Chapter 248: Pressure From Di Jiang

The scandal of sorts ended, and Bai Xiaofei proceeded to fulfill his promise as he brought them to the business district. There, he witnessed what the word “cruel” meant. Although during the Blossom Ranking incident Bai Xiaofei had promised all the beauties full access to the business district as they wished, not many of them had actually utilized this privilege. But all who had utilized the given privilege were extremely satisfied with it.

Chu Liuyun and the three sisters were among those too embarrassed to utilize the privilege. Apart from the occasional free meals they had gotten after they were recognized, they had never mentioned that they were ranked on the Blossom Ranking when they went shopping.

That was why they had all gone crazy today. Nothing was better than being able to shop as they wished without any sense of guilt. They visited one store after another, and bought one item after another. Bai Xiaofei and Yun Sheng spent two whole hours following the four beauties everywhere like they were robots. This was an experience many men longed for, yet the two of them felt no sense of enjoyment from it at all. The only thing they felt was tiredness.

“I say, Little Bai, don’t mention something like this in the future. Isn’t this the same as a slow death?” Yun Sheng grumbled again, and he was even addressing Bai Xiaofei differently this time. He used to address Bai Xiaofei as junior brother, but now, he addressed him as Little Bai, as if he was trying to find a term of address that rolled off the tongue.

“Senior, I don’t need you to tell me that. Can you call me Xiaofei instead? Little Bai sounds so weird…” Bai Xiaofei immediately issued a verdict that Yun Sheng should call him Xiaofei.

“Xiaofei…um, yes, this rolls off the tongue nicely. Stop calling me senior. Just call me Big Brother Yun. Does that not sound extraordinary and graceful?” Yun Sheng said as he prepared to listen on as Bai Xiaofei addressed him as Big Brother Yun. But he wasn’t even able to enjoy the new term of address before Chu Liuyun’s voice rang out, “Xiaofei, come swipe your card!”

Bai Xiaofei smiled bitterly before standing up and running over.

Bai Xiaofei could not afford to dilly-dally since the queen had summoned him. During the short time he was with them, he came to know them better and understood one important thing. In this group, one could absolutely not offend Chu Liuyun. After he arrived, he handed over his Amethyst Card with no hesitation. When the female student working as a cashier saw Bai Xiaofei, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on her face. In Starnet Academy, there was only one student who would walk around with a dog and a cat.

“Senior sister, don’t you even try to shout my name. Take care of your image.”

In the past two hours, this had happened to Bai Xiaofei many times. Thus, before the senior sister could even start cheering like a fangirl, he stopped her. The word “image” he used was indeed effective. The senior sister immediately stopped herself from shouting, yet the excitement within her eyes was still as intense as ever.

“Twelve thousand Amethyst Coins in total.”

When Bai Xiaofei heard the terrifying number, he scanned the store by reflex. Had they emptied the store? They were spending Amethyst Coins here, not gold coins! After scanning the store, he confirmed his guess. Sure enough, there were not many display units left on the shelves… They sure weren’t bothering to hold back!

“Junior brother, have you really joined the Demon of Illusions? I heard—”

“Come, my dear. Let’s go to the next store,” said Chu Liuyun before the senior sister could finish her question. Chu Liuyun’s arm was around Bai Xiaofei’s arm, and there was a blissful look on her face. The intimacy she showed caused the senior sister to immediately stop talking. Women had a tendency to compare themselves with other women, and when they felt inferior during such comparisons, the first thing they did was sink into silence.

And in the Starnet Academy, not many women could remain confident after comparing themselves to Chu Liuyun. Bai Xiaofei did not seem surprised at all. Such “declaration of ownership” had been done multiple times by the four beauties today. They were behaving as if Bai Xiaofei would be charmed away from them the moment a woman spoke to him…

The four women had Bai Xiaofei completely surrounded as they talked about the items they had bought unceasingly. Although they were all from families with decent financial situations, they had never experienced something as exhilarating as buying everything they set their eyes on. As for Yun Sheng, he followed them like a tail. The difference in treatment he and Bai Xiaofei enjoyed did not bother him at all. After all, the company of these four beauties was not something anyone could afford to enjoy. In fact, even if they offered their company for free, he would not dare to accept.

“You must be the Demon of Illusions people. I respectfully request that you hand Bai Xiaofei and Yun Sheng over,” a cold voice suddenly rang out while the four beauties were busy chattering about. When they looked ahead, they saw a third-year student dressed in the Sword of Assault uniform leading a group of about seven or eight students in blocking their path. Bai Xiaofei was stunned when he saw them.

What the fuck is going on? Why are there so many faculties getting involved? Is the Fist of the Beast so well connected?

“Since when has the Student Union become the henchman of others? Well, it doesn’t matter. I never cared much about that useless organization anyway. If you leave now, I will pretend I have not heard anything you said,” Chu Liuyun replied coldly. Her reply also served as an introduction of these people to Bai Xiaofei. They were from the Student Union, an organization linked to the Popularity Ranking. For many people, this was an organization they couldn’t offend at all costs. It was apparent Bai Xiaofei was not the only one who knew how to enlist the help of others. However, Chu Liuyun did not seem to care.

“Chu Liuyun, I know you are strong. But think about it, are you really ready to make yourself an enemy of the Student Union?” The senior’s face twitched, but he pretended to not hear Chu Liuyun’s words and continued exerting pressure on them.

“I don’t need to think about it. If you want to make a move, go ahead. I don’t mind at all. But I guarantee you will pay a heavy price for your actions.” As Chu Liuyun spoke, origin energy undulations started appearing around her. Yun Sheng and the others started spreading out as well. When their opponents saw that, they assumed defensive stances, and their reactions were even more intense than the Demon of Illusions people.

Suddenly, Bai Xiaofei’s voice rang out, “In truth, I don’t think we need to do anything.” It pulled the attention of everyone from the opposing side. As people assigned on this task, they had naturally done their research. They knew well about Bai Xiaofei, and in truth, they did not really dislike this new student who had been so popular lately. They were only here to complete their assigned mission.

“It seems like this junior brother is the reasonable one. So long as you follow us back, we will apologize to you if our investigations indicate that it has nothing to do with you,” the senior immediately spoke, but it would seem like he had spoken too early.

“Senior brother, you are overthinking. I don’t plan to follow you back and hand my life over. I can see that you guys have nothing against me and Big Brother Yun. The conflict between me and the Fist of the Beast has yet to reach a resolution. Further investigation is needed to determine who the one at fault is. If possible, I hope you can pass them a message. Just tell them that we will be waiting for themat the public square. Whatever they have against us, we will settle it there!” Bai Xiaofei smiled after he finished, a profound light flickering in his eyes. He added, “Senior brother, you don’t look like a stupid person.”

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