rang out from within.

“Come in, Min Min.”

Lei Min pushed the door open and slowly entered the room. When her gaze landed on Luo Xi, she bowed slightly as she saluted her.

“Aunt Luo.”

From how the two addressed each other, it was obvious they had a rather special relationship.

“Still can’t come to an agreement?” Luo Xi did not express how she felt, but her concerned gaze made her feelings clear.

“I suppose we will never be able to come to an agreement. Forget it. Aunt Luo, don’t talk about it. I’m here because I need your help.”

Immediately, Lei Min’s expression turned solemn.

At the public square, Bai Xiaofei’s group, who had arrived way earlier, was currently completely surrounded. Both Huskie and Blackie had completed their tasks, and the hard work of the New Student Mutual Aid Community and the Blossom Pavilion during the morning had displayed an excellent effect.

Now, nearly the entire Starnet Academy was talking about Di Jiang and Di Hang. In this version of story, Bai Xiaofei, whom Di Jiang had issued a bounty for, had transformed into a hero. As all this was happening, the Fist of the Beast members arrived with an imposing lineup of people. Before coming, they believed that they had sufficient numbers. But when they arrived and saw the present crowd, they were all stunned.

This crowd was comparable to the crowd during the New Student Tournament! Alas, they were already here. If they retreated now, it would be a complete disgrace. Thus, like it or not, they braced themselves and entered the public square. As for the crowd, they tactfully split up and opened a path for the Fist of the Beast members.

But when the First of the Beast members looked at the people around them, they saw no fear. Rather, all the faces were sneering at them. After they entered, the crowd closed up again. This caused the Fist of the Beast members to feel like they were being surrounded.

We’ve been tricked!

A large group of people were standing behind Bai Xiaofei, making it very clear Bai Xiaofei was their leader.

“What a surprise. They even got teachers involved? The Fist of the Beast sure is united,” Bai Xiaofei’s voice rang out, a voice filled with derision. The teachers who had arrived weren’t strangers. They were the fatty Teacher Guan, who had previously received the wrong information, and the Teacher Xin, who was the owner of the leopard form. The two were sent here to make up for their past mistakes with a new contribution. The sole request Di Jiang made of them was to bring Bai Xiaofei back.

“Bai Xiaofei, you know what you’ve done. Come with us and don’t try to start a war between faculties. That won’t benefit your Demon of Illusions!” Teacher Guan spoke with a frosty voice, throwing an accusation Bai Xiaofei’s way immediately.

“Yo, the Fist of the Beast members sure are arrogant!”

“Yeah! Where’s your director, Di Jiang? Shouldn’t he come out and explain the conduct of his son?”

“That old scum is probably too terrified to show his face!”

“Exactly! His true face has been exposed, and he no longer dares to show his face!”

Before Bai Xiaofei could even reply, the crowd around them started yelling. Some Savage Class students were among the crowd, but they were only tasked with getting the crowd started. As Teacher Guan listened to the unceasing yells from the crowd around them, beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. As for the Fist of the Beast students, they were completely at a loss, not knowing what to do.

No matter how amazing these people were, not many of them had experienced a scene like this. Moreover, the Fist of the Beast students had also heard the rumors swirling about, and some of them had even started to believe the rumors.

“Teacher Guan, what are you panicking for?” Bai Xiaofei spoke. His voice wasn’t too loud, but everyone could hear him clearly. Nobody noticed this oddity as they were all focused on what was going to happen next.

“Bai Xiaofei, don’t force my hand!” When nervous, one would be prone to making mistakes. After Teacher Guan said those words, Bai Xiaofei’s sole response was a sneer.

What an idiot!

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